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  1. When you're not getting paid, CarolCollect automatically reminds and takes payment from overdue customers, getting serious when payments aren't made, and handles everything in between. β†’

  2. The no.1 time-saving app for landlords. β†’

  3. GetBlock provides developers with instant connection to full nodes of 40+ blockchains. Get access to BTC, ETH, BSC & other networks via API. β†’

  4. Fullbay is built for HD repair shops & fleet managers. It improves tech efficiency, bills parts, and makes invoicing a snap.

  5. Get catchy ad creative inspiration 10x faster: hand-picked, deep filtered ad creative examples from top brands. Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn ads inspiration. . β†’

  6. Buzzy lets you build working apps straight from Figma. Create working apps, MVPs or prototypes with real data, user-generated content and live forms straight from Figma, without coding. β†’

  7. Advanced Azure management tool for Developers. β†’

  8. Weblium is an effortless website builder that allows you to create a landing page, personal website or online store without the help of designers and programmers. Create a stylish, high-quality site that fully meets your goals and requirements. β†’

  9. The best of Auth0 and Keycloak combined. Built for the serverless era. β†’

  10. May 2022. Save with exclusive coupons and verified promo codes. Find the latest coupons, discount codes and deals for your favorite brands. β†’

  11. Leverage AI based Web Mining technology to build tens of thousans customized datasets for your business! β†’

  12. Do E-Signature with confidence: Paperless, No-printing, No-faxing. β†’

  13. PingPong: incident tracking and website monitoring in one. Turn downtime into happy customers. Beautiful, fully customizable status pages hosted securely outside your infrastructure. Sign up for free today. β†’

  14. Crypto signals channelsΒ resultsΒ andΒ testΒ yourΒ ownΒ signals. β†’

  15. No Code platform where building business process apps is as easy as working with Spreadsheets. β†’

  16. There occur many circumstances where users might face incident, which makes data loss from Android devices. This is where users need the top-rated MobiKin Backup Manager for Android to flexibly back up and restore Android files. β†’

  17. No 1 cloud service for chess engine analysis. Join Anish Giri, Levon Aronian, & 100s of other pro chess players to analyze with up to 1,000 MN/s speed cloud engines. β†’

  18. Business communication SMS platform trusted by the world's leading brands. Earn Qantas Points with every SMS sent with 100% delivery. β†’

  19. Planndu is a simple task manager app for individuals that helps youto improve your productivity and stay focused.It has features to set deadlines, status, and priorities in a fun and flexible way. β†’

  20. Enactia is a platform that offers comprehensive cloud software to users for privacy and Cybersecurity compliance management. β†’

  21. Optimize your internal business processes, minimize human errors and save both time and resources by automating and integrating your business’s system landscape with KOEBT. β†’

  22. Selfless Heroes is a puzzle game that will teach you how to program without you noticing. Take control of a team of heroes who share the same artificial intelligence. It's up to you to create their AI so that they cooperate as best they can. β†’

  23. FirmsData is a virtual data room provider. Majorly used in case of mergers and acquisitions, capital raises, IPOs, and audits. β†’

  24. Field Complete provides an easy and intuitive all-in-one solution for small and mid-sized Field Service companies for powerful workflow synchronization between office, subcontractors, and in-house technicians. β†’

  25. Gleek is a diagramming tool written by and for software developers. Based on a simple scripting language with full IDE functionality, Gleek lets you focus on architecture concepts while it handles the tedium of drawing diagrams. β†’

  26. Direct7 Networks provide highly reliable and cost effective Communication sms solutions to businesses across all industries. β†’

  27. LeadSeed is a sales & marketing platform that delivers better qualified new business opportunities and strengthens customer relationships. β†’

  28. Data analysis platform for engineering teams. Organise, find and visualise test and measurement data. β†’

  29. Do website reviews faster. Heurio eliminates the administration process and lets you focus on creating value in a collaborative and user-friendly way. Perfect for heuristic evaluation, design and development review, bug report, QA testing and more. β†’

  30. is an all-in-one social wall solution that allows you to collect, curate, and display content in an easy-to-customize feed. You can collect content from multiple social media platforms or let your audience post content directly on your wall. β†’

  31. The fastest way to browse, search, and manage videos on your computer. Like YouTube for videos on your computer! β†’

  32. Discover BrightAnalytics, the intuitive, reliable, and fast platform for consolidated reporting of financial and operational data. A platform with a single version of truth, covering all needs on management reporting, budgeting, and consolidation. β†’

  33. Beautiful one-page sites that sync to your calendar to easily schedule chats. Plus, Coffee Chats connects with Stripe so you can easily charge for chats turning Coffee Chats into your all-in-one site, booking, and payments solution. β†’

  34. Backups for servers, databases and applications. Leading backup provider for DigitalOcean Snapshots, as well providing backups for databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB. Used my thousands of businesses backuping Petabytes worth of data. β†’

  35. Reduce the impact of downtime and communicate it effectively. We help organizations reduce the impact of downtime and establish efficient and flexible communication with their customers and teams during incidents and maintenance events. β†’

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