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  1. Build apps for every platform, without code ✨

    Ask HN: Repair and Maintenance App about over 1 year ago:

    Yes, I think no-code solution can work easily for this use case. There are no of solutions you can try and see which one fits best in your use case.,, etc works best for web apps. If you need Mobile Apps, then you can try using or Thunkable/GlideApps etc.
  2. Adobe Creative Cloud is a SaaS offering for graphic design, video editing, web development, photography, and cloud services.

  3. Android development environment based on IntelliJ IDEA

    What is a "safe" 1gb or larger file I can download about 6 days ago

    Https:// you only need to accept the terms.
  4. Android app maker software.

  5. App Inventor is a cloud-based tool, which means you can create apps for phones or tablets right in your web browser.

    Trying to have a Ubuntu server I can turn on from my phone,... about 4 days ago

    Maybe a raspberry pi that's on 24/7 connected to wifi and use that to send the wake over lan signal to the server? Arduino on the power pins also works, I did something quite similar but with a Bluetooth board, the code was really simple I just made an Android app with MIT app inventor that sent a signal to the hc_05 bt board, once the Arduino received that signal it shorted the power pin to 5v for half a second...
  6. AppMakr is a browser-based platform designed to make creating your own iPhone app quick and easy.

  7. Appsgeyser is the easiest to use DIY native mobile app creation platform.

  8. AppSheet enables users to create mobile apps instantly for both OS and Android. 

    An Attempt to Make a Tiny Social Site for Stoners about about 1 month ago

    This feels like something I can potentially prototype in Google Appsheet. Let’s try that first.
  9. AppMachine is an app creation software that uses a click and drag interface with a Lego themed design, rather than a more complicated coding interface. Read more about AppMachine.

  10. Create your own app or become a reseller and build apps for others

  11. Building tech is slow and expensive. Bubble is the most powerful no-code platform for creating digital products.

    Should I go for it about 3 days ago:

    1) for your website - $20/year for custom domain and integrations. • if you want something more robust than Carrd, Webflow (CMS) and Bubble (app builder) are great options 2) Airtable - Free version. It’s Database option and integrates will all no code tools. 3) Zapier - automate emails and tasks.
  12. BuildFire is the easiest way for small businesses to build a mobile app in a matter of minutes for iOS and Android.

    Which software to make a MVP? about 7 days ago:

    [ ] BuildFire: The Most Powerful App Maker For iOS & Android. BuildFire’s powerful and easy to use mobile app builder makes it so you can create mobile apps for iOS & Android in a fraction of the time and cost.”.
  13. Create online database applications customized to your exact needs. Over 1 million applications run on Caspio's low-code platform. Start your free trial today.

    Multi-tenant no-code platforms? about 21 days ago

    I suggest looking into Caspio if you have a few minutes. Here is a Safety Reports demo I created that has 2 user levels (manager & employee) where each employee can see their own functionality and data. This can be achieved with Caspio's built-in Record Level Security feature. You can also create unlimited user roles, workflows with backend triggers, charts for analytics, reporting, etc. For a full implementation...
  14. End-to-End Customer Engagement Inside Your POS

  15. Eclipse is an open source community, whose projects are focused on building an open development platform comprised of extensible frameworks, tools and runtimes for building, deploying and managing software across the lifecycle.

    nvim lsp installer fails to install jdtls about 2 months ago

    "Failed to fetch the latest release from".
  16. Firebase is a cloud service designed to power real-time, collaborative applications for mobile and web.

    Events server side to client side (I don't even know how to... about 2 days ago:

    The easiest for me have been firebase from google or one of its self-hosted offshoots,
  17. Build beautiful native apps in record time 🚀

    Flutter Resources: Beginner to Advance about 2 days ago:

    Flutter is a mobile app SDK for building high-performance, high-fidelity, apps for iOS and Android, from a single codebase.
  18. Send lightning fast video messages, see responses live or whenever it's convenient. Get closer to the ones you love with video communication.

  19. GoodBarber is a mobile app creation platform.

  20. iBuildApp is an online service that provides a simple and inexpensive way to build, test, track and update a native apps.

  21. IdeaPress converts your WordPress website into an iOS, Android, Windows phone and Windows 8 app. Make your app in minutes without writing a single line of code

  22. Ionic is a cross-platform mobile development stack for building performant apps on all platforms with open web technologies.

    What is this type of styling called? about 11 months ago:

    Some website's that I've collected that use the styling I'm on about;,,,,.
  23. A front-end SDK to develop applications with HTML5 , CSS3 and JavaScript.

    The right way to build multi platform apps in 2023 using web... about 7 days ago:

    There are UI Kits like Quasar (Vue-only) and Ionic (React, Angular or Vue).
  24. Mobincube is an app builder DIY for Android and iOS.

  25. Mobiloud makes it easy to build native mobile apps for WordPress blogs and news sites.

  26. Mobile Roadie is a mobile app creator for iPhone, Android, iPad and mobile web.

  27. Build Enterprise-Grade Apps Fast.

    OutSystems Dynamic Request Routing in Multi-tenant Systems... about almost 2 years ago:

    Check out the AWS Architecture Blog to see how OutSystems designed a globally distributed serverless request routing service for its multi-tenant architecture.
  28. Microsoft PowerApps provides tools to create, customize, share and run apps.

    Use Power Automate to Retrieve Data from an Azure Function... about 3 months ago:

    This post explores how to automate the process using Power Automate. If you haven’t used Power Automate before it’s part of the Power Platform suite of tools that includes Power Platform, Power Pages, Power Virtual Agents, andPower BI.
  29. A framework for building native apps with React

    The right way to build multi platform apps in 2023 using web... about 7 days ago:

    There's also React Native that apparently takes care of both UI and native APIs.
  30. Shoutem is a platform to build, publish, and manage native apps with ease for those who want to build apps, but have no experience with coding.

    paid Free Trial $59.0 / Monthly

    How many of you have built your SaaS with no code? about about 1 year ago:

    Open-ended solutions (you get a lot out of the box but can still extend it with code in some way) are better in those cases. For example Firebase (no-code backend), API Bakery (low-code backend) handle the backend but you still need to provide the frontend, Shoutem handles mobile but you still need an API.
  31. Create iOS, Android and Mac apps in C#

    Making an android app with c# about 3 months ago:

    Xamarin - Basically an older version of MAUI. I would advise against creating new projects on Xamarin since MAUI is supposed to render it obsolete.