1. AscendixRE is a commercial real estate CRM. Manage your properties, leases, listings, deals, contacts, accounts, activities in one place!

  2. FollowUp Power is a cloud-based construction CRM and sales training system that offers centralized platform to to streamline sales processes

  3. InvestorFuse is a lead management CRM system designed to help investors close more deals through automation.

  4. Lasso CRM is a real estate developer and home builder software that delivers all the tools needed to manage leads, build lasting customer relationships, etc.

  5. EGO Real Estate is a customer relationship management tool for managing realestates and clients.

  6. SmartTouch Interactive delivers marketing, sales, and real estate solutions to clients around the world.

  7. In4suite provides a suite of solutions to manage construction and real-estate activities.

  8. Masterkey provides software solutions real estate marketing, listing syndication, property management and customer relationship management.

  9. DaeBuild is a real estate CRM software for builders.

  10. iDashboard is a real estate management software with built-in​ CRM features.

  11. RealNex offers comprehensive, integrated CRM and marketing solutions for commercial real estate professionals.

  12. ClientLook offers all-in-one commercial real estate CRM.