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Best 10 Session Replay Tools and Software

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  1. Watch Your Product Through the Lens of Your Users. Watch your users' experience in recorded videos, even when they message you on Live support.

    freemium $29.0 / Monthly (2 GB Storage | Unlimited Session Recordings | 3 heatmaps/Goals)

  2. Get into the minds of your customers by watching them navigate your site and chatting with them as they do so.

    [Hiring] PPC or SEO for short-term consultation ($60/h) about about 1 year ago:

    I'm a believer in failing fast. You might start with something like They have a 14 day free trial. I'm not against spending money to drive traffic, you just want to get something for your ad spend even if it's not leads. In your case you want data. You want to know what isn't working about the page you're driving traffic to. For that, you may want to use a tool like to help...
  3. Mouseflow is the most popular session replay / recording and website heatmap tool. Sign up today or call +1 (855) 668-7335 for a personal demonstration!

    Dropped prices, added more flexible packages - still no... about 24 days ago

    If you haven't already, check out mouseflow. It literally records users on your your can see which pages they go to, what images they look at, how long they're shows exactly what they did on your site in real time. This might give you some insight as to why you're getting solid traffic but no client inquiries especially if you see users consistently hitting a certain point on your site then...
  4. Meet FullStory, the app that captures all your customer experience data in one powerful platform.

    Any simple/conservative lists that just block ads, not... about 7 months ago:

    Yeah I tried a few, also the defaults in NextDNS and AdGuard Home. They all cause issues, mostly related to what's considered tracking/analytics domains, e.g.,,, crashlytics, etc.
  5. LogRocket combines session replay, performance monitoring, and product analytics — empowering teams to create the ideal product experience.

    freemium $99.0 / Monthly (10k sessions / 3 seats / 1-month data retention)

    React Native session replay tool... about 21 days ago

    On the web, there's plenty of tools that enable session replay to help with UX improvement or bug fixes like Fullstory, Posthog, Highlight, Logrocket and many many more.
  6. Qualitative, quantitative and live testing to improve the user experience.

    Building a data team at a mid-stage startup about over 1 year ago:

    Heap might be good but they are crazy expensive. We were quoted something like a quarter million dollars. Good luck getting that signed off, plus you still need quite technical analysts to run the thing. I've found to be much better received by juniors and seniors alike, and it's a fraction of the cost of heap.
  7. Plerdy is a comprehensive conversation rate optimization software that caters to professional online marketers and agencies, allow them to enhance website performance and increase revenue greatly.

    Ahrefs backlink spam about over 1 year ago

    I see your point, try I use it for analyzing my website and user behavior on my website.
  8. Session Replay

  9. Analytics for web and iOS. Heap automatically captures every user action in your app and lets you measure it all. Clicks, taps, swipes, form submissions, page views, and more. about 4 months ago: — Automatically captures every user action in iOS or web apps. Free for up to 5,000 visits/month.
  10. AI assisted tool to understand user experience visually.


    Tracking user behavior with heatmaps in WordPress? Any plugins? about about 2 months ago

    Try They have pretty good and detailed heatmaps. They also have a WordPress plugin.