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Dropbox Update 2019 - Is it Worth It?

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Everything You Need to Know: The NEW Dropbox 📦


    good cloud service

    It's much more convenient than GoogleDrive. I frequently use it to share my projects on freelance platforms. This is reliable cloud storage with many features

    🏁 Competitors: Google Drive
    👍 Pros:    Reliable|Convenient|Easy to use
    👎 Cons:    Found none

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  • Excel What if Analysis Issue
    Even better: upload an example Excel file to a file-sharing website (,,, etc), and post a download link that does not require that we log in. Source: 8 months ago
  • How to save data on Obsidian? Worried about data loss
    Note that Dropbox automatically backs up all your files. So if you delete a file, you can recover it on, even 6 months later. Source: about 1 year ago
  • How long would a USB stick last in storage?
    Upload what is on that stick to a cloud based system that is not vulnerable to degradation of hardware, you can get a lot of storage for free on sites like,, or icloud. You can also always make multiple backups. Source: about 1 year ago
  • Dropbox data gone
    Did you try logging into and checking there? Often the files remain online even if they are removed locallY. You have to log in with the same account you deleted Locally. Source: about 1 year ago
  • Author Resources: Tools and Software
    Dropbox: You absolutely NEED backups. Ideally, both physical and cloud backups, because if you only have one backup, you're not backed up. I can't even begin to tell you how many writers have lost days, weeks, or even entire novels worth of work because they failed to back up their work, then had their computer break or had some weird software snafu. Dropbox is my preferred cloud backup solution, because you can... Source: about 1 year ago
  • Simple example but Excel Solver can't find feasible solution
    Good thought! Upload the Excel file to a file-sharing website that does not require that we log in in order to download it. Then post the download URL here. Some file-sharing websites:;;; .... Source: about 1 year ago
  • WOW the New LinkReader Plugin ACTUALLY Works and Can read PDFs
    Thanks for that! I also tested it. Since I did not understand the replacement of the with Source: about 1 year ago
  • How to check if one value falls in between a certain range then taking the other value of that range to compare to get an answer?
    It would be better if you post the link to the file that you uploaded to a file-sharing website like, or Source: about 1 year ago
  • How to setup this linear program to then use the solver feature
    I like Others like Source: about 1 year ago
  • Problem with syncing Logic project files using Dropbox. Any help or ideas?
    M1 Macbook Air, create a logic project, and save in Dropbox. EVer since a few weeks, it doesn't show up in the same Dropbox folder on my Intel iMac. The new project does show op on, but as a file instead of a folder. Source: about 1 year ago
  • Multiple of my saved documents are now copies of each other??
    You say you are using the Word app on an iPad but it is not clear where you are saving your documents. Could be OneDrive, could be iCloud drive, could be dropbox, etc... Whichever it is, I would suggest opening a browser, going to the website for that cloud sotrage service ( for onedrive, for icloud drive, for dropbox) and then review the documents there. I am thinking that... Source: about 1 year ago
  • AT&T Fiber Latency issues?
    If you're using windows, on the command prompt, you can do Tracert Or tracert Etc... As for what's where, I'm taking the IP addresses from that (on the later hops), and checking the global WHOIS data ( for example). Source: about 1 year ago
  • AT&T Fiber Latency issues?
    To follow up on this, as of just before this post, I'm seeing normal routes and latencies again, so maybe they've now fixed whatever was causing it? (using my same dropbox example from earlier, the 5th hop onwards are all chicago now, instead of wichita, so I'm getting to in about 4ms now, instead of ~3300ms). Source: about 1 year ago
  • How do you create daily local backups of your WordPress website?
    Now here is the thing that helped me out. Having full backups on drop box, I was able to go to my last full back up On and grab those files, spin up a new server. FTP those files in there, including DB, and move a site with no issues. Just dumped files made a quick db, uploaded sql cmd line or phpmyadmin. donzo. Source: over 1 year ago
  • is there any way around native apps not supporting 2FA?
    I switched all my main accounts (Gmail, dropbox, etc) to be strictly use my Yubi key as 2FA when logging in. I tested on and it worked great. However, I downloaded the Dropbox iOS app and when logging in, it sends an SMS 2FA, because I assume the app doesn't support USB Key 2FA. It feels useless that by simply using the app, my USB Key 2FA can be gotten around. Source: over 1 year ago
  • TPLink Archer C7 v5 flash dump request
    And finally a dumb question of my own. How could someone provide you the dump? Is there a free drop box that is trustworthy (I got rid of years ago). Source: over 1 year ago
  • [SHARE] Kanye West - I Am A God
    Where do I go to download these stems. I've tried copying to and google drive and it doesn't work. Can anyone help? Source: over 1 year ago
  • 💡 Build (AI?) for Box
    Most people think of Dropbox or Google Drive for sharing files, but you know what enterprises use surprisingly often? Box. - Source: / over 1 year ago
  • Why Use React JS for Website Development
    Dropbox: The popular file hosting service uses React.js for their web interface. - Source: / over 1 year ago
  • All dropbox files syncing automatically and taking up space
    Go to and determine how big your account is. If you've filled, say, 1tb, and you have 500gb on your drive, it will fill up. While you're there, are there any new folders that weren't there before that are taking up space? Source: over 1 year ago
  • 💡 Hosted Syncthing (discovery, relay and backups)
    For technical users, Syncthing is the next coming of Dropbox. Syncthing has a booming community, active user base, runs on a bunch of devices, and people trust it with their data. - Source: / over 1 year ago

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Best Free Cloud Storage for 2024: What Cloud Storage Providers Offer the Most Free Storage?
Another big problem with Dropbox is the lack of features on the free plan. You can see the full list in the table at the end of the article, but features like the vault, smart sync, Dropbox Transfer, e-signatures, unlimited devices and offline access are all either completely missing or severely limited. You can find out more about these features in our Dropbox review.
Best Top 12 MEGA Alternatives in 2024
In the world of cloud storage, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. The best MEGA alternative for you depends on your specific requirements and preferences. Whether it's Google Drive's integration, Dropbox's simplicity, or OneDrive's security, you have plenty of options to choose from. Evaluate your needs and make an informed decision to ensure your digital life is organized, secure, and efficient.
13 WeTransfer Alternatives (Free) in 2022
Dropbox is a file hosting service providing personal cloud, file synchronization, cloud storage, and client software. It is designed to collaborate on your projects, whether you are working alone or in a team.
Best alternatives to WeTransfer of 2022
Microsoft OneDrive works like the other well-known consumer cloud storage options, the likes of Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud: you specify the files and folders you want it to back up, and they get automatically synced with copies in the cloud, as well as all the other computers and devices where you've got OneDrive set up.
14 Best WeTransfer Alternatives to Share Large Files in 2022
Dropbox lets you perform stress-free file sharing with anyone with full security. Whether it is a photo, video, zip file, or CAD file, anything can be shared just by sharing a link. It does not limit you like email attachments and allows you to share files of 2GB and more.
23 Best Free Image Hosting Sites (Upload & Share) in 2022
Dropbox is a cloud-based file and image hosting service that provides personal cloud, file synchronization, and cloud collaboration tools for businesses and individuals alike. The platform is available on Linux, macOS, and Windows.
Top 5 Best Document Management Software With Client Portal in 2022
Nonetheless, you may do various activities on each of your files. You may upload and add another file to an existing folder and preview the uploaded file in full-screen mode in Dropbox. You can even share a specific file with someone else on your team. This also applies to those who do not use Dropbox, but they must still sign up for an account.
20+ Picasa Alternatives And Best Similar Apps Like Picasa 2022
Dropbox is extraordinarily versatile, creating it a helpful cloud storage app. And though it doesn’t provide any written material choices, Dropbox still gets a mention here for its easy use and ease. You get a collection of folders for organizing your photos, transfer them, and you’re smart to travel. That’s all there’s thereto.
11 Best Image Hosting Sites for Personal to Business
Dropbox has many great perks. Your images are secure and you can share them only with the people you choose. It’s available for Windows, Linux and macOS. Dropbox’s free plan offers storage space up to 3GB. For $19.99/month, 1 user can have 3 TB storage space. The 14-day free trial is also included in the paid plans.
The Best Google Drive Alternatives for 2022: Ditching Big Brother
Dropbox is the OG cloud storage platform. As the cloud service that started it all, it offers one of the most polished and user-friendly experiences, as well as integration with both Office 365 and Google Workspace. However, it gives you only 2GB of free file storage, and a Dropbox subscription isn’t cheap, though the extra features might make it worth it.
Google Drive alternatives: Best picks
Dropbox is a great competitor to Google Drive. It’s easy to use, encrypts your data in transit and at rest, and offers two-factor authentication. It also has much stricter rules on who can share and edit your documents. However, only Dropbox Professional or Business customers can use extra features like link sharing, manual sharing permission changes, or remote file wiping. It’s also good to know that Dropbox runs...
pCloud vs Dropbox: Security vs Convenience in 2021
Dropbox also offers two paid personal plans (see our Dropbox pricing guide). Dropbox Plus comes with 2TB of storage for $11.99 per month, or $9.99 per month if paid annually. Dropbox Professional gives you 3TB of storage for $19.99 per month, or $16.38 per month if paid annually (we have guides on how to cancel Dropbox and how to delete your Dropbox account, in case you need to).
The 5 Best File Syncing Apps
Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage services for a good reason. Anything you put into your Dropbox folder on your computer or using the Dropbox app is backed up online and available for download to any other device that's logged in to the same account.
10 Best Image Hosting Sites for Personal and Business Purposes
Dropbox is another commonly used image hosting platform that is ideal for individuals, businesses, and freelancers. Also, Dropbox is not just limited to image hosting. Instead, it acts as a brilliant workspace that combines different tools and allows teams to collaborate. It is a one-stop solution for your business. You can create and share content and upload images from Google Sheets, Google Docs, Microsoft...
Looking for Dropbox Alternatives? These 5 Should Be on Your List
Yes.Google Drive is a perfect alternative for Dropbox. Even though some features are not as good as the ones that pCloud and can offer, this service is still an outstanding solution for almost any user. In a pool of different selections, Google Drive is one of the “safest” choices you can make, and it’s an ideal replacement for Dropbox.

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