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  1. Plasfy is a powerful all-in-one easy-to-use online software that allows you to create professional graphics and designs for your business in just a few minutes.

  2. Modern email marketing and newsletters for busy teams/founders. Notion-inspired editor to compose emails fast. Lightweight automation builder for drip sequences and user onboarding. Segment multiple audiences. Cross-publish to Webflow. And more.

  3. Take video notes into Notion in click.

  4. Elevate your hybrid office into a smart workplace.

  5. Expert Planet is the world's legal services marketplace, and it is a product of Seadaka Ltd., a network technology company committed to building a business exchange platform for global experts and professionals.

  6. Life's a link.

  7. Increase confidence in your data by tracking the data quality.

  8. Learn Azure is an app which helps you to become Microsoft Azure Certified Professional from fundamentals, to role-based and expert level. Learn Azure is an “always here” assistant in boosting your Azure skills from any level of experience.

  9. The first vector graphics editor built for generative design. Explore new ways to create unique pattern, background and artwork without coding or learning complex and expensive 3D softwares.

  10. WhatsApp multi-agent chat solution with built-in API and CRM, designed for businesses and teams. 7 days free trial, get started in minutes with your existing WhatsApp number.

  11. Planetaro is the perfect app for anyone who wants to follow the planetary hours and days based on location! With alarms to help you stay on schedule, and multiple home&lock screen widgets to keep you updated, you'll never miss the best moments again!

  12. Stablecoin Payments for Business with Few clicks.

  13. Formsly allow you to build gourgous mobile-first, fully responsive forms in the simplest way.

  14. A better cancellation experience that retains customers and grows LTV.

  15. Watch Your Product Through the Lens of Your Users. Watch your users' experience in recorded videos, even when they message you on Live support. .

  16. DogQ is a user-friendly no code web testing platform. It’s designed to help businesses create, execute and maintain web product testing.

  17. Never get stuck again. Generate high-quality, SEO optimized content with AI.

  18. Notepad online is a free online notepad website that allows you to create online notes, save notes, text edit, find and replace word, convert cases etc.

  19. Traction Founders is a Startup Studio that helps future founders validate their innovative new business ideas. You have the business idea so let us put it to the test.

  20. Document and Business Process Automation.

  21. AI-based software solutions for ALPR, Intrusion detection, Mask detection and more available as SDKs and turnkey solutions.

  22. Cartoonise your photos with AI and turn your photos into cartoon images, automatically and without the need for specialist skills.

  23. Watch Your Product Through the Lens of Your Users. Watch your users' experience in recorded videos, even when they message you on Live support. .

  24. Raivn Is An AI-Powered Video Creation Tool. It Enables You To Convert Your Blog Posts Into Engaging Videos In Just One Click.

  25. Create eye-catching videos in a few clicks with powerful visual effects that can sync to the music.

  26. Open source alternative to Intercom, Zendesk,, Tidio, etc. Tiledesk is the all-in-one customer engagement platform from lead generation to post- sales, from WhatsApp to your website. It offers a free Live Chat with AI-powered Chatbots.

  27. Surfinite is an antidetect browser that’s designed to ease lives of everyone working with multi-accounting.

  28. Kepla is a digital marketing agency in your pocket. Our mission is to empower anyone to run effective digital marketing campaigns, connect with customers, and grow their business online.

  29. Discover the future of customer engagement.

  30. Automated link preview images for your website. No more fussing with design tools or wading through thousands of stock photos.

  31. ContactBook helps your business organize and manage contacts centrally and keep them shared with the right people.

  32. Mock REST APIs in minutes with just your OpenAPI YAML/JSON.

  33. Alle! is a marketplace of offbeat tours for travelers by local experts. If you’re setting off for a trip, searching for a truly unique experience, having some special interests, or would like to do local things, please check out our tours.

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