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  1. FRC

    Firebase Remote Config

    This hasn't been added to SaaSHub yet

  2. Fix or prevent critical bugs while your app is live.

  3. LaunchDarkly is a powerful development tool which allows software developers to roll out updates and new features.

    Software releases about about 2 months ago

    Hence, here if we need to rollback / switch off a feature, its very simple. We just need to set this flag as false and re-deploy or use a cloud third party like LaunchDarkly and change the value to false.
  4. A/B testing you'll actually use.

  5. Split’s feature experimentation platform helps businesses to make smarter product decisions by...

    Mysa app crashing when trying to open the schedule for a... about 5 months ago

    I added to my Pi-Holes while list but it still crashes.
  6. Mobile A/B Testing for iOS and Android. Improve Your Native App Codelessly in Real-time.

  7. Mobile A/B testing for everyone. With the world's most fully featured mobile A/B testing platform.

  8. The Ruby on Rails SaaS-in-a-Box.

  9. ConfigCat is a developer-centric feature flag service with unlimited team size, awesome support, and a reasonable price tag.


    How to use ConfigCat's feature flags with Elmah about 1 day ago:

    To toggle the logging functionality on or off at will, I'll create a feature flag in ConfigCat’s feature flag platform. ConfigCat is a feature flag and remote configuration service that empowers developers to control and customize the functionality of their applications. With ConfigCat, you can easily toggle features on and off, alter their settings, and roll out updates to specific users or groups. Targeting is...