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Commemorating all the software products that have been discontinued
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  1. ThinkGeek

    ThinkGeek creates unique products that stimulate the imagination. Shop for apparel, home and office, gadgets, collectibles, and more. Free shipping available!

    ⚰ Shut down in Jul 2019

    Reason: Merging with GameSpot

    Categories: Geeks, Online Marketplace, Tech Gadgets

    News References

    1. 📰 ThinkGeek, the online destination with a vast catalog of nerdy and otherwise unique items, will close its website next month, the company has announced. The products aren’t disappearing, but will instead be made available under parent company GameStop’s website in a dedicated ThinkGeek section. The company revealed all of the details ahead of the site’s closure on July 2. ~
    2. 📰 After 20 years of serving the nerds of the internet with a wide variety of geek-related merchandise, ThinkGeek will officially close down its website and will migrate its operations over to its parent company GameStop’s website instead. In the meantime, the store is holding a 50 percent off “moving sale.” ~
    3. 📰 It's the end of an era for longtime ThinkGeek fans, as the digital store announced this week that officially is shutting down. Starting July 2, ThinkGeek's curated collection of apparel, collectibles, and other geeky merchandise will be available only in a ThinkGeek section at GameStop, its parent company. The 40 physical ThinkGeek stores across the US will remain open, but will no longer be a place to shop. ~

    ThinkGeek Alternatives

  2. Call9

    Caring for nursing home residents at their moment of need, and beyond.

    ⚰ Shut down in Jul 2019

    Categories: Healthcare, Health, Digital Health

    News References

    1. 📰 The company, which provided medical equipment and a video platform (via iPad) that enabled doctors to talk with nursing home residents, says its struggle owed to the country’s very slow adoption of “value-based care” — in which doctors are paid based on patient outcomes — rather than the current “fee-for-service” model on which the healthcare industry still relies largely. ~

    Call9 Alternatives

  3. Tali

    Hands-free time tracking for Alexa and Google Assistant

    🚀Oct 2017 - ⚰Jun 2019

    Lifespan: over 1 year

    Reason: Not able to establish a sufficient user base to keep going

    Categories: Time Tracking, Appointment Booking, Invoicing

    News References

    1. 📰 Tali was not the first voice-enable time tracker for lawyers. The first was Workspace Assistant from Thomson Reuters, which I wrote about in May 2017. But while Workspace Assistant could be used only with TR’s 3E Workspace, Tali was the first that could be used as a standalone product or through third-party integrations. ~

    Tali Alternatives


    Koinex is India's most advanced digital assets exchange.

    🚀Aug 2017 - ⚰Jun 2019

    Lifespan: almost 2 years

    Reason: India crypto regulations and laws

    Categories: Crypto, Cryptocurrencies, Crypto Trading, Bitcoin

    News References

    1. 📰 After months of uncertainty and disruption, we have regretfully decided to shut down all digital assets exchange services and operations today. It is, without a doubt, a sad day for all digital assets and blockchain enthusiasts in India and we can’t express in words how hard it’s been for us to make this decision. ~ Alternatives

  5. Support Hound

    The site uses data collected from actual cases to analyze the financial situations of parties going through a divorce and recommend a suggested support award. The suggestion forms a data-driven basis for negotiations with opposing counsel.

    🚀Jun 2016 - ⚰Jun 2019

    Lifespan: about 3 years

    Reason: Not enough energy by the founder

    Categories: Legal, Divorce Services

    News References

    1. 📰 SupportHound was founded in 2016 by Julie Gentili Armbrust, an attorney and family law mediator in Oregon. The site uses data collected from actual cases to analyze the financial situations of parties going through a divorce and recommend a suggested support award. The suggestion forms a data-driven basis for negotiations with opposing counsel. In an email last week to SupportHound customers, Armbrust said that she had made the difficult decision to shut down the site. ~
  6. BlackBerry Messenger

    BBM for Android and iPhone is here. Connect with anyone, anywhere for free. - Global

    🚀Aug 2005 - ⚰May 2019

    Lifespan: almost 14 years

    Categories: Messaging, Group Chat & Notifications, Instant Messaging

    News References

    1. 📰 Now it is the time to move on from BBM. The user’s version of the BlackBerry Messenger will be going to delete on May 31. Emtek, the Indonesia-based company which has a partnership with BlackBerry in 2016. ~

    BlackBerry Messenger Alternatives

  7. YouTube Gaming

    Connect to a world of gamers with the broadest mix of games, videos, and live streams all in one place. LiveTom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. 2015. 496 live. GTA V.

    🚀Aug 2015 - ⚰May 2019

    Lifespan: almost 4 years

    Categories: Fashion, Photography, Video

    YouTube Gaming Alternatives

    1. Twitch - Twitch is one of the most prominent streaming services around, serving as a platform primarily for video game and pop culture streamers.
    2. Livestream - A video live streaming platform that allows it's customers to broadcast live video content...
    3. Mixer - A network empowering creative professionals to connect with the right people, find jobs, and recruit talent.
    4. » All YouTube Gaming alternatives
  8. Utrip

    Check out my Utrip Itinerary or personalize your own

    🚀Feb 2017 - ⚰May 2019

    Lifespan: over 2 years

    Reason: Failed to raise more money

    Categories: Trip Organizer, Itinerary Organizer, Travel

    News References

    1. 📰 Utrip made money by licensing its software and building products for businesses in the hospitality space, such as hotels and cruise lines. In 2017, Utrip partnered with JetBlue to create a trip-planning portal stitching together flights, hotels, must-see sites, activities, and restaurants. Other “strategic partners” included Hilton, Holland America Line, Allegiant, and Starwood Preferred Guest. ~

    Utrip Alternatives


    Video chat around a shared remote (VNC-like) web browser.

    ⚰ Shut down in May 2019

    Reason: Acquired by Kast

    Categories: Fashion, Audio Player, Photography Alternatives

    1. Watch2Gether - Watch2Gether is an app that allows multiple people to watch the same content simultaneously and interact with each other while watching.
    2. - Watch synchronized videos from Youtube, Dailymotion or Vimeo with your friends up to 20.
    3. CyTube - Free, open source synchtube
    4. » All alternatives
  10. Chitika

    Chitika is an online ad network that leverages targeting and optimization technology to deliver ads.

    ⚰ Shut down in Apr 2019

    Reason: Ad suppliers leaving the platform

    Categories: Ad Network, Ad Networks, Digital Marketing

    News References

    1. 📰 Chitika tells publishers that they need to remove all ad code by April 30, 2019. “Please remove all Chitika ad code from all your websites on or before April 30th 2019. Any Chitika ad code or other calls to Chitika ad services after this time period will cease to operate.” Based on the termination of their partnership with their biggest exchange partner, no earnings accumulated after March 1, 2019 will be paid out. ~

    Chitika Alternatives

  11. HomeShare

    HomeShare helps democratize cities with attractive yet affordable housing. Find cheap rooms for rent in luxury apartments in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    🚀Jun 2016 - ⚰Apr 2019

    Lifespan: almost 3 years

    Categories: Home Share, Shared Housing, Flat Share

    News References

    1. 📰 To HomeShare’s employees: it’s an understatement to say that our story did not end where I hoped it would. Thank you for your dedication and hard work. You enabled HomeShare to expand to five markets, 50 properties and reach many residents’ lives. Our mission was one worth fighting for and I am thankful for the time and energy put forth behind each line of code, each installed partition, and each matched resident. ~
  12. Inbox by Gmail

    Inbox by Gmail is a new app from the Gmail team. Inbox is an organized place to get things done and get back to what matters. Bundles keep emails organized.

    🚀Oct 2014 - ⚰Apr 2019

    Lifespan: over 4 years

    Categories: Email, Enterprise Communication, Calendar

    News References

    1. 📰 Google confirmed quite a while ago that its popular email app, Inbox by Gmail, would be shutting down sometime in Spring of 2019. The company neglected to confirm a specific date, however. Today, that date has been confirmed. Inbox by Gmail shuts down on April 2nd. ~
    2. 📰 With some Inbox features about to arrive in the new Gmail, it is worth taking a look at some of its most popular features and see how it will affect Gmail as a whole. Here are some key features that are bound to arrive soon or have already arrived on our Gmail accounts. ~
    3. 📰 Last September, Google broke a lot of hearts when it announced that Inbox by Gmail would be shutting down in March 2019. While it may be March 19 and Inbox is working just fine, the end is nigh. ~

    Inbox by Gmail Alternatives

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