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Free for dev - list of software (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.)

Zulip Zube Zoom Zoho Wiki Zoho Vault Zoho Subscriptions Zoho Sprints Zoho ShowTime Zoho Projects Zoho Notebook
  1. 1
    Chat for distributed teams. Zulip combines the immediacy of real-time chat with an email threading model. With Zulip, you can catch up on important conversations while ignoring irrelevant ones.
    Zulip — Real-time chat with unique email-like threading model. Free plan includes 10,000 messages of search history and File storage up to 5 GB. Also it provides self-hostable open-source version.

    #Communication #Group Chat & Notifications #Instant Messaging 50 social mentions

  2. 2
    Project management for developers.
    Zube — Project management with free plan for 4 Projects & 4 users. GitHub integration available.

    #Project Management #Task Management #Productivity 1 social mentions

  3. 3
    Equip your team with tools designed to collaborate, connect, and engage with teammates and customers, no matter where you’re located, all in one platform.
    Pricing: — Secure Video and Web conferencing, add-ons available. Free limited to 40 minutes.

    #Video Conferencing #Phone System #Group Chat & Notifications 195 social mentions

  4. Online portals for group collaboration and knowledge sharing.
    Wiki — Free for 3 users with 50 MB storage, unlimited pages, zip backups, RSS & Atom feed, access controls & customisable CSS.

    #WiKi #Content Collaboration #Documentation 1 social mentions

  5. Online password manager for teams

    #Password Managers #Team Productivity #Security

  6. Smarter recurring billing and subscription management software
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    • $49.0 / Monthly (500 Customers, 3 Users, 3 Automated Workflows/Module.)
    Subscriptions — Recurring Billing management free for 20 customers/subscriptions & 1 user with all the payment hosting done by Zoho themselves. Last 40 subscription metrics are stored.

    #Recurring Billing #Recurring Subscription Billing #Subscriptions 1 social mentions

  7. Stay ready to embrace change
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    • $1.0 / Monthly (Starts at $1/user/month, billed annually)
    Sprints Free for 5 users,5 Projects & 500MB storage.

    #Agile Project Management #Scrum #Software Project Management 1 social mentions

  8. A web and mobile app focused on making better presenters out of speakers.
    Showtime — Yet another Meeting software for training for a remote session upto 5 attendees.

    #Slideshow #Presentations #Graphic Design Software 1 social mentions

  9. Turn every Project into a Success Story with Zoho Projects
    Projects — Free for 3 users, 2 projects & 10 MB attachment limit. Same plan applies to Bugtracker.

    #Project Management #Task Management #Work Management 1 social mentions

  10. The most beautiful note-taking app across devices.
    • Free

    #Note Taking #Task Management #Notes

  11. Free video conferencing, online meeting, desktop sharing solution from Zoho.
    Meeting — Meetings with upto 3 meeting participants & 10 Webinar attendees.

    #Web And Video Conferencing #Video Conferencing #Webinars And Webcasts 1 social mentions

  12. Zoho Mail is a secure, encrypted, and enterprise-ready email solution, a suite of apps tailor-made for your organization's needs.
    Email Free for 5 users. 5GB/user & 25 MB attachment limit, 1 domain.

    #Email #Email Clients #Enterprise Communication 1 social mentions

  13. Build and share online forms, collect useful data, and complete your workflows on the go.

    #Form Builder #CRM #Marketing

  14. Zoho Docs is an online document management software that lets you manage and store all your files on the cloud. Share, collaborate and access all your files on multiple devices.
    Docs — Free for 5 users with 1 GB upload limit & 5GB storage. Zoho Office Suite (Writer,Sheets & Show) comes bundled with it.

    #Project Management #Document Management System #Task Management 1 social mentions

  15. Industry's first context-aware Helpdesk Software
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    • $12.0 / Annually ($12 USD/monthly on Annual Subscription.)
    Desk — Customer Support management with 3 agents and private knowledge base, email tickets. Integrates with Assist for 1 remote technician & 5 unattended computers.

    #Customer Service #Help Desk #Customer Support 1 social mentions

  16. Zoho Connect is a team collaboration software that helps teams ideate, discuss, and work together, from any place, on any device.
    Connect — Team Collaboration free for 25 users with 3 groups, 3 custom apps, 3 Boards, 3 Manuals, 10 Integrations along with channels,events & forums.

    #Intranet #Corporate Intranets #Communication 1 social mentions

  17. Team chat that's built for work
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    • $0.9 / Annually (For 500+ users (/user /month billed annually))
    Cliq — Team chat software with 100 GB storage, unlimited users, 100 users per channel & SSO.

    #Team Collaboration #Communication #Task Management 1 social mentions

  18. Zoho Checkout lets you accept one-time and recurring payments online using customizable checkout pages. Try for FREE!
    Checkout — Product Billing management with 3 pages & up to 50 payments.

    #Online Payments #eCommerce #Payment Platform 1 social mentions

  19. Smart email marketing software that helps you reach your target audiences, engage in a personalized way, and grow your brand presence.

    #Email Marketing #Email Marketinng Automation #Email Workflow

  20. Log, track and fix bugs faster. Deliver amazing products on time.
    Projects — Free for 3 users, 2 projects & 10 MB attachment limit. Same plan applies to Bugtracker.

    #Project Management #Bug Tracking #Bug Reporting 1 social mentions

  21. Online scheduler for offering the best consultations
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    • $6.0 / Monthly (per user per month when billed annually. )

    #Appointment Scheduling #Appointments and Scheduling #Appointment Booking

  22. Zoho Assist is a remote support and remote access software crafted for SMBs. Try it free today to know how it matches your exact support requirements.
    Desk — Customer Support management with 3 agents and private knowledge base, email tickets. Integrates with Assist for 1 remote technician & 5 unattended computers.

    #Monitoring Tools #Log Management #PSA 2 social mentions

  23. Zoho Analytics is a self-service BI, reporting and analytics software which helps you create dashboards and analyze data. Sign up free.

    #Data Dashboard #Business Intelligence #Data Visualization

  24. 24
    Collaboration app for UI designers & frontend developers
    Zeplin — Designer and developer collaboration platform. Show designs, assets and styleguides. Free for 1 project.

    #Design Tools #UI #Design Collaboration 19 social mentions

  25. Zepel is a project management tool software teams use to plan features, track progress across teams, and ship quality software every time. Sign up for free!
    Pricing: - The project management tool that lets you plan features, collaborate across disciplines, and build software together. Free up to 5 members. No feature restrictions.

    #Project Management #Agile Project Management #Feature Tracking 1 social mentions

  26. 26
    Zenkit is the home you always wanted for your ideas, your projects, your business. — Project management and collaboration tool. Free for up to 5 members, 5 GB attachments.

    #Project Management #Kanban #Task Management 4 social mentions

  27. 27
    Connect the apps you use everyday to automate your work and be more productive. 1000+ apps and easy integrations - get started in minutes. — Connect the apps you use, to automate tasks. 5 zaps, every 15 minutes and 100 tasks/month.

    #Web Service Automation #Automation #API Tools 11 social mentions

  28. 28
    Build an API on top of any website — Turn any website into a parameterized API. 30k API calls per month.

    #API Tools #No Code #APIs 2 social mentions

  29. 29
    Easily create text or voice based bots that humans can chat with on their preferred messaging...

    #Chatbots #Chatbot Platforms & Tools #Natural Launguage Understanding 23 social mentions

  30. 30
    Host, manage, and track your videos with the best video marketing tools in the (known) universe. — Video hosting with viewer analytics, HD video delivery and marketing tools to help understand your visitors, 25 videos and Wistia branded player.

    #Video Platform #Video #Marketing Videos 8 social mentions

  31. Engineer the future with Wikifactory. Wikifactory unifies teams in real-time, enabling efficient communication, streamlined workflows, and accelerated time-to-market.
    Wikifactory — Product designing Service with Projects, VCS & Issues. Free plan offers unlimited projects & collaborators and 3GB storage.

    #Additive Manufacturing #Digital Fabrication #Design Collaboration 3 social mentions

  32. The visual workspace for teams. - Collaborative flowcharts, wireframes, sticky notes and mind maps. Create up to 4 free boards.

    #Diagrams #Flowcharts #Wireframing 55 social mentions

  33. Collaborate from anywhere - video meetings with no downloads — One click video conversations, for free (formerly known as

    #Video Conferencing #Group Chat & Notifications #Communication 20 social mentions

  34. Instantly generate a free, unique URL and email address to test, inspect, and automate (with a visual workflow editor and scripts) incoming HTTP requests and emails.
    Pricing: - Verify webhooks, outbound HTTP requests, or emails with a custom URL. Temporary URL and email address is always free.

    #Developer Tools #APIs #Sales Workflow 68 social mentions

  35. Forward & transform webhooks with serverless functions to localhost and expose servers behind firewalls and NATs without public IP/domain.
    Pricing: — Manage, debug, fan-out and proxy all your webhooks to public or internal (ie: localhost) destinations. Also, expose servers running in a private network over a tunnel by getting a public HTTP endpoint ( <----> http://localhost:8080).

    #Localhost Tools #Testing #Webhooks 7 social mentions

  36. 36
    Build dynamic, responsive websites in your browser. Launch with a click. Or export your squeaky-clean code to host wherever you'd like. Discover the professional website builder made for designers.
    Webflow - WYSIWYG web site builder with animations and website hosting. Free for 2 projects.

    #Website Builder #CMS #Website Design 131 social mentions

  37. Contact forms for static websites without PHP or Backend server
    Web3Forms - Contact forms for Static & JAMStack Websites without writing backend code. Free plan allows Unlimited Forms, Unlimited Domains & 250 Submissions per month.

    #Apps #Web Tools #Developer Tools 13 social mentions

  38. Analytics for programmers using open-source text editor plugins.
    Pricing: — Quantified self-metrics about your coding activity, using text editor plugins, limited plan for free.

    #Time Tracking #Invoicing #Project Management 44 social mentions

  39. Try our free, fully-featured, and extensible IDE for creating modern developer apps for Windows, Android, & iOS. Download Community for free today!
    Visual Studio Community — Fully-featured IDE with thousands of extensions, cross-platform app development (Microsoft extensions available for download for iOS and Android), desktop, web and cloud development, multi-language support (C#, C++, JavaScript, Python, PHP and more).

    #Text Editors #Open Source #Developer Tools 143 social mentions

  40. 40
    Versoly is a SaaS landing page builder that has built-in tools to help convert at much higher rate than other builders.
    Versoly — SaaS focussed website builder - unlimited websites, 70+ blocks, 5 templates, custom CSS, favicon, SEO and forms. No custom domain.

    #Landing Pages #Website Builder #Website Design 50 social mentions

  41. Phone number validation & carrier lookup
    Pricing: — Global phone number verification in a free, fast, reliable JSON API. 1000 requests/month.

    #Marketing #Contact Management #Phone Number Validation 2 social mentions

  42. Clean up email-address lists of any size or use our powerful API for real-time verification. — Bulk and API email verification service. 100 free verifications/month.

    #Email Marketing #Email Verification #Email Verification API 1 social mentions

  43. 43
    Vercel is the platform for frontend developers, providing the speed and reliability innovators need to create at the moment of inspiration.
    Vercel — Build, deploy, and host web apps with free SSL, global CDN, and unique Preview URLs each time you git push. Perfect for Next.js and other Static Site Generators.

    #Developer Tools #Web Development Tools #App Deployment 511 social mentions

  44. 44
    Free vector graphics editor. A simple yet powerful web and desktop cross-platform tool for everyone.

    #Digital Drawing And Painting #Graphic Design Software #3D 24 social mentions

  45. Free VAT Validation & EU VAT Rates API — Instant VAT number validation and EU VAT rates API, free 100 API requests/month.

    #Taxes #Tax Compliance #Customer Support 2 social mentions

  46. 46
    More than slack. More than Trello. FREE.
    Vabotu - A collaborative tool for project management. Free and other plans are available. The Freelance plan is for 10 users, include messaging, task-boards, 5GB online storage, workspaces, export data.

    #Task Management #Project Management #Messaging 1 social mentions

  47. Vaadin is a web application framework for Rich Internet Applications (RIA).
    Vaadin — Build scalable UIs in Java or TypeScript, and use the integrated tooling, components and design system to iterate faster, design better and simplify the development process. Unlimited Projects with 5 years free maintenance.

    #Web Framework #Developer Tools #JavaScript Tools 33 social mentions

  48. A lightweight comments widget built on GitHub issues.
    • Open Source
    Utterances - A lightweight comments widget built on GitHub issues. Use GitHub issues for blog comments, wiki pages and more!

    #Social Networks #Project Management #Commenting Service 48 social mentions

  49. Plan and build products with context, clarity and laser-sharp focus.
    Pricing: - Interconnected online personas, user stories and context mapping. Helps keep design and dev in sync, free for up to 3 personas and 2 collaborators.

    #Product Management #User Experience #Design Tools 2 social mentions

  50. UsabilityHub is a platform for running quick and simple usability tests and design surveys. — Test designs and mockups on real people, track visitors. Free for one user, unlimited tests.

    #Usability Testing #Usability #Design Tools 11 social mentions

  51. Website & Server Monitoring with customizable Status Pages.

    #Uptime Monitoring #Website Monitoring #Monitoring Tools 1 social mentions

  52. Web, SSL, ports & Cron-jobs monitoring

    #Android #iPhone #Productivity 118 social mentions

  53. is an online editor to design using drag and drop and the Tailwind CSS framework. - WYSIWYG web site builder for tailwindcss based designs. Free for non-commercial usage.

    #Design Tool #SaaS #Tailwind Css 6 social mentions

  54. Unsplash is a website with high-quality free HD images. It has a catalog of more than three hundred thousand striking images that are neatly organized with tags. Read more about Unsplash.
    • Open Source - Free stock photos for commercial and noncommercial purposes (do-whatever-you-want license).

    #Photos & Graphics #Image Marketplace #Vector Art 482 social mentions

  55. Create stunning websites easily with Unicorn Platform's new AI version.
    Unicorn Platform - Effortless landing page builder with hosting. 1 website for free.

    #Web App #Design Tools #Marketing 23 social mentions

  56. 56
    Open-source illustrations for every project you can imagine and create.
    UnDraw - A constantly updated collection of beautiful svg images that you can use completely free and without attribution.

    #Illustrations #Design Tools #Web Development Tools 70 social mentions

  57. Enable developers to build encryption into apps in minutes
    Ubiq Security — Encrypt and decrypt data with 3 lines of code and automatic key management. Free for 1 application and up to 1,000,000 encryptions per month.

    #APIs #SaaS #Developer Tools 1 social mentions

  58. Your reliable and friendly crowdsourced testing partner — Test platform, integration and crowdtesters, 2 projects, 5 members.

    #Business & Commerce #Marketing Platform #CRM 1 social mentions

  59. 59


    Tyk is an open-source API gateway and API management platform.
    Pricing: — API management with authentication, quotas, monitoring and analytics. Free cloud offering.

    #API Tools #APIs #API Management 12 social mentions

  60. 60
    Fast web pages for everybody

    #Developer Tools #CMS #Apps 9 social mentions

  61. 61
    Check fewer notifications, do more meaningful work. Twist is the team communication app for calmer, more organized, and more productive teamwork. — An asynchronous-friendly team communication app where conversations stay organized and on-topic. Free and Unlimited plans available. Discounts provided for eligible teams.

    #Communication #Group Chat & Notifications #Team Collaboration 21 social mentions

  62. A concise and simple weekly to do list calendar app to organize your tasks online. A lightweight weekly planner to maintain your focus and boost productivity week over week.
    Tweek — Simple Weekly To-Do Calendar & Task Management.

    #Task Management #Todos #Calendar 45 social mentions

  63. A Preview environment for every branch empowers teams with end-to-end visibility throughout the development process. Visible work-in-progress, faster delivery of features, and higher-quality releases.
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    • $29.0 / Monthly (For small teams who build smaller web properties.)
    Tugboat - Preview every pull request, automated and on-demand. Free for all, complimentary Nano tier for non-profits.

    #Developer Tools #CI #Continuous Integration 2 social mentions

  64. 64
    Infinitely flexible. Incredibly easy to use. Great mobile apps. It's free. Trello keeps track of everything, from the big picture to the minute details.
    Pricing: — Board-based project management. Unlimited Personal Boards, 10 Team Boards.

    #Project Management #Task Management #Work Management 230 social mentions

  65. Versatile file uploading and processing service for developers — Handles file uploads and encoding of video, audio, images, documents. Free for Open source, charities, and students via the GitHub Student Developer Pack. Commercial applications get 2 GB free for test driving.

    #Digital Asset Management #Content Delivery Network #File Transfer 7 social mentions

  66. Toran acts as a proxy for Packagist, GitHub and other repositories. — Proxy for Packagist and GitHub. Never fail CD. Free for personal use, 1 developer, no support.

    #Package Manager #Software Development #Developer Tools 1 social mentions

  67. 67
    Todoist is a to-do list that helps you get organized, at work and in life. — Collaborative and individual task management. Free, Premium and Team plans are available. Discounts provided for eligible users.

    #Todos #Task Management #Project Management 129 social mentions

  68. 68
    Make your website faster and save bandwidth. TinyPNG optimizes your PNG images by 50-80% while preserving full transparency! — API to compress and resize PNG and JPEG images, offers 500 compressions for free each month.

    #Image Optimisation #Image Editing #Image Effects 153 social mentions

  69. Start writing your own newsletter instantly. — 5,000 subscribers/month free.

    #Email Marketing #Newsletter Marketing #Email Marketing Platforms 8 social mentions

  70. 70
    Tilda is a platform to produce landing pages, blogs, webpages through its responsive page builder. — One site, 50 pages, 50 MB storage, only the main pre-defined blocks among 170+ available, no fonts, no favicon and no custom domain.

    #Website Builder #CMS #Website Design 12 social mentions

  71. ThreatConnect’s intelligence-driven security operations is the only solution with intelligence, automation, analytics, and workflows in one platform. — Threat intelligence: It is designed for individual researchers, analysts and organizations who are starting to learn about cyber threat intelligence. Free up to 3 Users.

    #Cyber Security #Monitoring Tools #Security 1 social mentions

  72. QA tool for automating end-to-end email tests. Get unlimited private email addresses and inboxes for testing new user signups, transactional emails and drip campaigns, deliverability and spam scores, etc.
    Pricing: - Automate end-to-end email tests with unlimited mailboxes and a GraphQL API. 100 emails/month free forever, unlimited free for open source.

    #Email #APIs #Developer Tools 2 social mentions

  73. 73
    Testlio is a community of expert testers that help companies release their apps with highest confidence — Issue tracking, test management and beta testing platform. Free for private use.

    #QA #Software Testing #Automated Testing 7 social mentions

  74. Automated and Manual Browser and Device testing.

    #Website Testing #Browser Testing #Project Management 5 social mentions

  75. A diagramming tool for software architecture
    Pricing: — Online diagram maker specifically for software architecture. Free tier up to 4 layers per diagram.

    #Design Tools #Flowcharts #Diagrams 15 social mentions

  76. Temp mail inbox. Protect your privacy with temp e-mail address. Temporary mail works like any other any other email, but it is short-living – from a few minutes up to few days.
    Tempmailo - Unlimited free temp email addresses. Autoexpire in two days.

    #Email #Temporary Email #Disposable Email 14 social mentions

  77. 77
    Lightning-speed access to all your important links, from any device and Slack
    Tefter - Bookmarking app with a powerful Slack integration. Free for open-source teams.

    #Bookmark Manager #Bookmarks #Note Taking 4 social mentions

  78. The Project Management App for Professionals. The most powerful and simple way to collaborate with your team. — Project management & Team Chat. Free for 5 users and 2 projects. Premium plans available.

    #Project Management #Work Collaboration #Project Planning 7 social mentions

  79. 79
    Collaborative Project Planning App — Role based project management. Free up to 5 users. Integration with GitHub/Trello/Dropbox/Google Drive.

    #Project Management #Task Management #Productivity 1 social mentions

  80. 80
    Define, plan & track mission-critical product updates, in one place.
    Tara AI — Simple sprint management service. Free plan has unlimited tasks, sprints and workspaces, with no user limits.

    #Project Management #Task Management #Agile Project Management 4 social mentions

  81. 81
    Tamber is a recommendation engine for developers that build fast, head-scratchingly accurate hosted recommendation engines in minutes.
    Tamber — Put deep-learning powered recommendations in your app. Free 5k monthly active users.

    #SEO #SEO Platform #SEO Tools 1 social mentions

  82. 82
    &yet is a community of possibility for compassionate people who believe the world can be better and are determined to make it so. — Free group video chat. Anonymous. Peer‑to‑peer. No plugins, signup, or payment required.

    #Group Chat & Notifications #Communication #Messaging 5 social mentions

  83. An Agile, Open Source, Free Project Management System — Project management platform for startups and agile developers, free for Open Source.

    #Project Management #Task Management #Productivity 11 social mentions

  84. 84
    Tadum helps teams get organized and stay accountable. It starts with better meetings driven by our online shared agenda.
    Tadum - Meeting agenda and minutes app designed for recurring meetings, free for teams up to 10.

    #Meeting Management #Online Meetings #Meeting Productivity 2 social mentions

  85. Static website hosting for front-end developers. — Static web publishing for Front-End developers. Unlimited sites with custom domain support.

    #Static Site Generators #Website Builder #Cloud Computing 21 social mentions

  86. Real-time feed API - RSS and Atom over PubSubHubbub and XMPP. Superfeedr pushes RSS feeds in real-time for both publishers and subscribers, with open protocols and APIs. — Real-time PubSubHubbub compliant feeds, export, analytics. Free with less customization.

    #RSS #RSS Reader #Insight Management 2 social mentions

  87. An open source Firebase alternative
    Supabase — The Open Source Firebase Alternative to build backends. Free Plan offers Authentication, Realtime Database & Object Storage.

    #Developer Tools #Realtime Backend / API #Backend As A Service 415 social mentions

  88. Substack makes it simple for a writer to start an email newsletter that makes money from subscriptions.
    Substack — Unlimited free newsletter service. Start paying when you charge for it.

    #Paid Newsletters #Email Newsletters #Newsletter Marketing 88 social mentions

  89. 89
    StyleCI is a PHP coding style Continuous Integration service.

    #Continuous Integration #DevOps Tools #Continuous Deployment 1 social mentions

  90. Storj DCS is a decentralized, encrypted and fast Amazon S3-compatible object storage.
    Storj — Decentralised Private Cloud Storage for Apps and Developers. Free plan provides 3 Projects, 50 GB storage per project/month , 50 GB bandwidth per project/month.

    #Storage #Cloud Storage #Encrypted Cloud Storage 41 social mentions

  91. Monitor all your hosted applications, vendors, and websites, and keep your team informed of outages. StatusGator is the world's premier status aggregator, status page, and website monitoring tool.

    #Website Monitoring #Uptime Monitoring #Monitoring Tools 3 social mentions

  92. Static sites with superpowers
    • Open Source
    Staticman - Staticman is a Node.js application that receives user-generated content and uploads it as data files to a GitHub and/or GitLab repository, using Pull Requests.

    #Blogging #CMS #Blogging Platform 4 social mentions

  93. The free optimization & CDN for images, CSS, JavaScript, and open source.
    • Free — CDN for Git repos (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket), WordPress-related assets and images.

    #CDN #Image Optimisation #Asset Management 4 social mentions

  94. StatCounter is a simple but powerful real-time web analytics service that helps you track, analyse and understand your visitors so you can make good decisions to become more successful online.
    StatCounter — Website Viewer Analytics. Free plan for analytics of 500 most recent visitors.

    #Analytics #Web Analytics #Mobile Analytics 16 social mentions

  95. Simple, affordable digital mapping for every app — Map tiles, routing, navigation, and other geospatial APIs. 2,500 free map views and API requests / day for non-commercial usage and testing.

    #Maps #Driving Navigation #Live Traffic 5 social mentions

  96. 96
    API first collaborative databases to build your own tools, the way you want. Sign up for free.
    StackBy — One tool that brings together flexibility of spreadsheets, power of databases and built-in integrations with your favorite business apps. Free plan includes unlimited users, 10 stacks, 2GB attachment per stack.

    #Spreadsheets #Databases #Online Database 11 social mentions

  97. Online VS Code Editor for Angular and React
    • Open Source

    #Programming #Text Editors #Programming Tools 97 social mentions

  98. Team Metrics and Automated Code Review
    SourceLevel — Automated Code Review and Team Analytics. Free for Open Source and organizations up to 5 collaborators.

    #Code Coverage #Data Dashboard #Code Analysis 4 social mentions

  99. Enhance your workflow with continuous code quality, SonarCloud automatically analyzes and decorates pull requests on GitHub, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps and GitLab on major languages.
    Pricing: — Automated source code analysis for Java, JavaScript, C/C++, C#, VB.NET, PHP, Objective-C, Swift, Python, Groovy and even more languages, free for Open Source.

    #Developer Tools #DevOps Tools #SAST 12 social mentions

  100. 100
    Snyk helps you use open source and stay secure. Continuously find and fix vulnerabilities for npm, Maven, NuGet, RubyGems, PyPI and much more.
    Pricing: — Can find and fix known security vulnerabilities in your open source dependencies. Unlimited tests and remediation for open source projects. Limited to 200 tests/month for your private projects.

    #Security #Security Monitoring #Security CI 82 social mentions

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