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Top 5 products of May 21
  1. 1.

    From error tracking to performance monitoring, developers can see what actually matters, solve quicker, and learn continuously about their applications - from the frontend to the backend.

  2. 2. BuiltWith

    Find out the technology behind websites

  3. 3. MockAPI

    MockAPI lets users mock up APIs, generate custom data, and perform operations on it using RESTful interface.

  4. 4. DownDetector

    A simple service to tell you whether a website is down.

  5. 5. ReactOS

    ReactOS is a free, modern operating system in alpha stage, based on the design of Windows XP/2003.

  6. โญ๏ธ NeuronWriter Featured

    NEURONwriter is an AI-powered tool for writing and optimizing content for SEO. With a user-friendly interface and advanced content editor, it is designed to help you quickly write and optimize high-quality SEO-friendly content.

SaaSHub Submit

  1. Webbyacad MBOX Converter Tool Posted on Stackshare

    Webbyacad MBOX converter tool is a great and best software to convert MBOX files from Gmail, Thunderbird, iCloud and other email provider more than 30+ formats...

  2. SilverPush Posted on AlternativeTo

    AI-Powered Contextual Platform for Omnichannel Advertising

  3. Posted on Hacker News

    Cap is the open source alternative to Loom. Lightweight, powerful, and stunning. Record and share in seconds.

  4. 1Password 7 posts

    1Password can create strong, unique passwords for you, remember them, and restore them, all directly in your web browser.

  5. Urban DJ 5 posts

    A fun poll for music geniuses. Wordle for music!

  6. PaperNodes 5 posts

    We, offer premium server hosting for Minecraft, Discord Bots and more! Explore our cheap reliable premium hosting plans.


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Latest nominations and activity


    Logomakerr.AI is an AI logo generator that creates logos and branding kits in minutes.

  2. Kimp

    Kimp is an unlimited design company, specializing in graphic design (including print and digital designs, custom illustrations, landing page designs and email designs) and video design.

  3. Docker Compose

    Define and run multi-container applications with Docker

  4. GitHub Enterprise

    The on-premises version of GitHub, which you can deploy and manage in your own, secure environment

  5. Shotcut Track

    Web Analytics Software/ Shotcut Track

  6. minimarks

    Compact bookmark manager and start page for teams and web enthusiasts. Share links with your team and keep your bookmarks in sync across devices. Publish bookmark collections and share your page on social media. Our web app works everywhere.

  7. Scraping Pros

    We transform web data into your business advantage to fuel your success. Discover how you can leverage the incredible potential of our web scrapers to transform online data into valuable information to enhance your decision-making process.

  8. ๐Ÿ… juicy timer.

    Pomodoro timer with zero distractions.

  9. Context Bio

    Build beautiful and interactive link in bio pages with easy to use bio page website builder.

  10. SurveyJS

    Feature rich and open source surveys for embedding into websites.

  11. DuckDuckGo: Bang

    Search thousands of sites directly from DuckDuckGo

  12. Roomspilot

    Complete solution for managing and distributing short-term rental properties

  13. Lyfeguard

    Lyfeguard is a fintech SaaS platform designed to help individuals plan for today and secure tomorrow. Lyfeguard addresses the challenges posed by disorganisation during life and beyond with storage, insights, automation and sharing capabilities.

  14. Buku

    A powerful command-line bookmark manager.

  15. Faturify

    Simplifies invoices and expense tracking, helping you save time and money. Create your first invoice in less than 60 seconds.

  16. Fluent Bit

    Data collector and log forwarder.

  17. Resource Tuner

    Resource Editor: modify EXE file's resources, change Icons inside EXE, DLL, MUN. View, search, extract, replace, edit, add and delete the embedded resources of executable program files.

  18. MailChimp

    MailChimp is the best way to design, send, and share email newsletters.

  19. Impact Diary

    Privacy-first note-taking and productivity app, built to serve you forever. Stay focused and achieve your goals by managing all your tasks, notes, and journals in one place.

  20. Creddinv

    Invest smartly in startups with Creddinv's reliable and secure investment platform.

  21. Docutain

    Digitize, manage and find documents efficiently. With Docutain, your smartphone not only becomes a scanner, but you also get a complete and secure document management system including a QR code scanner.

  22. NumeRe

    Framework for numerical computations, data analysis and visualisation.

  23. Ultimate Unwrap 3D

    Ultimate Unwrap 3D is a standalone UV mapping software for unfolding and unwrapping 3D models.

  24. SimWorkflow

    Workflow automation and content collaboration software.

  25. GitLab CI

    GitLab has integrated CI to test, build and deploy your code

  26. ALTCHA

    ALTCHA is a free CAPTCHA alternative that uses a proof-of-work mechanism to protect your website, and online services from spam.

  27. Gio UI

    Gio is an open source library for creating portable, immediate mode GUI programs for Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, macOS.

  28. SaaSHub

    Find and promote software that will help you grow your business or to be more productive.

  29. PartyLabz

    Create an elegant event website in minutes, send out invitations and collect RSVP online.


    The world's first on-demand OpenStack private cloud platform and automated bare metal. Launch a production-ready cloud in just 45 seconds โ€“ without the expensive hardware investment or steep learning curve.

  31. ZervX

    Engineered for Mobility Excellence

  32. Adonis JS

    AdonisJs is a Node.js web framework with breath of fresh air and drizzle of elegant syntax on top of it


    Data analysis should not be rocket science! Ottava is a no-code platform to transform your essential data, break free from inflexible tables, stop the struggle with Excel, and visualize your data analysis with clarity.

  34. Hapara

    Hฤpara powers awesome learning โ€” in the classroom or remotely. With Chrome browser screen monitoring and a powerful AI web filter, learning is active and safe.


    Artificial Intelligence Accessible to Everyone


    Instagram analytics made easy ๐Ÿš€

  37. BlogFAST

    BlogFAST streamlines blog creation by automatically generating daily SEO-optimized content to boost traffic and generate leads on your custom domain.

  38. Captitles

    Prepare your surtitles in minutes, instead of days. Let AI do all the manual work for you. Then add your human touch. The ultimate app for theater captioning.

  39. Heenok

    Best AI Writer Image Generation Copywriting

  40. iX ERP

    The most powerful AI-Powered Cloud ERP Software, iX ERP enhances businesses performance and supports faster business growth.

  41. TunesKit Audio Capture

    TunesKit Audio Capture for Windows is a powerful and smart sound recording software to capture any audio playing on computer, including streaming music, live broadcast, game sound, etc.

  42. ParityVend

    Unlock global sales and reach new markets. ParityVend automatically adapts your pricing for optimal sales worldwide. Start for free in under 7 minutes. No coding needed.

  43. Zirr AI

    Zirr AI Medical Scribe: Empowering Healthcare Professionals with our Advanced AI Assistant for Enhanced Patient Care. Start your free trial today.

  44. Photokit

    AI-based online photo editor

  45. Team Procure

    Team Procure is a flexible solution for all of your procurement needs. Manage strategic sourcing, purchasing, inventory, and spend analysis in one place.

  46. HyperURLs

    Organise & Share, your URLs, Effortlessly

  47. PlaceKit

    Worldwide geocoding API and address autocomplete, store locator, and two-way geocoding for your apps.

  48. Sveltos

    Projectsveltos extends the functionality of Cluster API with a solution for managing the installation, configuration & deletion of kubernetes cluster add-ons.

  49. Voyced

    Voyced is an all VoIP provider that provides businesses with the ability to streamline their communications with virtual telephone numbers, services, and more.

  50. Smart Tools AI

    Discover how Smart Tools AI is transforming productivity with advanced artificial intelligence. Unlock unprecedented efficiency and streamline your workflow.

  51. JSON Placeholder

    JSON Placeholder is a modern platform that provides you online REST API, which you can instantly use whenever you need any fake data.

  52. Good Calculators

    Here at Good Calculators, we offer a variety of Online Calculators including those that will help calculate your Salary, Tax Band and Amounts, various Mathematic Equations, Loan Amounts, and even more

  53. OpenCV

    OpenCV is the world's biggest computer vision library


    RAVATAR AaaS (Avatars-as-a-Service) leverages cutting-edge technologies to produce high-quality real-time conversational 3D AI avatars. Reveal the true potential of your business with digital humans.

  55. HelpAI

    AI-powered professional networking & productivity platform.

  56. AI Webcam Effects

    Virtual background, blur, beautification, auto-framing, color correction, color filter, video overlay, lower thirds, emojis, gifs, screen sharing and recording, low light, picture in picture, chrome extension.

  57. Uno Platform

    Build Mobile, Desktop and WebAssembly apps with C# and XAML.

  58. Adaptive ATS

    Adaptive ATS: Revolutionize your hiring with our intuitive Applicant Tracking System. Streamline job postings, automate resume management, and enhance candidate communication. Experience recruitment simplified with Adaptive ATS.

  59. rollup.js

    Rollup is a module bundler for JavaScript which compiles small pieces of code into a larger piece such as application.

  60. QR Code KIT

    Formerly known as, QR Code KIT is the strongest, most reliable QR code solution โ€“ the only one you'll ever need.

  61. PURPLE BRaiN

    PURPLE BRaiN is an all-in-one AI content generation platform, including copywriting, chat assistants, image generation, text-to-speech, speech-to-text, vision, and code, allowing users to create and customize various types of content easily.

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