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  1. Bizstim is an all-in-one tool for scheduling, billing, invoicing, client management, finances and more. Perfect for tutoring companies, SAT/ACT preparation companies, therapists, legal services, driving schools or any service-based business. โ†’

  2. WebTranslateIt is a translation project management and collaborative translation platform for software and dynamic content translation. โ†’

  3. Reliable 24/7 Minecraft hosting. 100% free forever. Cut down on the costs today! โ†’

  4. The #1 Leader in Heatmaps, Recordings, Surveys & More. Sign up for a 15-day free trial and start learning from real user behavior today!

  5. Timeero time tracking app, is your choice for easy GPS time tracking, time sheets, & employee management from your phone or tablet. Get started for free! โ†’

  6. Free Easy linux server monitoring in few seconds. Alarms, charts, monitoring cpu, memory, disks, sessions, network. โ†’

  7. Holiday rental websites, channel manager, take bookings & payments - everything for your holiday rentals business. โ†’

  8. Build & add interactive calculators to your website! Choose from more than 50 premade calculators or build your own from scratch. No coding required. Free plan available. Zapier Integration. Publish Anywhere. โ†’

    • ๐Ÿ“‚ Calculator Builder / Lead Generation
    • โœ” Verified
    • ๐Ÿ’ฒ Pricing updated: freemium$5.0 / Monthly ("PayPal payments", "Order From", "Mail Results", "Zapier")
  9. dbForge Studio for Oracle is a powerful IDE used by Oracle SQL developers to development, administration, management, and synchronization of Oracle databases via a handy GUI. โ†’

  10. Biuwer is a powerful cloud-based Business Data Analytics platform that helps you to easily analyze your business data and create insightful reports and dashboards for informed decision-making. Create and share powerful reports in minutes!. โ†’

    • ๐Ÿ“‚ Business Intelligence / Data Dashboard
    • โœ” Verified
    • ๐Ÿ’ฒ Pricing updated: paid$49.0 / Monthly (Per company: Basic plan with 1 std user + unlimited basic users)
  11. Securely send and receive secrets using a one-time link. The secret is encrypted and decrypted in the browser using an encryption key only known by the user. Has features like notifications, teams, API. Trusted by IT teams all around the world. โ†’

  12. Utreon is a next-generation video platform built to provide a superior video experience for viewers and appeal to creators by providing them with the tools necessary to build and grow their business. โ†’

  13. Regulatory lifecycle management partner specializing in regulatory strategy and submissions, as well as post-marketing maintenance. โ†’

  14. Backed by lots of top Etsy shop ideas, EtsyHunt builds tools that make Etsy SEO, products research, Etsy listing and tag optimization easy. Get it for free now! โ†’

  15. A funny solution to start with people, not ideas or products. โ†’

  16. ClockOn is offering cost-effective single touch payroll (STP) software that will ensure your business is ATO compliant. It's free for up to 20 employees! โ†’

  17. Character count is a powerful counter tool . It lets you easily count the number of characters, words and paragraphs from text docx pdf or image. โ†’

  18. Text To Speech Software For The New Generation. โ†’

  19. A tool to transfer files between PC, iPad and iPhone. โ†’

  20. KitchenFuel is an all-in-one meal prep software that transforms your meal prep business through automating kitchen processes to grow sales. โ†’

  21. Beautiful online RSVP for wedding & other events. Create an online invitation, track your guests responses. โ†’

  22. Build forms for your team, collect data with's mobile apps, zap your data to a thousand popular cloud apps. โ†’

  23. Walling is your visual space to capture ideas and organize projects. . โ†’

  24. Save Time While We Cull Your Photos FilterPixel saves time for photographers that they can spend with their family or to scale their business. โ†’

  25. The all-in-one technology platform for highly-customised transportation services. โ†’

  26. CommCare is a free, open-source mobile platform that enables anyone to build mobile apps. โ†’

  27. Built using web components, ZingGrid is a fully-featured, native solution for interactive, mobile-friendly JavaScript data grids and tables. โ†’

  28. Redokun is a cloud-based translation tool that can be used to translate InDesign files as well a variety of other file formats such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, subtitles and XML documents, while preserving the document layout and design. โ†’

  29. Techreviewer is an analytics hub sharing top software companies rankings and reviews. โ†’

  30. Recover your photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes and more. โ†’

  31. Invoice and receipt processing for retail businesses. โ†’

  32. FLOOR is used by leading businesses for hosting webinars, virtual conferences, online trade shows and expos. The secure video conferencing software allows speakers, moderators, audience to live-stream,record,create polls,rooms & chat in real time. โ†’

  33. Turn architectural 3D models into interactive online walkthroughs and create video meetings inside. โ†’

  34. myBooks accounting software is an online cloud-based accounting solution designed primarily to serve small and midsize businesses. . โ†’

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