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  1. Originally founded as a project to simplify sharing code, GitHub has grown into an application used by over a million people to store over two million code repositories, making GitHub the largest code host in the world.

    How does one make a political test? (image unrelated) about about 20 hours ago

    Create a GitHub account, then create a new repository, choose a name that can be changed later, then go to this template, download all files as a zip here, upload them to your repository, delete everything that is not in the public folder and start editing the things inside it, except index.html, and you have your test.
  2. Create, review and deploy code together with GitLab open source git repo management software | GitLab

    Best Github-less, self hosted approach? about 2 days ago:

    Did you consider hosting a local git service like gitlab? It's open source and you can self host it.
  3. Bitbucket is a free code hosting site for Mercurial and Git. Manage your development with a hosted wiki, issue tracker and source code.

    Guest Network keeps losing DNS resolve info about 2 days ago

    I have a VM running W10 with a Virtual Network Adapter using NAT. It was working fine, until recently started to having issues. One issue is that when I try to browse any page I am getting a message from Edge like “cannot reach that page” and then quickly disappears to load the page. This is just annoying, but I can live with it. The main issue though is that when I am trying to browse any page/domain from...
  4. A painless self-hosted Git service

    Any tips/resources for getting up to speed quickly? Coming... about 12 days ago

    Find a beginner friendly repo and jump in feet first! Mine is. Seriously, if you don't want to work on a public repo then download gitea and run your own git server that works very much like github and store your code there.
  5. The Complete Open-Source and Business Software Platform.

  6. Launchpad

    Neovim not launching in WSL about 9 days ago

    Find a package for your version of ubuntu (lsb_release -a), most likely amd64, and download the deb file. You can use wget, for example wget
  7. CSR

    Cloud Source Repositories

    This hasn't been added to SaaSHub yet

  8. AWS CodeCommit is a fully-managed source control service that makes it easy for companies to host secure private Git repositories.

    How to Perform Load Testing with k6 using AWS CodeBuild Platform about about 1 month ago:

    At the time of writing AWS CodeBuild supports repositories hosted on GitHub, BitBucket, Amazon S3 and AWS CodeCommit. For reference, we'll use GitHub for this tutorial. Once you've prepared a project containing the above files, you'll need to commit and push the changes to your remote repository.
  9. Phacility - Phabricator

    Migrating from Phabricator to Azure Devops. Have some questions. about 5 months ago

    My company has used Phabricator, which is an alternative to Azure Devops, for about 5 years. A few days ago they announced that the project won't be maintained anymore, so we are looking into alternatives. We have around 50 devs+product folks that use Phabricator at the moment.
  10. GitBucket is the easily installable open-source GitHub clone written with Scala.

    Selfhosted open source alternative to GitHub/GitLab about 2 months ago:

    I saw this on HN and have been using it for the past two weeks for some small hobby projects. The docs are so-so but I got it set up in Docker without much hassle. I've since migrated completely from gitbucket. Great software - I encourage everyone to try it out.
  11. G


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  12. GitPrep is a Github clone.

  13. Allura is an open source implementation of a software "forge", a web site that manages...