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The Best Meditation Apps of 2020

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  1. The Mindfulness App: relax, calm, focus and sleep developed and published by MindApps.

  2. Meditation made simple. Brilliant things happen in calm minds.

    How is the McNair unit? about 4 months ago:

    This is a list of resources that provide mental health education, as well as strategies and tools to manage mental health. • Anxiety BC: • BIPOC Mental Health: Supports/ • Centre for Clinical Interventions: After-Yourself • First Nations Mental Health:...
  3. can help you reduce stress and increase calm.

    Alternatives to scrolling Reddit? about 6 months ago

    Meditation. try the calm app or for sleep stories or sleep body scans.
  4. Modern mindfulness wherever you are.

    struggling with debilitating hyper-empathy about 5 months ago

    There’s a form of meditation I learned on an app called buddhify that is based on letting big feelings take up as much space as they want to. Basically, when you feel that your feelings are getting large you visualize, or conceptualize, how much space they need. Maybe they fill the bathtub, or the building, or explode out into space. In your mind you give them the space they require. You still might wind up...
  5. Guided meditations to inspire you to meditate every day

  6. Start Your Mindfulness Journey with MyLife™, MyLife offers a personalized mindfulness solution tailored to how you’re feeling right now.

    Rex-PN Experience about about 1 year ago

    I check in (which was a pretty fast and seamless process, they let me start the exam early)- locked my phone and other belongings away- panic starts kicking in. I asked for noise cancelling headphones and earplugs- ended up removing the earplugs because I was getting distracted by the sound of my heart pounding through my chest lmao. As soon as I sat down- I quickly wrote down every lab value I could remember,...
  7. Support your meditation practice through a massive community powered app.

    Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night brain going... about 3 months ago

    I use Insight-Timer. It's a great app. The Yoga Nidra helps me focus my mind on the " right here, right now" by focusing my attention on my breath and physical sensations I feel in different parts of my body. I usually fall asleep before the end of the meditation (about 10-15 minutes) and sometimes my wife tells me I'm out in less than 2 minutes. Https:// or check the app store.
  8. The easiest way to meditate

  9. Your journey to a happier, more balanced you starts here.

  10. Our mission is to empower humans to stress less, achieve more, and live better. Meditate today!

  11. Curated collections of guided meditations

  12. Now you can meditate from your desktop

    Why does Sam describe himself as a "Neuroscientist" and a... about 7 months ago

    Am I missing something? I can’t find mention of “philosopher” on or I see a mention of neuroscientist, but I think a PhD degree should allow you to call yourself that. As for credibility in both areas, check citations to his works - books (philosophy) as well as scientific papers (neuroscience).
  13. Meditation and breathing exercises

  14. LM

    Let’s Meditate

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  15. PB

    Prana Breath

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  16. The #1 free meditation app in France with over 6,6 million users

  17. Relax and Breathe

  18. B


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  19. Help employees with the leading digital solution for training stress resilience, mindfulness, sleep, wellbeing and emotional intelligence skills.

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  20. A daily ritual for a calmer mind. Feel the difference in minutes with over 300+ meditations!