1. Protect API keys and credentials. Keep configuration in sync everywhere.

  2. Gemalto SafeNet KeySecure is a centralized cryptographic key management platform.

  3. A password manager for freelancers, developers, agencies, IT departments and teams. VAULT safely stores account information and makes it easy to share between co-workers, other team members and clients.

  4. YAML 1.2 --- YAML: YAML Ain't Markup Language

  5. The Dogtag Certificate System is an enterprise-class open source Certificate Authority (CA).

  6. KeyNexus is a cloud-based encryption-key storage and provisioning service purpose-built for developers of cloud-based applications.

  7. CertHat Tools for Microsoft PKI provides tools and ensures that PKI infrastructure and digital certificates are well monitored and managed.

  8. Dyadic’s core innovation is the Dyadic vHSM, is a pure-software virtual Hardware Security Module that can be embedded effortlessly into any

  9. Keywhiz is a system for managing and distributing secrets.

  10. A non-repetitive alternative to YAML

  11. ConfigCat is a feature flag and configuration management service. Fixed prices. Unlimited Team members. Ideal for Teams. 10 minutes trainable. Clear docs. Awesome support. True Free plan.

    free €0.0 / Monthly (Unlimited team. Unlimited MAUs. Full security. Audit log.)

  12. TOML - Tom's Obvious, Minimal Language