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Looking for Dropbox Alternatives? These 5 Should Be on Your List

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  1. Online Sync and File Sharing

    Wallpapers about about 1 month ago

    I tried and yes, it takes to
  2. Sync. com offers a backup tool and a file sharing service, rolled into one.

    Where are Autopay settings? about about 2 hours ago

    I pay Norton and annually and its a variable amount. A few weeks before the subscription is due for renewal they email with the details.
  3. Cloud storage service with up to 20GB for free! Store, share and send large files to anyone. Join now and have your files everywhere you go.

    Is pcloud down again? about 3 months ago

    The whole domain is down. The website and all file hosting is unavailable. Is anyone else affected?
  4. Access and sync your files anywhere

  5. Secure access, sharing & file storage

  6. SpiderOak makes it possible for you to privately store, sync, share & access your data from everywhere.

    PLEASE STOP WITH YOUR POPUP !!!! about 2 months ago

    You sounds like you need to use another service,