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EngageBay is an affordable all-in-one marketing, sales CRM and service helpdesk software for growing companies to acquire, engage and nurture web visitors to happy customers.

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    Very Happy with the platform overall.

    Very Happy with the platform overall. The product offers a wide range of functionality to an affordable price. Engagebay has simplified and streamlined our marketing processes, especially the full-featured marketing automation solutions. If you are looking for a small business software to run your company for you then this is it.

    🏁 Competitors:
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    My handy business tool.

    Engagebay has grew on me. It eases my workflow from planning to implementation. Automation is something I just learned coz I use to do things manually and relied only on social media. It really changed my perspective on CRM's and marketing tools. I can easily schedule appointments here. I can adjust and develop my email marketing flows and helps me generate leads quickly and easily. Also, the analytics comes in so handy, it gives me a better view of how everything is going as it is detailed enough for me. Plus, it is more affordable than other CRM or marketing tools.

    It is just making things less of a stress and I get to enjoy more of marketing and sales with just this.

    🏁 Competitors: Klaviyo, HubSpot, MailChimp, Infusionsoft by Keap
    πŸ‘ Pros:    Easy to use|Affordable price|Sales & marketing automation|Realtime tracking & report|Powerful analytics|Appointment scheduling|Intuitive workflow|24/7 support (chat and phone)
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    Undoubtedly the best Sales-Marketing tool

    What I like about using Engagebay, aside that it's affordable, It's a great alternative for sales, marketing and service tool. It does its job so well for the price. I'm able to build my traffic and reached out to many prospects and customers.

    The free CRM is a big win! You get features that highly helps you out especially if you're a startup or an SBM. We're glad we got to use this feature coz it made it easier for us to get things done.

    Simply put, it is a powerful platform. And it has helped us attain our goals we needed to get.

    🏁 Competitors: HubSpot, Klaviyo
    πŸ‘ Pros:    Affordable price|Crm|Smart scheduling|Lead generation|Lead nurturing|Sales & marketing automation|Easy integration|Great customer support|Landing page
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    Worth The Investment

    What i like about Engagebay is the leverage i get from using it. It eases up our marketing and sales perspective through the automation it provides. I get to integrate other platforms which helps a lot in building our pipelines. Adding to the interest is the interface, which makes it easier to use. And the price is just right in comparison to the ROI we get.

    I've mostly used it for our marketing since it's one area we've been wanting to develop to acquire more leads.

    🏁 Competitors: HubSpot, Klaviyo
    πŸ‘ Pros:    Easy user interface|Email management|Order management|Appointment scheduling|Affordable price|Easy to track data|Lead generation|Easy integration
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    Our Hoorah with Engagebay

    So far, it’s been really great with us. We’re getting outputs we need.

    I’m glad that I was able to try out Engagebay. It’s been helping with our marketing efforts to capture leads and convert them to satisfied customers. I got what I need here.

    We mostly used it for appointment scheduling, CRM database, contact management and landing pages. The automation was a big help and got us good results.

    🏁 Competitors: HubSpot, Klaviyo
    πŸ‘ Pros:    Marketing automation|Crm|Analytics|User friendly interface|Affordable price|Great customer support
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    Engagebay for your Marketing and Sales needs

    Simply put, AN AMAZING TOOL! I’ve had lots of tools open on tab simultaneously. And there are times that I get confused because of that. But with EngageBay, everything is there. It’s more organized and efficient than having to open lots of tabs and lots of different tools. Plus, it’s more affordable according to its features.

    Using EngageBay made me more efficient, saving time and effort and my marketing strategies are getting better.

    πŸ‘ Pros:    Easy user interface|Affordable price|Sales & marketing automation|Smart scheduling|Easy to track data|Wide range of integrations
    Can be a good hubspot alternative!

    I've been using Engagebay for about a year and I just love to use it. The interface is so easy to understand and customize. When I had some questions about how to set up a new marketing campaign, their customer service helpline was very helpful. I highly recommend this software to anyone in the digital marketing or CRM space.

    🏁 Competitors: HubSpot CRM
    πŸ‘ Pros:    All in one system for marketing|Easy to use|Integrated crm|Send sms
    πŸ‘Ž Cons:    Pricing is confusing
  8. User avatar
    An affordable system with functionalities I can grow with...

    The system is able to get us started Digitally. We have been doing things online for a bit but it is more of a manual process. The system helped us reach a new level of running our business. We have been aware of a similar system but our budget is not enough to get those solutions. I am really glad to have this system.

    🏁 Competitors: Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics
    πŸ‘ Pros:    Sales & marketing automation|Live chat|Email management|Drag and drop email builder|Landing page builder|Social media integration|In-app calendar|Lead generation
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    EngageBay Kept my business going...

    The features it has puts it at par with the giants of the CRM like Hubspot, Salesforce, Dynamics 365, and the like. The growth and potential are immense. I first saw this in 2018 and it was a useful but really basic system. To my surprise when I saw the system again in 2020. It is a sophisticated highly functional state-of-the-art all-in-one digital marketing system. I was looking for a system that can support the business needs that I can afford especially when the pandemic hits. I was really amazed at how much growth it has in just 2 years. Above all, it remained very affordable. It is a fraction of the price of a system with a quarter of its functions.

    πŸ‘ Pros:    Email management|Drag and drop email builder|Automation
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    One-of-a-kind affordable solution

    EngageBay empowered me to utilize the power of digital marketing with an accurate data gathering system which enabled me in making business decisions that count. The system allowed me to keep track of automated and manual engagements and transactions. Giving me a clear picture of how the business is doing and what opportunities we can explore for growth and improvement.

    🏁 Competitors: HubSpot, Freshsales CRM, Salesforce
    πŸ‘ Pros:    Reports|Email management|Call recording|Live chat
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    Function and affordability like never before...

    I am a student and a Vlog content developer. In fact, I have my own youtube channel with a significant amount of followers. It really makes me happy when my followers express satisfaction with each content I share. I also love seeing my following grow each day. I work hard in creating high-quality content and reach out to like-minded people to see and follow my channel. However, consistency in reaching out is a big challenge. Considering, that I have to divide my time for developing content. Engagement like social media postings, and emailing my followers when I have special posts or when I simply want to greet them for a special occasion, like Merry Christmas or Happy Halloween. I also have to allocate a big chunk of my time for my studies. I know I have to automate engagement but I don’t have a big budget.

    That is why I am thankful for finding EngageBay. A really affordable system that allowed me to schedule and automate my postings for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. I can also make broadcasts to all or specific groups of contacts relating to a new content release that may interest them. I also scheduled special greetings with my channel’s branding for holidays like Easter, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, and the like.

    EngageBay enabled me to focus on creating high-quality content to keep my audience satisfied. It also, enhance my reach and engagement to ensure the stability of my channel’s growth.

    🏁 Competitors: MailChimp, HubSpot
    πŸ‘ Pros:    Social media integration|Social listening|Post automation|Email management
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    EngageBay An Impossible dream - Realized...

    I am a digital marketing manager handling various clients with unique business nature. Each of those clients got their own clients and I handle them simultaneously without mixing up data and keeping track of each deal and process. Though each one provides their own preferred system where I can do my work when I am dealing with their specific task. I need my own system that can handle them all but something that is affordable - I am a person, not a corporation so budget matters. So I need something that has enough functionality to handle the complex nature of my work and still be affordable. It was an impossible dream until I found EngageBay.

    EngageBay allowed me to put all of my clients into one single platform without mixing up their data. I keep track of each call, email exchanges, chat sessions. I even make use of the ticketing system to be able to successfully process tasks and issues for individual clients. In some of my tasks, like scheduled posting, I am able to automate them. I am able to automate email marketing done for each client without getting lost in the track. There is a balance of power and affordability.

    I have noticed the system has changed significantly in just a year and has twice or more features when I first got it. I hope they send an email update containing the new feature release and some basic documentation on what they are about. As a Digital Marketing Manager, I am always eyeing any tech that can advance my arsenal. I think I already have a powerful weapon. I simply need to know more about it.

    πŸ‘ Pros:    Email management|Contacts|Task boards|Lead generation|Lead nurturing|Ticketing|Live chat
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    EngageBay - A Revolutionary all-in-one system

    This is the most powerful Digital Marketing, Sales, and Service system that I can find that allows the promotion of CryptoCurrency. The world needs to know of the revolutionary tech of decentralization of wealth and I can finally make that happen with the use of EngageBay. This tool is a revolutionary system that empowers small and marginalized businesses. Giving us the engine to take off and realize our full potential. EngageBay is a revolutionary system on its own that the world needs to know. It is a system that medium and small businesses can afford. But the system is sophisticated enough to handle the needs of businesses as they grow.

    🏁 Competitors: HubSpot CRM, Freshsales CRM, Salesforce, Agile CRM
    πŸ‘ Pros:    Drag & drop email builder|Landing page builder|Social media integration|Automation
    πŸ‘Ž Cons:    Minimal documentation
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    Engagebay is my complete virtual tool

    I am able to get my business virtual in the shortest possible time at an unbelievably affordable price. I am able to find my way through the system. The first try is a bit difficult. However, as soon as I found my way through a certain function, I was able to get through finding everything else with relative ease. This system allowed me to keep records of my contacts and the engagements we have. Keep call records, keep track of my deals, automate my marketing and sales, and many more.

    πŸ‘ Pros:    Drag and drop email builder|Email management|Team email management|Sales & marketing automation
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    I am now gaining more views and earning more!

    Using EngageBay All-in-One Suite helps make my tasks easier, seamless, and integrated. I keep track of my views reports, find audience details, and even notifying them about my new posts. With these benefits I am getting - I was able to save on expenses at the same time saves workload and focus more on content creation.

    🏁 Competitors: Calendly, MailChimp, Pipeliner CRM, HubSpot
    πŸ‘ Pros:    In-app calendar|Scheduling|Social media integration|Automation
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    A Valuable find for my Business

    EngageBay is a dream come true. It is definitely a valuable find. It is a system where I can schedule my daily posts on my social media accounts. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This also has a sophisticated email marketing system. It also has a chat system that allows me to provide support to my customers. It has many more features that I haven't use yet. The most amazing part is the fact that it's so sophisticated yet very affordable.

    πŸ‘ Pros:    Drag and drop email builder|Email management|Live chat|Ticketing|Automation|Sales & marketing automation
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    A Complete business platform with an unbelievably affordable price

    I am able to do everything that is related to running my business on just one platform. That is not a simple thing. It covers Marketing which deals with email workflows, landing pages, leads nurturing, and so on. This also covers sales. It means all communication in the business transactions done with clients and the progress of the deal itself. I can also support my clients here. I can set up a call center, a chat support system, and an email system with a ticketing tool. A definite powerhouse, yet very affordable.

    🏁 Competitors: HubSpot, Salesforce, Freshsales CRM
    πŸ‘ Pros:    Affordable price|Marketing automation|Drag & drop email builder|Live chat|Ticketing
    πŸ‘Ž Cons:    Minimal documentation

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