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Top 5 products of Jul 20
  1. 1. Apache Airflow

    Airflow is a platform to programmaticaly author, schedule and monitor data pipelines.

  2. 2. ProtonVPN

    ProtonVPN is a security focused FREE VPN service, developed by CERN and MIT scientists. Use the web anonymously, unblock websites & encrypt your connection.

  3. 3. OpenSign

    Your ultimate open source PDF e-signature solution.

  4. 4.

    Manage your server without fighting the terminal. Server control panel based on Docker.

  5. 5. IronWorker

    IronWorker is a task processor for applications that isolates the code and dependencies of individual tasks to be processed on demand.

  6. โญ๏ธ ASocks Featured

    Clear. Fast. Unlimited. Residential & Mobile Proxies For Best Price .

SaaSHub Submit

  1. DocuGenerate Posted on Website Hunt

    PDF Generation API - Automated Document Generation

  2. TryowBOT Posted on AlternativeTo

    TryowBOT - The Best WhatsApp Business API Service Provider in Coimbatore. All-in-one WhatsApp Marketing Solution with Powerful Features to Grow Your Business

  3. Klipy Posted on Hacker News

    AI-powered CRM, from first hello to another renewal.

  4. EalSuite 8 posts

    A Single Platform for CRM, Accounting, Billing, Sales Automation, Marketing and HRM

  5. ISO2HANDLE 7 posts

    We give superpowers to quality and risk managers.

  6. 4 posts

    Powerful CSV & Excel Import experience for SaaS ๐Ÿš€ Save months building data import experience from scratch ๐Ÿ’ฐ


  1. discussion

    3 days ago | 1 comment

  2. Story points are pointless, measure queues

    5 days ago

  3. ProtonVPN discussion

    5 days ago | 1 comment

  4. btop discussion

    6 days ago | 1 comment

  5. SCALE by Spectral Compute - Run CUDA, unmodified, on AMD GPUs

    6 days ago

Latest nominations and activity


    Reflect is automated web testing that anyone can use. It requires no code, and no installation. Record once, run anytime.

  2. ABcard

    ABcard - service allows you to issue an unlimited number of cards to pay for advertising accounts. 3 unique BINs for any work tasks, management of a team of media buyers inside a personal account and complete anonymity when paying for traffic.


    ALTCHA is a free CAPTCHA alternative that uses a proof-of-work mechanism to protect your website, and online services from spam.

  4. MJML

    The open source framework for responsive emails


    Blogging platform for minimalists.


    Fast, Accurate, Production-Ready AI Turn your unstructured data into perfectly optimized vector search indexes, purpose-built for Retrieval Augmented Generation

  7. Nedoto

    Nedoto is a remote config and features flag service for apps and websites. Ship faster without a new release.

  8. Trend AI Tools

    Best AI Tools For Any Task โ€“ All in One Place

  9. Testiny

    Modern, easy-to-use test management software. Manage test cases, assemble and execute test runs, capture and discuss results, track issues in Jira, GitHub, Gitlab, Devops, ...

  10. sshfs

    This is a filesystem client based on the SSH File Transfer Protocol.

  11. Resource Tuner

    Resource Editor: modify EXE file's resources, change Icons inside EXE, DLL, MUN. View, search, extract, replace, edit, add and delete the embedded resources of executable program files.

  12. ZenUML

    JavaScript based diagramming tool that renders Markdown-inspired text definitions to create and modify sequence diagrams dynamically.

  13. Jobicy

    Jobicy is a career-education platform, offering remote job listings, comprehensive career advice and support to empower individuals in their remote work journey.

  14. TheHive

    The Hive is a scalable, open source, and free security incident response platform.

  15. Promptchains

    The Visual Builder For Limitless AI Workflows

  16. simpleshow

    simpleshow is an online video maker tool that allows users to create an explainer video in minutes.

  17. SocialPump App

    Transform your fitness journey with SocialPump! ๐Ÿ‹๏ธโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿ“ฒ This free gym workout tracker features an AI assistant to analyze your workouts, a library of 100+ exercises, customizable routines, and social sharing. ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿš€

  18. Oobeo Valet

    Cloud-based valet parking software

  19. HubWis

    Need to read many complex documents with tight deadlines? HubWis will convert PDF files to digestible summaries delivered as Audio files, Text or Chat on your phone or web.

  20. Bootstrap Icons

    Official open source SVG icon library for Bootstrap

  21. SaaSHub

    Find and promote software that will help you grow your business or to be more productive.

  22. AlarmnClock

    This is a simple online alarm clock. Set your alarm easily with just a click. Choose your time and wake up on time. It's a simple reminder web app for your daily use.

  23. Wine Jobs UK

    Latest UK wine jobs. Wine Jobs UK lists drinks industry jobs from across the UK and rest of world. Find live vacancies from hundreds of drinks companies.

  24. Good Calculators

    Here at Good Calculators, we offer a variety of Online Calculators including those that will help calculate your Salary, Tax Band and Amounts, various Mathematic Equations, Loan Amounts, and even more

  25. DumpMedia Amazon Music Converter

    Download and convert Amazon Music songs, albums, or playlists to supported format with 100% original quality.

  26. CRUDgen

    CRUDgen is a tool that generates the UI for CRUD operations instantly based on your database tables, providing a modern feature-rich UI easily integrated with any backend technology.

  27. mypy

    Mypy is an experimental optional static type checker for Python that aims to combine the benefits of dynamic (or "duck") typing and static typing.

  28. Voyced

    The European VoIP Provider with a Global reach. Numbers in over 165 countries, call anywhere. All numbers types.

  29. ABcard

    ABcard - service allows you to issue an unlimited number of cards to pay for advertising accounts. 3 unique BINs for any work tasks, management of a team of media buyers inside a personal account and complete anonymity when paying for traffic.


    Create beautiful images of your code

  31. ParityVend

    Unlock global sales and reach new markets. ParityVend automatically adapts your pricing for optimal sales worldwide. Start for free in under 7 minutes. No coding needed.

  32. SimWorkflow

    Workflow automation and content collaboration software.

  33. SuperTradeIn.App

    Bring your trade-in, buyback or recycling business online with our trade-in platform and offer acceptance framework.

  34. CodeSandbox

    Online playground for React

  35. Clevercast

    Clevercast lets you deliver live streams with multiple audio languages and 100% accurate closed captions, using the latest AI technology. Worldwide viewers can watch the stream and select their preferred language in our embeddable video player.

  36. TestDevJobs

    #1 Job Board to find all the cool jobs in Automation, Security, ETL and Performance Testing.

  37. Qualli

    Build loveable products with actionable surveys.

  38. Google

    Google Search, also referred to as Google Web Search or simply Google, is a web search engine developed by Google. It is the most used search engine on the World Wide Web

  39. Yambla

    Yambla is a leading provider of Idea Management Software. EMPOWER IDEAS. DRIVE INNOVATION. Impact-Oriented Idea Management Software Empower your innovators today, and kickstart an innovation program that makes waves.

  40. RewriteBar

    Enhance your writing in any macOS app with AI help. Fix grammar, adjust tone, translate, and more.

  41. Software Ideas Modeler

    Visualize, design, innovate. The ultimate diagramming and modeling suite for UML, ERD, BPMN, flowcharting and data architecture. Elevate your ideas to new heights.

  42. ZervX

    Engineered for Mobility Excellence

  43. Bookamat

    Powering the world's best independent fitness, Pilates and yoga studios.


    Video,Live Chat & Help Center widget for the website. Free Live Chat & Help Center forever.

  45. GoalsWon

    Human accountability coaching for busy people

  46. Groot Web Search Engine

    The best and most fastest internet search engine without advertising, personal data, or telemetry tracking. The only search engine with some character... :D


    Simplify your hiring process with a dedicated careers page and applicant tracking system. Jobspage is all-in-one solution - easy, efficient & free.

  48. Foundingpals

    Every talent should have a side project.

  49. Abun

    Automate your Content Creation & Publishing backed by AI Features for Keyword Research, SERP/Rank Tracking & Reporting, to drive Organic Traffic to your Website.

  50. Altern AI

    The place to discover new AI and ML tools, products and resources.

  51. Whapi.Cloud

    Integrate WhatsApp without limits to your own services or apps! Groups & Buttons, Technical support & Guides. API works stably and does not crash during updates. Whapi.Cloud is Developer-friendly REST API for WhatsApp integration

  52. Xspiral

    The New Generation 2D/3D Visualization & Hybrid Design Platform. Create 3D designs with the ease of 2D methods. Design like a Pro!


    Powerful CSV & Excel Import experience for SaaS ๐Ÿš€ Save months building data import experience from scratch ๐Ÿ’ฐ

  54. FounderPass

    The founder perk membership giving you $2,500,000+ of discounts on software, tools and subscriptions! From $5k of Free AWS credits, 12 months free of Webflow, Intercom, Make, GitHub, 75% off Brevo, $6k of Notion credit and much more.

  55. Fugo

    Keep your workplace connected with smart digital signage!

  56. is an innovative SaaS providing seamless and user-friendly booking, subscriptions and ticketing solutions as well CRM, POS integration and CMS.


    Matrix is an open standard for decentralized persistent communication over IP.

  58. Unicorn Platform

    Create stunning websites easily with Unicorn Platform's new AI version.

  59. Uptime Kuma

    A fancy self-hosted monitoring tool.

  60. Eyepicker

    Online Image Color Picker: Easily pick HEX and RGB colors from any image in the most easy and simple way.


    Searchable archive for all marketing and transactional emails you send to customers

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