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Lesser Known App Recommendations

Recommended and mentioned products

  1. Faster web pages and apps.

    Https:// is a good, free alternative to Optimage. I concur, the others are good programs.
  2. Make macOS window management a breeze

    Hummingbird. makes it really easy to move and resize apps free form.
  3. A smart notepad with a built in calculator

  4. Smooze animates your scroll and adds functionality to your non-Apple mouse (scroll-wheel mouse).

    Whilst cursorsense is good (I particularly liked the chord feature), I prefer smooze for two specific reasons: 1. Smooth mouse wheel scrolling (which can be fine tuned) and 2. Middle click dragging (both vertically and horizontally). It also does basically everything else cursorsense does (minus chords).
  5. Reeder is an RSS reader and client for multiple services.

    Reeder (if anyone other than me actually still uses RSS) is so good I have it on my Mac and iPhone.
  6. Fastest way to control Jira, GitHub and other web apps

    I really like Raycast as a spotlight alternative. I’ve even switched completely from Alfred because of several features I think are excellent. Currently it’s completely free too and the dev is very active.
  7. A second brain, for you, forever. Obsidian is a powerful knowledge base that works on top of a local folder of plain text Markdown files.

    I agree with this guy’s extensive thoughts on note taking apps, and have fallen for It’s electron based, but is very snappy regardless, and the community plugins are excellent. IAwriter also looked good, but was more for creative writing, and much less free.
  8. A remote control for you Mac, using your iPhone or iPad

    I realise this is a popular app, but to complete the external mouse experience on macOS, I also use bettertouchtool. For example I use CMD + right click to minimise windows using my mouse. It also has some of the best Windows-like window snapping (drag windows to the left, right, too make it half the screen etc).
  9. BeardedSpice is a menubar application for Mac OSX that allows you to control web based media...

    This is quite obscure, but macmediakeyforwarder is pretty essential for me. Since High Sierra I think, macOS has made it so the media key plays/pauses the last audio source you were using - including web media such as YouTube. I only ever want it to control Spotify, which is what this app does. I haven’t looked at the GitHub pages in ages and just noticed it’s no longer maintained, and the developer suggests using...
  10. Alfred 2 workflow to control your Spotify library at your fingertips.

  11. Like Vimium but for macOS.

    Https:// — for the Vim obsessed.
  12. A simple way to make your 3rd party mouse better.

    Also, check out Adapter, a free all-in-one media converter and Mac Mouse Fix as a free/simple alternative to Smooze.
  13. Adapter is freeware (100% free software). Unlike other free apps, Adapter is lightweight and comes with a completely spam free installer that doesn't install toolbars or gunk up your computer. Adapter won't add obnoxious watermarks to your output.

    Also, check out Adapter, a free all-in-one media converter and Mac Mouse Fix as a free/simple alternative to Smooze.
  14. Enable command palette (⇧⌘P) in any application on macOS

    Have you heard of Paletro? I believe it would fall into the "lesser known" category as well and it's quite awesome for keyboard-centric folks. You get to search and activate menu entries of the app you're using at the moment, and is more reliable than the native "cmd-shift-/" Help menu shortcut that only works half the time.
  15. Hone your keyboard skills without the hassle

  16. FruitJuice helps you keep your Apple Mac Laptop battery running and lasting longer.

    FruitJuice — yet another battery app, but this one reminds you to unplug charger from time to time. (no idea if it works with M1, though).
  17. The most flexible file sharing tools you'll ever use. Upload Screen Shots, Screen Recordings, Files, Folders, just anything with Dropshare.

    Dropshare — uploads files (optionally to your own server) and gives you link to them to quickly share.
  18. Open Source Plain-Text Editor for OS X

    CotEditor — small programmer-class text editor (I use it when even Sublime is too much).
  19. Switch between application windows effortlessly — with Fast Search, a better Command-Tab, a Sidebar or even a quick gesture. Free trial available.

  20. Cursor movement window snapping on macOS

    Hummingbird is dead. Use Hookshot instead.. Active development and plenty of options.