1. Board portal & board meeting management

  2. Planning, running, & management of board meetings

  3. Online board meeting management for SMBs

  4. Déterminez clairement l’objectif et informez vos collègues par courriel afin qu’ils soient bien préparés lors de vos réunions. Préparez vos réunions plus rapidement à l’aide d’un modèle d’ordre du jour.

  5. Board pack manager & paper writing toolkit with read portal

  6. BoardEffect is a board meeting software helps boards prepare for and hold the board meeting efficiently.

  7. Directorpoint is a board of directors software designed to simplify communication, increase engagement and streamline administration.

  8. A turn key solution to manage all your leadership functions and empower your organization with one informational framework

  9. Electronic Board Meeting Software

  10. Diligent is a simple and secure board management software.

  11. Simbli offers a comprehensive board management software solution for effective board governance.

  12. BoardPad is a meeting solution that turns devices into highly secure digital board books.