1. Originally founded as a project to simplify sharing code, GitHub has grown into an application used by over a million people to store over two million code repositories, making GitHub the largest code host in the world.

  2. GitBucket is the easily installable open-source GitHub clone written with Scala.

  3. Create, review and deploy code together with GitLab open source git repo management software | GitLab

  4. Bitbucket is a free code hosting site for Mercurial and Git. Manage your development with a hosted wiki, issue tracker and source code.

  5. SourceForge is a web-based source code repository.

  6. SourceGear Vault Pro is a version control and bug tracking solution for professional development teams. Vault Standard is for those who only want version control.

  7. A painless self-hosted Git service

  8. Launchpad

  9. Source Control, Version Control and Bug Tracking

  10. An open source, distributed version control and bug tracking system for Windows, Mac OS X, and...

  11. Secure version control of digital assets.

  12. Pure Java Git solution for managing, viewing, and serving Git repositories