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Best Call Center Software: The Complete List (2020 Update)

8x8 Cloud Contact Center Aceyus ADVANTAGE DIALER AgentOne Agile CRM Aheeva AloTech Arbeit
  1. 8x8 Cloud Contact Center is a VoIP call center solution.

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  2. Aavaz Telemarketing Software is created to serve small businesses design and launch efficient calling campaigns, free from the traditional barriers of expensive and technological complexity.

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  3. 3
    Aceyus brings call center data from multple sources into one dashboard. With Aceyus VUE, get call center dashboards that show the full customer journey.
    Optimize your contact center operations with the set of features that Aceyus Intelligence provides. Top-notch reporting, contact treatment management, data collection and more. It has a solution for all of your business needs.

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  4. Advantage Dialer | Reliability at the right price
    Advantage Dialer provides all the features needed to successfully run any campaign. Its services include a customized dialer, recording portal, avatar portal, customized reporting, inbound IVR, CRM and more.

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  5. NOTE: AgentOne has been discontinued.
    The intelligent platform for calls, emails, fax messages and documents

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  6. Agile CRM (Customer relationship management) features modern CRM with marketing automation, social suite & web analytics, allowing small businesses to sell and market like the Fortune 500.
    Agile CRM is an all-in-one CRM software with telephony as one of its features. One-click calling, call scripts and voicemail automation is possible in addition to all the necessary CRM features that it already has.

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  7. 7
    The Omnibrand, Omnichannel, Omnilocation Contact Center Solution
    Aheeva's contact center software suite is built with big businesses in mind. Its enterprise features helps these business improve their connection between their customers. That way, clients are satisfied and agents are more productive.

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  8. Worlds 1st Google Powered Cloud Call Center. CRM/ERP Integrations, CTI, ACD, IVR, DIALER.
    Trusted by thousands of users, AloTech is the world's 1st Google powered call center. It provides features like voice recording, voice analytics, predictive dialer, CRM and customized reporting.

    #Cloud Contact Center #Call Center Software #Call Management

  9. Telecom traffic software tools to help you design and analyse your telephone networks and call centers. Licences for lifetime use with free upgrades.
    Ansapoint is a forecasting tool that helps call centers predict how many agents they need in order to handle their call volume. It presents the analytics in reports and graphs.

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  10. 10
    Arbeit's full suite of software phone systems, dialers, and cloud-based collaboration solutions help you communicate more efficiently & effectively.
    Arbeit Click could closely be classified Automatic Telephone Dialing System. However, it adds three layers of human intervention to evey call. It has TCPA compliance and is even recommended by TCPA defense attorneys.

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  11. Aspect Via is a customer engagement platform that covers all the customer service bases while taking full advantage of Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud services and infrastructure.

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  12. *astTECS call center dialer is an open source call center solution for outbound & inbound processes. Featuring Predictive dialer, and auto dialer to enhance the performance.
    astTECS call center dialer can manage to dial thousands of phone numbers every day. It is also a complete call center solution that provides visibility and control over the whole performance of the business.

    #Call Center Software #Call Management #Auto Dialer

  13. Hosted predictive dialer & integrated PBX phone system
    AuguTech is a predictive dialing software that offers help with lead-tracking, call logging, campaign monitoring, call tracking, and has an easy-to-use administrative interface. This software is a great way to improve productivity around the call center.

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  14. Avtex offers the end-to-end contact center solutions and consulting you need to prevent those negative interactions from happening.

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  15. 15
    Easy feedback with screenshot / videos for your beta apps
    Balto is a real-time call coaching tool for your entire call center. It helps you see what works best (backed by data), reinforce best practices (by coaching on every call), and help your team project consistent message, always. Use Balto for better compliance, customer service, collections, and sales.

    #Fintech #Error Tracking #Crypto

  16. Bitrix24 is a free (for small businesses) social enterprise platform. It is a united work space which handles the many aspects of daily operations and tasks. Create your own social intranet in minutes!
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    • $69.0 / Monthly (6 users / 50 GB / CRM+)
    With telephony completely intergrated into Bitrix24, you can call any mobile phone or landline domestically or internationally. No need for any special IP-telephony equipment.

    #Project Management #Task Management #Communication

  17. NOTE: Branch Messenger has been discontinued.
    Employee self-service platform for hourly workers
    Branch Messenger helps you increase productivity in your call center by eliminating the time it takes to reach employees, offer track shift worker performance insights at the click of a button, and improve employee engagement across the board.

    #Employee Scheduling #Resource Scheduling #Time Tracking

  18. VoIP and video calling, messaging and presence - all from your computer desktop with the award-winning Bria 5 softphone client.

    #Communication #Group Chat & Notifications #Instant Messaging

  19. Bright Pattern provides multichannel cloud contact center software enabling rich customer experiences across popular channels.
    Bright Pattern is another cloud-based contact center software that will help you grow your business through improved productivity. They offer a fully-featured software that includes detailed reporting, management tools, CRM integrations, and a broad list of awesome features.

    #Communication #Call Center Software #Cloud Contact Center

  20. C-Zentrix Contact Center is the fastest growing feature-rich customer experience software solution that brings to you the most comprehensive solution for the multi-touch contact centers offers on-premise, hybrid or cloud.
    C-Zentrix Contact Center has created a solution tthat is easy to integration with third party databases and CRMs. They also help improve the relationship of businesses and customers by leveraging customer data.

    #Customer Support #Live Chat #Customer Service

  21. Calabrio ONE is a comprehensive and fully integrated customer engagement contact center solution to fuel top-line growth.
    Calabrio ONE is a unified workforce optimization (WFO) software suite. They help with quality management, call recording, workforce management, and voice-of-the-customer (VOC) analytics.

    #Communication #Customer Support #Work Management

  22. Auto dialer software from CallCenterHosting ensures that the connections being made with the customers have to be high and stable. Start your 7-days free trial.
    • Free Trial
    • $7.49 / Monthly ("20 users purchase")

    #Auto Dialer #Call Center Services #Call Center Software

  23. Call Accounting provides you with the information you need to make the best choices for optimizing your business. In-depth reporting on all incoming, outgoing and internal calls lets you see your telecommunications activity from every angle.

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  24. The best call center for restaurants

    #Call Center Software #Call Management #Restaurant Management Software

  25. Grow your business with virtual phone numbers, IVR, voice broadcasting, mass text messaging services and power dialing.
    CallFire offers text and calling solutions that help businesses reach more customers. CallFire provides user-friendly, intuitive voice and text connectivity products to both smll and mid-size businesses. Products they offer include high-availability systems, intuitive user interfaces, furious developer support, and customer care.

    #Phone Numbers #Voice Broadcasting #Auto Dealers

  26. 26
    Predictive Call Center, Voice and Text Broadcasting app
    CallHub is a cloud telephony company offering an outbound call center solution with four automated dialers. The product suite also includes peer to peer texting, text message marketing and voice broadcasting software to meet every marketing promotion and sales use case. You can add unlimited agent accounts at zero additional cost.

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  27. Speech Analytics
    CallMiner Eureka's strength is in its Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology which helps businesses analyze customer interaction and create actionable steps for improvement.

    #Communication #Work Management #Business & Commerce

  28. 28
    Intelligent cloud based VOIP call recording software & speech analytics solutions for any business. Compatible with a range of CRMs & telephony systems.
    CALLN provides cloud-based VOIP call recording solution with features such as analytics, compliance, and improved employee performance. It’s quick to install, competitively priced and works on almost all VoIP telephony platforms.

    #Cloud Contact Center #Call Center Software #Call Management

  29. CallScripter is the first name mentioned when it comes to call center scripting software.
    CallScripter Synergy offers the necessary features to Call Centers in order to help them meet their exact business requirements.CallScripter is an easy to use graphical editor, which helps specialists build scripts quickly and easily, deploying campaigns faster.

    #Call Center Software #Call Center Solution #Call Management

  30. Cloud Based Automated Calling System. Features Blended Dialing, Predictive Dialing, Call Tracking. Get Cloud Based Predictive Dialer for Better Performance.
    CallShaper helps with increased agent efficiency, measuring performance, and hosts everything in the cloud. They provide reporting tools, campaign management tools, integrations, and stellar supervisor applications that all help improve call center procedures.

    #Cloud Contact Center #Call Center Software #Call Management

  31. World's best Customer Service Management cloud system. Try for free.

    #Cloud Contact Center #Call Management #Customer Service

  32. All-in-one predictive dialer & inbound call center solution
    Calltools helps you boost your team’s productivity by providing access to their high speed predictive dialer. Not to mention, this technology integrates with several other product and client management systems like Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Zoho, HubSpot, and more.

    #Communication #Phone Numbers #VoIP

  33. Over 15,000 dealerships trust Car Wars with their most important asset - the phone.
    Car Wars provides services that help track, record, and review inbound and outbound calls helping businesses assess what happens on every call at the dealership. The platform provides insight into how every call is handled, alerts dealers when a missed opportunity needs attention and helps stores improve phone performance.

    #Call Center Software #Cloud Contact Center #Communication

  34. An Omnichannel Solution for today’s call center.

    #Call Center Software #Call Center Solution #Call Management

  35. Affordable, powerful and easy-to-use call center software solutions for businesses looking to improve and increase performance of call centers.

    #Call Center Software #Cloud Business Telephony #VoIP

  36. Business VoIP phone service customized for your business. Save up to 60% on phone service costs with ClarityTel - clear and simple.
    ClarityTel is an advanced call center phone system that can be customized for your business. This software is based in the cloud and helps with call recording, queue management, and offers the ability to pre-record messages for customers.

    #Cloud Contact Center #Call Management #VoIP

  37. Click2Coach solution helps with upfront training of agents, using real customer interaction scenarios and examples.
    Envision's Click2Coach solution helps with the training of the agents in your business. They use real customer interaction scenarios to help develop your agents to effectively handle calls as well as providing ongoing coaching to make them highly engaged.

    #HR #HR Tools #Communication

  38. The #1 Automated Phone-Calling Solution Your Small Business
    ClientCallPlus is a simple automated multi communication solution with features that include appointment reminders, payment reminders and courtesy calls by sending out texts, calls and or emails. Messages are customizable and multi languages are offered.

    #Cloud Contact Center #Call Center Software #Call Management

  39. Communication software for your CRM
    • Paid
    • Free Trial
    • $15.0 / Monthly (Pro Edition)
    CloudCall provides the leading software and telecommunications solution which helps business enhance their communications. By integrating phone communications directly into your CRM, CloudCall optimizes businesss relationships with its candidates and clients, while maximizing the power of the CRM system. Call functionality and data is now easily accessible from one system which offers businesses greater visibility that leads to increased productivity and reduced manual errors.

    #Communication #VoIP #Cloud Business Telephony

  40. Work locally, grow globally
    • Open Source
    • Paid
    • Free Trial
    • $25.0 / Monthly

    #Communication #Enterprise Communication #Call Center Software

  41. NOTE: Connect First has been discontinued.
    Connect First is a cloud-based contact center application software.
    Connect First will help you maximize the efforts of your call center by giving you the tools you need to support your customers. You can count on their granular administration, robust reporting tools, and organized agent dashboard.

    #Communication #Enterprise Communication #Call Center Software

  42. contactSPACE is a cloud contact centre software for the SME.
    contactSPACE is an all-in-one contact centre solution that facilitates seamless inbound customer experiences and intelligent outbound dialling. The solution enables you to build powerful custom contact strategies to make the right call at the right moment, while helping you keep agents on-message with contactSPACE CallGuides.

    #Call Center Software #Communication #Enterprise Communication

  43. Contivio is a contact center software solution.
    Contivio takes your CRM and extends its functionality to make it a complete contact center solution with features like blended inbound and outbound communication, live chat, power dialer, sms broadcast, reporting and more.

    #Call Center Software #Communication #Enterprise Communication

  44. Channels is a data-driven phone system designed to improve your customer service. It’s undeniable that growing trust and satisfaction among your customers is the foundation of success. Channels gives you a new look at this solution.
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    CrazyCall is the perfect software to help you simplify your inside sales and customer service practices. The software includes both a manager panel and a call panel to give you insights into how your campaigns and agents are performing.

    #Communication #VoIP #Cloud Business Telephony

  45. CXM provides world-class tools for Customer eXperience Monitoring & Management. Call Recording | Screen Recording | Agent Performance Evaluation | Speech Analytics

    #Cloud Contact Center #Call Center Software #Call Management

  46. 46
    Customer experience technology to communicate with customers in any way they choose, connecting them to the right person with accurate information to hand
    CyTrack Customer Experience technology integrates into your telephone systems, CRM and database, allowing you to respond immediately and professionally to customers across a broad range of channels. Businesses can now connect customers to the right person, provide them with accurate information and imrpove overall customer experience and your business.

    #Cloud Contact Center #Call Center Software #Cloud Business Telephony

  47. NOTE: Dialer360 has been discontinued.
    Dialer360 is a cloud contact center software technology providing a Predictive dialer, Hosted PBX and Voice Broadcasting solutions.

    #Call Center Software #Communication #VoIP

  48. Cloud Calling at Jet Speed
    Dialfire transforms your browser into a complete outbound call center solution. No need to install anything. You can even start your campaign in just 3 minutes.

    #Call Center Software #Call Management #Cloud Business Telephony

  49. The easy to use mass and emergency notification platform. Send a phone call, text message or e-mail to your entire list of people in seconds.
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    DialMyCalls lets you quickly send phone calls, text messages and emails to thousands of people. It is completely web-based so you won't need to install any additional software or hardware.

    #Emergency Communications #Notifications And Alerting #Voice Broadcasting

  50. DialogTech is an end-to-end call attribution and conversion platform.
    DialogTech offers industry-leading call tracking with AI-powered conversation analytics. DialogTech helps businesses drive growth by making calls as measurable and optimizable as clicks. It can integrate calls with martech stack which can optimize for the entire customer journey by passing call data to the CRM, digital marketing tools, and ad platforms.

    #Call Tracking And Analytics #Phone Numbers #CRM

  51. 51
    Dixa is an all-in-one customer service platform that creates value-driven experiences for customers as-well-as agents. 💕
    • Paid
    • Free Trial
    • $39.0 / Monthly (Per agent / Per month)
    Dixa is cloud-based customer service software that allows businesses to deliver real-time support on phone, email, chat and messenger from one system. Built for call centers, contact centers and inbound customer service, Dixa provides quality VoIP with local rates around the world and the ability to scale up or down at no additional cost. Dixa is easy to use and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, giving teams the ability to work remotely.

    #Customer Support #Customer Communication Management #Customer Engagement

  52. EasyCall is call center system software easy and intuitive, the fully managed cloud solution for inbound and outbound calls of your contact and call center.

    #Cloud Contact Center #Call Center Software #Cloud Business Telephony

  53. C2Perform is a comprehensive performance management suite for contact centers and customer support and sales operations. This is our awesome home page.
    EducationFolder is a multi-functional business tool that helps with training, coaching, quality assurance, rewards, and recognition, task management, employee management, and, of course, communications. If you are looking for a tool that is even more than a communication tool, EducationFolder is a good place to start.

    #Call Center Solution #Corporate LMS And Training #Knowledge Management

  54. NOTE: Call Center has been discontinued.
    Make More Calls Per Hour
    eTollFree helps your customer service and sales agents make more calls per hour with their high-speed predictive dialer. They have several features and are affordable all while integrating with top CRM and task management systems.

    #Call Center Software #Call Management #Cloud Business Telephony

  55. A Unified Contact Center Platform which maximizes your profits while reducing your costs
    Exelysis provides a one-stop solution reducing your company costs and increasing productivity. Exelysis is a communications software that handles inbound and outbound traffic and provides real-time monitoring, statistics of activity, and functionality for software integration.

    #Cloud Contact Center #Call Center Services #Cloud Business Telephony

  56. 56
    Cloud-based contact center software
    Fenero provides cloud contact center with free software solution to manage their business. Fenero supports ACD, IVR, outbound dialing (manual, preview, predictive), chat, email, and more.

    #Call Center Software #Cloud Contact Center #Call Management

  57. 57
    Five9 provides cloud-based call center software for sales, marketing and support.
    Five9 Call Center Software helps agents become 300% more productive on the phone, so they can sale more and serve better. Five9 offers help with inbound, outbound, multichannel, collections, customer service, sales and marketing, outsourcing, and more.

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  58. Virtual PBX, international virtual phone numbers and Call Center software, with WebRTC extensions and agents. The new VoIP phone system. No term contracts.
    • Paid

    #Telecommunications #Virtual PBX #Virtual Phone Number

  59. Freshcaller is a modern-day reimagining of our everyday phone system for customer support, sales, IT, and HR teams.
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    • $15.0 / Monthly
    Freshcaller is a hassle free call center software that is geared more towards startups and small teams. You do not need to install any hardware. It is easy to setup, customizable and also provide real-time insights.

    #VoIP #Call Center Software #Virtual PBX

  60. Genesis Communications is the leader in Hosted Cloud Call Center Solution Platform. Call centers small and large operate from either their “brick and mortar” facilities and or “at home work force”.

    #Cloud Contact Center #Call Center Software #Call Management

  61. 61
    Gladly develops a communication interface that allows agents and customers to converse across voice, email, SMS, and social media.
    Gladly is a customer support platform that focuses on making customers number one. They offer a cloud voice platform and IVR and integrations, email, chat, SMS and MMS, and social interaction help.

    #Customer Support #Customer Service #Tool

  62. Be known for great customer support with HappyFox, an Online help desk software and a web based support ticket system - Signup for a free help desk trial
    Happyfox is both a customer support software and a practical help desk. If you are looking for a product with a comprehensive support ticket system, then Happyfox may be a great fit for your company.

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  63. 63
    HoduCC is a FreeSWITCH based product which offers contact center softwares for call centers.
    HoduCC is a FreeSWITCH based call center product, which offers contact center software solutions suited to all the call centers. As a VoIP call center software provider, HoduSoft FreeSWITCH based call center product provides intelligent, quick and secure contact center solutions. HoduCC is designed to ensure user loyalty is built and customer expectations are exceeded.

    #Communication #Call Center Software #Enterprise Communication

  64. ICTBroadcast is multi tenant, unified communications and telemarketing software solution supporting Voice, SMS, Email and Fax broadcasting.
    ICTBroadcast is an all-in-one unified platform for communication allowing the broadcasting of SMS, fax, email and voice. It can blast thousands of simultaneous calls and it also offers smart auto dialer capabilities.

    #Communication #Office & Productivity #Fax

  65. 65


    This product hasn't been added to SaaSHub yet
    Power Dialer CRM combines both telephony and CRM in one subscription-based auto dialer. It bypasses busy signals, answering machines and no-answers so each agent can be more productive and spend more time selling.

  66. Contact Center Software. Multichannel Solutions. We Make It Simple.

    #Cloud Contact Center #Call Center Software #Cloud Business Telephony

  67. Upland InGenius CTI software connects phone systems to CRMs, helping create world-class customer experiences and increased agent productivity.

    #Call Center Software #Cloud Business Telephony #Call Management

  68. An OmniChannel Contact Center + Help Desk Software Intellicon is  a complete OmniChannel Contact Center + Help Desk Software ideal for Customer Servic

    #Cloud Contact Center #Call Center Software #Help Desk

  69. 69


    This product hasn't been added to SaaSHub yet
    Power Dialer CRM combines both telephony and CRM in one subscription-based auto dialer. It bypasses busy signals, answering machines and no-answers so each agent can be more productive and spend more time selling.

  70. 70
    Getting in Touch with Customers is Easy with ipSCAPE’s Future-Proof Contact Centre Software. Start your FREE, Scalable Software in the Cloud, Demo Today!
    IpSCAPE offers software for contact centres of typically less than 100 seats. IpSCAPE allows businesses to break free from traditional, old world approaches to call centre technology with a simple and clever pay-as-you-use solution combining voice and software to suit any business model.

    #Cloud Contact Center #Call Center Software #Cloud Business Telephony

  71. Teckinfo provides call center software solutions to the enterprise. We're specialize in ivr software, call center solutions, auto dialer, helpdesk solutions, business sms.

    #Call Center Software #Cloud Business Telephony #Auto Dialer

  72. 72
    Kunnect's hosted call center provides an affordable and easy to use predictive dialer and CRM for only $125/mth.
    Kunnect is an affordable predictive dialer system that also provides CRM scripting. It does not only cater to call centers but also agents at home.

    #Call Center Software #Call Management #Cloud Business Telephony

  73. LiveAgent is a fully-featured web-based live chat and help desk software. It harnesses the power of a universal inbox, real-time live chat, built-in call center, and a robust customer service portal. Start your free 1 month trial today!
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    • $9.0 / Monthly (Small)
    LiveAgent is a call center software built into your help desk. It connects with your VoIP provider, lets you receive calls from your website, allows for unlimited internal calls, and helps you connect with customers via outbound call or a follow-up call.

    #Help Desk #Help Desk And Ticketing #Live Chat 1 user reviews

  74. 74
    Livevox cloud-based contact center solutions leverage multiple channels to combine voice, text and email and meet the consumer on their channel of choice.
    LiveVox is the leading provider of cloud contact center solutions. LiveVox offers an integrated predictive dialer, ACD, IVR, call recording and business analytics suite. The patented, fully burstable LiveVox platform utilizes carrier IP/MPLS networks and delivers multi-site deployment, routing and controls.

    #Cloud Contact Center #Call Center Software #Call Management

  75. NOTE: has been discontinued.
    VoIP solutions for business.✅ Low cost international calls - VoIP - Virtual PBX - Virtual Numbers - CRM integration - Be Megacall!

    #Call Center Software #Call Management #VoIP

  76. Virtual phone system that lets you run your business from anywhere.
    MightyCall is the virtual phone system (VoIP) designed for small business mobility and privacy. Over three dozen features include toll-free/local numbers, visual call flows, after-hours call routing, a built-in CRM feature, and a handy Mobile App. The service is available on mobile phones, iPads/tablets, PCs, and IP desk phones.

    #CMS #Website Builder #Communication

  77. 77
    Business Communications and Collaboration
    Mitel provides an enterprise-grade, omnichannel customer experience management platform through MiContact Center. Customers can interact with your business using their preferred device and media.

    #Communication #VoIP #Cloud Contact Center

  78. Workforce management & optimization for contact centers

    #Communication #VoIP #Call Center Software

  79. Call center software in the cloud

    #Call Center Software #Communication #Enterprise Communication

  80. NOTE: NexInteractive has been discontinued.
    The Most Feature-Rich Cloud Contact Center Software.
    NexInteractive is built on HTML5 and WebRTC standards to allow for versatility and awesome audio quality. It’s cloud-based, so you can access it from any device. They also offer dynamic scripting to help your agents land more deals.

    #Cloud Contact Center #Call Center Software #Cloud Business Telephony

  81. NOTE: Spectrum neXorce Cloud has been discontinued.
    Cloud call center reporting solutions are available with Spectrum Corp. through NeXorce cloud for real time reporting in the cloud. Learn more about NeXorce here!

    #Cloud Contact Center #Call Center Software #Cloud Business Telephony

  82. Get the DMG Consulting report reprint on cloud contact centers.
    NICE inContact is another cloud-based call center software that helps improve customer service with their universal routing queue, top-of-the-line workforce optimization suite, personal connection dialer, and automation tools.

    #Communication #Enterprise Communication #Customer Support

  83. 83
    The AI-Powered omnichannel suite to boost your contact center productivity. How can we help you optimise your Customer Experience?
    Nixxis Contact Suite is a cloud-based call center software that helps manage all channels including voice, mail, chat, sms, fax or social media. Nixxis offers predictive dialer, IVR, recorder, blending and reporting.

    #Cloud Contact Center #Call Center Software #Cloud Business Telephony

  84. Elevate your contact center productivity and efficiency with Noble Systems, the leading unified contact center solution for enhanced cx.
    Noble Systems solution sute offers inbound, outbound and blended communications, strategy planning, resource management, and compliance tools for companies of all sizes. Noble systems is the leader in customer contact technology. They provide contact centers worldwide with unified solutions that improve performance and drive new levels of productivity and efficiency.

    #Cloud Contact Center #Call Center Software #Call Management

  85. Noda Contact Center is the company’s own all-in-one IP solution: Inbound ACD, Outbound, IVR, Quality management, Reporting, Agent Scripting, Call Recording, Soft Phone, Omni-Channel and WFM module.
    Noda Contact Center’s all-in-one call center software offers all the features you need to keep your call center up and running productively. This includes omni-channel, quality management, IP PBX, WFM, IVR, call recording, agent scripting, outbound calling, and more.

    #Cloud Contact Center #Call Center Software #Cloud Business Telephony

  86. Oracle Contact Center Anywhere hosted by Promero Call Center Sales & Service. Complete inbound & outbound call center software from $49 per agent.

    #Cloud Contact Center #Call Center Software #Cloud Business Telephony

  87. 87
    OXON is a cloud-based center management software created to centralize all communications and provide instant guidance and support to customers all throughout their journey.
    OXON takes away the burden of communicating with customers using different channels across different departments. It manages all business communications in one place so you will be able to interact and track your customers' lifecycle efficiently .

    #Data Dashboard #Sales Tools #Business Intelligence

  88. Echo cancellation and Noise Reduction for telephony

    #Call Center Solution #Call Management #Cloud Business Telephony

  89. PhoneBurner is a cloud-based​ power dialer to boost sales productivity
    PhoneBurner is guaranteed to increase your outbound sales in just 15 minutes. They offer dialing speeds of up to 4 times faster than before, eliminate pause dialing to decrease hang-ups, and it only takes 15 minutes to set up the software from any phone or computer.

    #Communication #CRM #Business & Commerce

  90. PIMS Dialer Software
    PIMS Dialer Software uses an algorithm that is designed to only deliver live calls to your agents. Additionally, it helps you automate mass communications, saving your firm time. The pricing is affordable and the technology is strong.

    #Call Center Software #Call Management #Cloud Business Telephony

  91. 91

    Power Dialer CRM

    This product hasn't been added to SaaSHub yet
    Power Dialer CRM combines both telephony and CRM in one subscription-based auto dialer. It bypasses busy signals, answering machines and no-answers so each agent can be more productive and spend more time selling.

  92. We provide hosted predictive dialler solutions through the use of sophisticated phone dialler software, to help grow your business.

    #Call Center Solution #Call Management #Cloud Business Telephony

  93. Utilities, Application Utilities, and Contact Management

    #Customer Support #Live Chat #Customer Service

  94. Asterisk Call Center Solutions - Loway provides a selection of the most advanced call center and contact center solutions for the Asterisk PBX.

    #Call Center Software #Call Center Solution #Call Management

  95. #1 premium remote support tool at your fingertips.

    #Monitoring Tools #Remote Desktop #Remote PC Access

  96. Use Ricochet360 CRM lead dialer, IVR, cloud phone system & marketing automation platform to increase contact rates & sales. Track prospects, notes, to-dos.

    #Cloud Business Telephony #Auto Dialer #Call Management

  97. RingCentral is the leading provider of cloud-based communications and collaboration solutions for small business and enterprise companies
    • Open Source
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    • $19.99 / Monthly (All-in-One Phone, Team Messaging, and Video Conferencing.)
    RingCentral touts their ability to help you drive more sales with the help of their robust contact center. The software is easy to use, reliable, and consistent. That’s why over 350,000 businesses already use RingCentral as their call center software.

    #Communication #VoIP #Cloud Contact Center 3 social mentions

  98. Lead Management for Call Centers and Sales Teams
    Salesexec is an all-in-one solution that acts as an automatic dialer, business phone service, lead management tool, instant lead responder, and helps with automated email marketing.

    #CRM #Sales #Sales Workflow

  99. Make every customer touchpoint more personal with a support team that’s trained and equipped to solve customer problems using Sharpen.

    #Cloud Contact Center #Customer Experience Management #Call Center Software

  100. 100
    Call center software solutions are crucial for the growth of small businesses. We help you build your brand with our best call center software solutions.
    Sip2Dial call center solution allows for workforce optimization, mobile marketing, proactive costumer communications, and more. The company offers best IVR system architecture and VOIP calling software that are predominant in quality and are reliable for utilizing.

    #Cloud Contact Center #Call Center Software #Call Management

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