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Thunkable Alternatives with Advanced Options [Easy App Building]

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  1. Powerful but easy to use, drag-and-drop mobile app builder.

    Am searching for a partner who can help me with an app idea about about 2 months ago:

    OP you don't need to know coding at all to make app. Try something like App Inventor Thunkable.
  2. Android development environment based on IntelliJ IDEA

    Getting Started with Jetpack Compose about 20 days ago

    The recommended IDE for working with Jetpack Compose is Android Studio. After downloading and installing Android Studio, you’ll get the option to create a new project. To create a new Jetpack Compose application, you need to select either the Empty Compose Activity (which uses Material v2), or Empty Compose Activity (Material3) (which uses the Material v3 which is in version 1.0 as of last year). You can see both...
  3. App Inventor is a cloud-based tool, which means you can create apps for phones or tablets right in your web browser.

    Trying to have a Ubuntu server I can turn on from my phone,... about about 2 months ago

    Maybe a raspberry pi that's on 24/7 connected to wifi and use that to send the wake over lan signal to the server? Arduino on the power pins also works, I did something quite similar but with a Bluetooth board, the code was really simple I just made an Android app with MIT app inventor that sent a signal to the hc_05 bt board, once the Arduino received that signal it shorted the power pin to 5v for half a second...
  4. Appsgeyser is the easiest to use DIY native mobile app creation platform.

  5. Much more than a modern app creator without coding