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  1. Spy app for spying on call recordings, text messages, WhatsApp, social networks, Facebook, gps locations, etc. - Spy phone and spy application for cellphones monitoring.

  2. Take & capture screenshots like a Pro!

  3. The best place to track all of the movies and TV shows you watch. Never miss a new TV show or movie. Discover new TV shows and movies to watch. Find the streaming services that has your favorites TV shows and movies.

  4. Innotescus: verb, 1. We make known. Enabling better data, faster annotation, and deeper insights through innovative computer vision solutions.

  5. Instant collaboration for startups, DAOs, and remote teams.

  6. Pick any color from a Image, PDF-File, Website or anywhere on your Screen and get the Hex code. Use our Color Picker for Free and without downloading a Tool!

  7. Support and Help Online Help desk ticketing complaint management system, telegram channel based Saas software . register complaints via telegram and manage in app.

  8. GeniePy is a Python boilerplate for building SaaS products.

  9. The #1 email warming service to improve your deliverability by generating realistic and meaningful engagement to your emails. Easy-to-use solution to help you land in the main inbox instead of the spam folder. .

  10. Create, Review and Edit PDF Documents on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  11. Government Jobs, Results, Syllabus & Everything in Between.

  12. Viably simplifies your small business finances, allowing you to get insights, trends & goals – all in a single banking app. Sign up for free!

  13. password folder, password folder windows, password folder software, password folder download, password protect folder, put a password to folder.

  14. Create, send, track and manage your invoices and get paid in no time.

  15. Lilac Edutik is the finest E-learning app solution for your educational Industry like Every School, College etc. it is a customized E-learning app solution.

  16. Control monitor brightness, adapt using the ambient light sensor, adjust volume, switch inputs and turn off displays without fiddling with clunky buttons.

  17. rcmd makes app switching instantaneous!When you have a lot of apps open, finding and switching to them might feel too slow using Command-Tab or the Dock.Hold down the right side |⌘ command| and press the first letter of the app name to focus it.

  18. Mtalkz is a functional bulk SMS software that allows you to take your business fly with extensive support for WhatsApp API and chatbot automation.

  19. Customizable personal email newsletter created from your favorite sources.

  20. A powerful social media marketing app for busy entrepreneurs and small businesses. Read more ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

  21. Backup af PC, Mac, iPhone og Android • Gem og del filer i skyen • Vi sikrer dit privatliv og høster ikke dine data for at tjene penge • Dansk support.

  22. Award-winning network inventory software for IT organizations.

  23. Alloy Navigator is an all-inclusive IT Service Management Software. It is an ITIL aligned IT Service and Asset Management platform that provides thoughtful answers to your toughest IT challenges.

  24. - Showcasing some of the Newest Upcoming NFT drops in the crypto space. Check out the Newest & Hottest Upcoming NFT Events or post your NFT Events!

  25. Streamline your Access Management and Governance processes. Make it simple, fast and secure.

  26. NFT Analysis simplified. Get deep Crypto, Defi, and NFT insights from Roverx and up your game.

  27. Dear ImGui: Bloat-free Graphical User interface for C++ with minimal dependencies.

  28. Send letters to voters 💌.

  29. Messaging and SMS app bundled in stock Android.

  30. Create, review and deploy code together with GitLab open source git repo management software | GitLab.

  31. is not only an online dictionary translating from English and German to 21 languages.

  32. A Cloud Guru leads the world in cloud computing training with Amazon, Google, and Azure.

  33. Next Generation end-to-end encrypted cloud storage. Get started with 10 GB of free space.

  34. The website builder for podcasters 🎙️ Fast & Scalable.

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