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21 Time Tracking Tools To Manage Your Workday

Hive TimeCamp Paymo ZoomShift ClickTime Harvest Toggl Time Doctor nTask Homebase
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    Seamless project management and collaboration for your team.
    • Open Source
    • $12.0 / Monthly (Per user)
    Hive combines the features of a robust time-tracking tool and power of project management software all in one single platform. Hive’s clean interface is ideal for scheduling, planning, communicating with a team, time tracking, time estimations, managing to-do lists, gathering information and feedback via forms, approving project updates, emailing, and more. If there’s something a PM or a team member needs to complete a project, Hive has a feature that can help!

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  2. Simple and robust time tracking app to help you stay on the same page with your team while working from home.
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    • $6.3 / Monthly (per user)
    TimeCamp allows both individuals and managers alike to streamline the way they track time. Automatic time tracking paired with features like invoicing functionality and the ability to sort time reports by billable and non-billable hours make TimeCamp a great resource for freelancers or managers who want to ensure their projects are remaining profitable.

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  3. 3
    Manage projects, track time, create invoices, and get paid online.
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    • $5.6 / Monthly (per User)
    Plus, communication features allow real-time discussion between team members to save time, reduce frustration, and improve the quality of your projects. Finally, as its name suggests, Paymo has all the invoicing tools necessary for success, too. You can also integrate Paymo with Hive, for extra project management oomph.

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  4. Employee scheduling
    Time tracking errors can kill your bottom line. Missed deadlines, early and late punches, extra unscheduled shifts. You can lose hundreds of dollars a month if you’re not careful. ZoomShift can help prevent these errors from happening and block employees from clocking in without being scheduled. Plus, the app communication features allows for real-time discussion between team members to increase productivity, and improve the quality of work. 5. ClickTime

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  5. Online timesheets and resource planning tools
    In addition to time entry, Clicktime gives you access to 1-click utilization reports, allowing you to surface high-level and deep project insights to monitor profits, costs, and billings in real-time. These reports allow managers to measure and gauge employee performance and billability. ClickTime also provides its users with seamless, easy-to-use integrations for platforms such as Salesforce, QuickBooks, Trello, Slack, and more.

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  6. Simple time tracking, fast online invoicing, and powerful reporting software. Simplify employee timesheets and billing. Get started for free.
    Some PMs will be particularly fond of Harvest’s sister app Forecast, a predictive tool which encourages project leads to think ahead about the way that their employees are using their time and working toward a particular goal. Porting Forecast’s data directly into Harvest allows PMs to decide whether or not their timeframes are doable, saving them from a potentially failed project down the line. You can also integrate Hive and Harvest with ease.

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  7. 7
    Toggl is an online time tracking tool. It features 1-click time tracking and helps you see where your time goes. Free and paid versions are available.
    Thanks to web, desktop, and mobile applications which all sync in real time, Toggl takes the hassle out of time management. Their calendar integration improves the scheduling aspect of managing a team, and starting a timer takes only a single click. Toggl also offers the option to enable notifications which remind users to start tracking (or to stop tracking when the program senses idle time).

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  8. Time Tracking and Time Management Software that is accurate and helps you to get a lot more done each day.
    Time Doctor also integrates with many project management solutions and has a really cool feature that gives you a friendly nudge when it detects that you might be distracted by a less productive task. With Time Doctor, you have deep insights to optimize your productivity.

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  9. 9
    The free project management and task management platform smart teams use to do more. Manage all your tasks, projects, meetings and more using a single agile platform that has it all.
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    • $2.99 / Monthly (2 Free Users)
    For timesheets, nTask lets you create manual timesheets if you forgot to enable the auto time-tracking, which is a great additional feature. Overall, nTask is a great option if you’re interested in a free PM tool with enhanced time-tracking capabilities.

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  10. Homebase makes managing hourly work easier for over 100,000 local businesses. With free shift scheduling, time tracking, team communication, and hiring, managers and employees can spend less time on paperwork and more time on growing their business.
    When it comes to managing employee shifts and prepping payroll, Homebase has scheduling and time-tracking features to easily record who worked, and as well as how long they worked for. It can also help with the hiring process, letting you post jobs, manage applicants, and onboard new hires online. Homebase’s built-in messenger and real-time notifications also make it easy to connect with employees and keep everyone on the same page.

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  11. Employee Monitoring Software with Screenshots, Internet, Activity and Time Tracking
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    • $4.99 / Monthly
    Monitask is an employee monitoring software with powerful time tracking features. With Monitask, employees and freelancers can manually start a clock when they begin working on an assignment for employers. Throughout their work, the application takes computer screenshots that can be reviewed online by the employer. These screenshots can be taken randomly, or can be assigned for a specific frequency or interval by the employer. This increases transparency — no spying or prying necessary.

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  12. 12
    Deputy is a software for employee scheduling, time and attendance and communication management.
    Deputy allows you to handle schedules, timesheets and communication all in one platform. It helps you and your team to stay organized and more engaged. You can post important documents, company policies, training videos or whatever you want on the news feed, and share that with the rest of your team. You can even introduce and onboard new team members – very helpful during these uncertain times, right?

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  13. Track every working minute, set custom rates for each project, and create clear reports for your clients with Indy's Time Tracker. Get started for free.
    If you are looking for time tracking software for freelancers and self-employed people, the Indy Time Tracker tool helps you stay focused on the tasks and not the clock. The interface of the tool is very simple as you can see from the screenshot. Indy’s Time Tracker tool was designed to help freelancers stay focused on their projects, not the clock. The tool is simple to use, letting you manage your time as you go from one task to the next.

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  14. #1 Employee monitoring software that gives you unparalleled data about your team’s work habits. Take a deep dive into individual or organisational productivity metrics through real-time or historical data.
    • Paid
    • Free Trial
    • $6.4 / Annually (per employee per month (billed annualy))
    Workpuls is a performance-driven employee computer monitoring software that tracks the time employees spend on different tasks. In addition to time-tracking, Workpuls offers many different features including productivity monitoring, remote work management and more. It’s been shown that when you use Workpuls to make more informed decisions about time, you can increase employee efficiency by about 24%.

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  15. Replicon is a unified time-tracking software that elevates time as a strategic asset within an organization, to improve operational productivity, performance, profitability, and compliance.
    • Paid
    • Free Trial
    • $12.0 / Monthly (Per User)
    With over twenty years of industry leadership, Replicon, the Time IntelligenceTM company, is pioneering a brand new approach to time management. They have developed a suite of products that act as a plug-and-play service for companies of all sizes. The products range from basic attendance tools, to discerning the value of each employee’s time, to tracking bills and expenses. Replicon TimeAttend monitors attendance and can be used on a tablet, like any traditional time clock, while more advanced services allow clients to monitor and manage contractors or other non-traditional employees.

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  16. 16
    Time Tracking Software By 500apps
    • Open Source
    • Paid
    • Free Trial
    • $14.99 / Monthly (per user)

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  17. 17
    TMetric is a user-friendly time tracker for freelancers, agencies, and companies.
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    • $5.0 / Monthly
    TMetric would be a perfect tool when you need work time and productivity metrics, detailed reporting, options for billing and invoicing, activity monitoring and screenshot capturing, project budgeting and task management, attendance control and time off calculations. The tool is flexible and can be configured the way it best meets the needs of your team.

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  18. Everhour is one of the best time tracking tools for teams. See who’s tracking time, who’s overworked and who can handle more. Keep track of all your project budgets, schedule threshold alerts, use forward resource planning.
    Everhour is a great time tracker for teams and small/midsize businesses thanks to its unique time and task management features that take care of most issues that arise when working in a team. It allows you to save time and streamline your working processes considerably by automating them: tracking work hours, vacation, days off, setting deadlines and budgets, creating reports and invoices, monitoring the project progress, and introducing immediate changes.

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  19. WebWork Time Tracker is a time tracking and employee monitoring software.
    • Paid
    • Free Trial
    • $2.99 / Monthly
    WebWork Time Tracker is an all-inclusive software for time tracking and project management. You can track time while managing projects, tasks and teams all in one place and without extra effort. WebWork Time Tracker gives you detailed reports about each work session and time tracked, so you do not need to go out of your way.

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  20. 20
    NOTE: Apploye has been discontinued.
    #1 Intelligent Time Tracking App for In Office, Mobile, and Remote Teams.
    Apploye’s Dashboard is an intuitive one that provides you with a Performance-based comparison of your team working on numerous projects. You can export the reports on individual employee performances for any further evaluation. Overall, Apploye is a prolific tool for tracking your time and keeping your employees on the right track to stay productive during office hours.

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  21. Teamdeck is a SaaS resource management tool with resource scheduling, leave management, time tracking and timesheet, and customizable reports features. Selected by Hill-Knowlton, Stormind Games, Wunderman Thompson. $3.60/per member.
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    • $3.99 / Monthly (per user per month)
    Within the platform. Teamdeck offers team scheduling, workload management, time tracking, timesheets, project planning, availability management, and a few other features. Thanks to Teamdeck you can assign people to projects on a calendar and define their hourly schedule based on their availability, job position, skills, and your own defined attributes (ie. seniority).

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