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Commemorating all the software products that have been discontinued
and finding the best alternatives along the way
Average Lifespan: 5 Years and 9 Months
Total Products: 4276

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    Reply is inbound and outbound sales automation platform that puts your outreach on autopilot still keeps it personal.

    🚀Feb 2018 - ⚰Oct 2018

    Lifespan: 8 months

    Categories: Sales Automation, Sales, Lead Management, Prospects, Sales Collaboration Alternatives

    1. Outreach - Outreach Is Your Sales Communication Platform
    2. Cirrus Insight - Respond to Customers Faster and Update Salesforce from Your Inbox with Cirrus Insight. Start your free 14-Day trial today! No Credit Card Required.
    3. Yesware - Sell smarter with email tracking and more
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  2. RezOvation

    RezOvation offers property management systems, online reservations, website design and marketing for small hotels, inn's, and B&B's

    ⚰ Shut down in Oct 2018

    Reason: Acquired by eviivo

    Categories: Hotel Reservation Software, Vacation Rental, Online Bookings

    News References

    1. 📰 On 4th October 2018, eviivo announced the acquisition of RezOvation and Webervations – software tools owned by, part of Expedia Group. The acquisition will give RezOvation and Webervations customers full access to eviivo’s award-winning booking management platform. ~

    RezOvation Alternatives

  3. Snapcash

    Send money using Square Cash through Snapchat

    🚀Nov 2014 - ⚰Aug 2018

    Lifespan: almost 4 years

    Reason: Forfeiting to Venmo

    Categories: Android, iPhone, Payment, Online Payments, eCommerce

    News References

    1. 📰 We’ll see how Snapchat plans evolve its commerce strategy without this driver. Earlier this month, TechCrunch revealed that Snapchat’s code contained mentions of a project codenamed “eagle” that’s a camera search feature. It was designed to allow users to scan an object or barcode with their Snapchat camera and see product results in Amazon. But since our report, mentions of Amazon have disappeared from the code. ~
    2. 📰 Even though Snapchat is losing its payment feature, there's still plenty happening for app. Its Snapchat Spectacles are available for $60 (down from $130), while its Lens Explorer helps you find community creations easily. Check out CNET's guide to 20 things every new Snapchat user should know. ~

    Snapcash Alternatives

  4. Google Goggles

    With Google Goggles you can perform web searches by taking a picture rather than typing in text.

    🚀Sep 2009 - ⚰Aug 2018

    Lifespan: almost 9 years

    Reason: Replaced by Google Lens

    Categories: Project Management, Content Collaboration, WiKi

    News References

    1. 📰 As spotted by Android Police, Google Goggles got its first update since 2014 this week: a death note. If you load the app, you’re now directed to a landing page that instructs you to download either Google Lens (if you’ve got a compatible handset) or Google Photos (where some of the same image recognition features are also available). ~

    Google Goggles Alternatives


    your browser does not support the video tag. Global Video Community. iPhone · Android · Amazon. Company. About musical.

    🚀Aug 2014 - ⚰Aug 2018

    Lifespan: about 4 years

    Reason: Acquired by TikTok

    Categories: iPhone, Social Media Apps, Social Networks

    News References

    1. 📰 According to Bytedance, the upgraded TikTok app incorporates the most popular elements of both TikTok and apps. It includes a feed that highlights content from a users’ community and features a personalized video recommendations based on viewing preferences. ~ Alternatives

  6. Moves

    Activity tracking without gadgets

    ⚰ Shut down in Jul 2018

    Reason: Low usage

    Categories: Productivity, Mobile Analytics, Analytics

    Moves Alternatives

    1. Fabric - The story of your life that writes itself
    2. Gyroscope - Gyroscope is a personalized dashboard for tracking your life.
    3. Arc App - AI powered location tracker
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  7. Yahoo! Messenger

    Share photos instantly, send GIFs and even unsend messages. It’s the fastest way to keep in touch with friends.

    🚀Mar 1998 - ⚰Jun 2018

    Lifespan: over 20 years

    Categories: Group Chat & Notifications, Messaging, Communication

    News References

    1. 📰 Yahoo has not broken out active users of Messenger for some time, and theoretically anyone logged into any Yahoo property is logged into Messenger. Cumulatively over the last 20 years, hundreds of millions of people have used the service, the company said. The company says your Yahoo ID remains intact for other services like Mail and fantasy sports. ~

    Yahoo! Messenger Alternatives

  8. Klout

    Klout is the Standard for Influence. Join Klout to discover your influence and compare with others you may know.

    🚀Jun 2008 - ⚰May 2018

    Lifespan: almost 10 years

    Categories: Monitoring Tools, Conversions, Twitter Tools

    News References

    1. 📰 "The Klout acquisition provided Lithium with valuable artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities but Klout as a standalone service is not aligned with our long-term strategy," said Pete Hess, CEO of Lithium Technologies, in a note on the company's website. "Our goal with these AI and machine learning investments is to improve our customer care capabilities across the board, whether that's self-service, peer-to-peer, or direct-to-brand." ~
    2. 📰 The San Francisco-based startup, which had raised around $40 million in funding from some big-name investors, was acquired by social customer service company Lithium Technologies for a reported $200 million back in 2014. Lithium later launched a product called Reach, powered by Klout, to “put the social back in social media marketing.” ~

    Klout Alternatives

  9. StumbleUpon

    StumbleUpon discovers web sites based on your interests, learns what you like and brings you more.

    🚀Feb 2001 - ⚰May 2018

    Lifespan: over 17 years

    Reason: Moving to Mix

    Categories: Social Networks, Blogging Platform, Native Advertising

    News References

    1. 📰 After careful consideration, we’ve made the decision to focus fully on building Mix and transition StumbleUpon accounts into over the next couple months. We have built Mix to work on every browser and smartphone, to make the transition as smooth as possible. With a few clicks you can register and import your SU favorites, interests and tags — creating Mix Collections that are easily shared with friends. If you have any questions, email [email protected] for help. ~

    StumbleUpon Alternatives

  10. Miitomo

    Miitomo is an app from Nintendo that brings out a side of you your friends have never seen before!

    🚀May 2016 - ⚰May 2018

    Lifespan: almost 2 years

    Reason: Not meeting Nintendo's expectations

    Categories: Virtual Worlds, Virtual Reality, Games

    Miitomo Alternatives

    1. Second Life - Second Life is a virtual reality platform where individuals interact in a virtual world. The software was developed in 2003 by Linden Labs. More than one million people now regularly use the software.
    2. ActiveWorlds - Activeworlds hosts a Universe of over 500 3D virtual reality worlds.
    3. Tower Unite - A one of a kind online social game for PC, full of multiplayer games, activities, synchronized media, and ZERO microtransactions.
    4. » All Miitomo alternatives
  11. reCAPTCHA Mailhide

    Tired of spam? reCAPTCHA Mailhide helps you protect your inbox by asking people to solve a...

    🚀Apr 2010 - ⚰Mar 2018

    Lifespan: almost 8 years

    Categories: Tech, Security, Website Performance Monitoring

    reCAPTCHA Mailhide Alternatives

    1. Metal Captcha - A captcha form for metal fans
    2. reCAPTCHA - reCAPTCHA is a free security service that protects your websites from spam and abuse.
    3. Hotmark - Create honeypots & protect your e-mail lists
    4. » All reCAPTCHA Mailhide alternatives
  12. Shyp

    Shyp is the easiest way to ship anything. The mobile app provides an easy on demand shipping experience. Shyp is transforming how you send items by replacing the traditional hassles with a delightful experience.

    🚀Jun 2013 - ⚰Mar 2018

    Lifespan: almost 5 years

    Reason: Could not become profitable

    Categories: Food And Beverage, ERP, Food Delivery

    News References

    1. 📰 Shyp is now a casualty of the delivery space. Where it originally sought to make up the cost of delivery in the form of cheaper bulk costs for those deliveries, Shyp’s one-size-fits-all delivery — where you could deliver a computer or a bike — eventually ended up being one of the most challenging and frustrating elements of its business. It began adding fees to its online returns business and changing prices for its bulk shipments. ~

    Shyp Alternatives

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