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SaaSHub is your independent software marketplace. Our goal is to help end users find the best software and product alternatives while helping software vendors improve their online presence and promote their software.

What do you mean by independent?

We will always use the same logic to prepare our main lists of alternatives. We may highlight featured products, but we never move products up the ranking list just because they are featured. While some products might be listed as recommended on the sidebar, the main lists are entirely based on objective criteria.

How does SaaSHub work?

We collect articles containing product reviews, alternatives to a particular product or lists with the best software available in a specific category. Then, based on our algorithms and user votes, we compile lists with the best alternatives.

Product Verification

The process of product verification is one of the cornerstones of SaaSHub. On one side, it ensures that end-users see only up-to-date and verified information. For example, current pricing, description, logos, etc. of products. Furthermore, it gives software vendors the control over their listing in our marketplace.

Once a product is verified, a vendor's representative is going to receive a monthly notification with a one-click option to verify their listing. That will help us keep all the information up to date.


As a Startup, SaaSHub is under constant development. We are continuously working towards improving it, keeping it simple, making it more helpful and providing objective lists.

Should you have any feedback or ideas for improvement, please, do not hesitate to drop us a line through the "Feedback" button in the bottom right corner.

We may use affiliate or promotional links for some products that we recommend or that we partner with. We may receive compensation from companies for promoting their products through our website. Only approved products can be promoted on SaaSHub. This helps us to keep improving and supporting the platform.

You can send us mail at 233-237 Military Rd, Cremorne, Sydney, NSW 2090, Australia.