1. GreenSock community forums where questions about GSAP and HTML5/JavaScript animation are answered. Uncommonly kind and welcoming tone.

  2. Ipregistry is a fast, reliable IP geolocation and threat data API. People use Ipregistry to personalize content, analyze traffic, target ads, block countries but also to prevent abuse by detecting Proxy and Tor users, known spammers and bad bots.

    freemium $5.0 (40,000 lookups)

  3. Preact is a fast 3kB alternative to React with the same modern API. Components & Virtual DOM.

  4. Get the Geolocation, Organisation, Currency, Timezone, Calling Code, Flag, Proxy, Tor and Threat intelligence data from any IPv4 or IPv6 address.

  5. Simple IP address information.

  6. A JavaScript library for building user interfaces

  7. to draw a line under : underline; to make evident : emphasize, stress; to provide (action on film) with accompanying music… See the full definition

  8. Lo-Dash is a drop-in replacement for Underscore.

  9. Immutable persistent data collections for javascript

  10. JavaScript minifier, beautifier, mangler and parser toolkit.

  11. Reactive Components for Modern Web Interfaces

  12. Prepack is a partial evaluator for JavaScript.