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🧟 Google Graveyard ⚰

Google Products that are shutting down or have already been discontinued
Average Lifespan: 5 Years and 3 Months
Total Products: 76

Products that are shutting down soon

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  1. Poly by Google

    Explore the world of 3D

    ⏳Shutting down on: 2021-06-30 ~ about 2 months

    Lifespan: over 3 years

    Categories: 3D, 3D Models Database, 3D Modeling

    News References

    1. 📰 Poly was introduced as a 3D creation tool optimized for virtual reality. Users could easily create low-poly objects with in-VR tools. The software was designed to serve as a lightweight way to create and view 3D assets that could in turn end up in games and experiences, compared to more art and sculpting-focused VR tools like Google’s Tilt Brush and Facebook’s (now Adobe’s) Medium software. ~

    Poly by Google Alternatives

  2. Android Things

    Build connected devices for a wide variety of consumer, retail, and industrial applications.

    ⏳Shutting down on: 2022-01-05 ~ 8 months

    Lifespan: over 6 years

    Categories: Data Dashboard, Video, Home

    Android Things Alternatives

    1. openHAB - "empowering the smart home" - vendor and technology agnostic open source home automation
    2. ioBroker - flexible and modular application for the IoT and Smarthome
    3. Google Home - Set up, manage, and control your Chromecast, Chromecast Audio and Google Home devices.
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Discontinued Google Products (Page 1)

and their top alternatives on the right

  1. Google Crisis Map

    A collection of national and regional-scale layers related to weather, hazards, and emergency preparedness and response, mostly for the US.

    🚀Sep 2011 - ⚰Mar 2021

    Lifespan: over 9 years

    Categories: Crisis Management, Weather Forecasts, Weather Apps

    News References

    1. 📰 Crisis Maps will no longer be available for editing or viewing, which includes maps created by Google. This means, links and embeds for published maps will stop working. ~
  2. Google Cardboard

    Cardboard + Smartphone = Virtual Reality Headset!

    🚀Jun 2014 - ⚰Mar 2021

    Lifespan: over 6 years

    Categories: Android, iPhone, Tech, Virtual Reality, Hardware

    Google Cardboard Alternatives

    1. Elite Pro - Tournament gaming headset
    2. Jollylook - A foldable instant camera made out of cardboard
    3. Nintendo Labo - DIY creations for the Nintendo Switch
    4. » All Google Cardboard alternatives
  3. Tilt Brush

    Paint in spaces around you with Virtual Reality

    🚀Apr 2016 - ⚰Jan 2021

    Lifespan: almost 5 years

    Categories: 3D, Virtual Reality, iPhone

    Tilt Brush Alternatives

    1. MasterpieceVR - Powerful VR sculpting & painting tool
    2. Snap Art - Snap's augmented reality platform
    3. SprayPrinter - Convert digital designs into wall art from your smartphone
    4. » All Tilt Brush alternatives
  4. Loon

    Like Pocket, but for audio

    🚀Jun 2014 - ⚰Jan 2021

    Lifespan: over 6 years

    Categories: HR, HR Tools, Employee Performance Management

    Loon Alternatives

    1. Play for Web - Listen to articles from around the web
    2. Justworks - JustWorks is a software for business owners to take control for and manage effectively their payroll and human resources policies including compliance, payroll, and benefits. Read more about Justworks.
    3. SurePayroll - SurePayroll allows you to process your employee's payroll in seconds, whether at your desk or on your mobile device.
    4. » All Loon alternatives
  5. Google App Maker

    Low-code application development for G Suite

    ⚰ Shut down in Jan 2021

    Categories: No Code, Cloud Computing, Software Development Tools, Software Development

    News References

    1. 📰 The App Maker product will be shut down on January 19, 2021. To prepare, review your existing apps: If you no longer use an app, it will stop working according to the timeline in the next section. For active apps, transition the functionality to another product. Your app can't be directly migrated to another platform, but AppSheet, Apps Script, Google Forms, and App Engine offer many similar features. Learn more in the following sections. ~

    Google App Maker Alternatives

  6. Google Cloud Print

    Google Cloud Print is a technology that allows you to print over the web from anywhere, including your phone, to any printer.

    🚀Apr 2010 - ⚰Dec 2020

    Lifespan: over 10 years

    Categories: Cloud Printing, Accounting, Project Management

    Google Cloud Print Alternatives

    1. PrintNode - PrintNode offers cloud printing solutions for web applications.
    2. Printix - Printix is a cloud-based print management platform.
    3. Printer Pro - Print attachments, receipts, documents, web pages from your iPad and iPhone.
    4. » All Google Cloud Print alternatives
  7. Sceneform SDK for Android

    Sceneform makes it straightforward to render realistic 3D scenes in AR and non-AR apps, without having to learn OpenGL.

    🚀May 2018 - ⚰Dec 2020

    Lifespan: over 2 years

    Categories: Mobile Development, APIs, Mobile SDK

    Sceneform SDK for Android Alternatives

    1. Cyclr - Powerful SaaS integration toolkit for SaaS developers - create, amplify, manage and publish native integrations from within your app.
    2. - Kamon makes an instrumentation library and Application Performance Monitoring tool that helps developers find and fix performance issues in microservices. Works best for Scala (Akka, Play, Lagom) and Java.
    3. » All Sceneform SDK for Android alternatives
  8. Google Home Max

    Multi-room WiFi speaker

    🚀Dec 2017 - ⚰Dec 2020

    Lifespan: about 3 years

    Categories: Data Dashboard, Home, Music

    Google Home Max Alternatives

    1. Apple HomePod - The new home entertainment system by Apple
    2. Google Home - Set up, manage, and control your Chromecast, Chromecast Audio and Google Home devices.
    3. SYMFONISK - A new speaker lamp by Sonos and IKEA
    4. » All Google Home Max alternatives
  9. Trusted Contacts

    Let your loved ones locate you with Trusted Contacts by Google.

    🚀Dec 2016 - ⚰Dec 2020

    Lifespan: almost 4 years

    Categories: Mobile OS, Mobile Apps, Mobile SDK

    Trusted Contacts Alternatives

    1. Glympse - Glympse is the easy way to safely share your location in realtime. No sign-up needed.
    2. Life360 Family Locator - Life360 helps manage the chaos of your daily family life and lets you know:
    3. Zenly - Zenly is a GPS tracker to locate your friends in realtime.
    4. » All Trusted Contacts alternatives
  10. Google Play Music

    Free radio for everything you do. Store 50,000 tracks from your personal collection. Subscribe for on-demand access to 40 million songs and offline listening.

    🚀Nov 2011 - ⚰Oct 2020

    Lifespan: almost 9 years

    Categories: Audio Player, Media Player, Music Streaming

    Google Play Music Alternatives

    1. Spotify - Map shows when two people play same song at same time
    2. Pandora - Pandora Radio is a free (ad-supported) internet radio founded in 2000.
    3. - The world's largest online music service. Listen online, find out more about your favourite artists, and get music recommendations, only at
    4. » All Google Play Music alternatives
  11. Nest Secure

    Tough on bad guys. Easy on you

    🚀Nov 2017 - ⚰Oct 2020

    Lifespan: almost 3 years

    Categories: Productivity, App Launcher, Home

    Nest Secure Alternatives

    1. Minut - A camera-less home security device
    2. Canary - Smart home security for everyone
    3. Away Mode - Protect your home with this awkward Alexa skill
    4. » All Nest Secure alternatives
  12. Google Translator Toolkit

    Google Translator Toolkit is a powerful and easy-to-use editor that helps translators work faster and better.

    🚀Jun 2009 - ⚰Oct 2020

    Lifespan: over 11 years

    Reason: Nomas

    Categories: Localization, Website Localization, App Localization

    Google Translator Toolkit Alternatives

    1. Crowdin - Localize your product in a seamless way
    2. Poedit - Poedit translations editor. The best way to translate apps and sites.
    3. Weblate - Weblate is a free web-based translation management system.
    4. » All Google Translator Toolkit alternatives

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