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Commemorating all the software products that have been discontinued
and finding the best alternatives along the way
Average Lifespan: 5 Years and 9 Months
Total Products: 4276

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  1. Google Plus

    The Google+ project aims to make sharing on the web more like sharing in real life.

    🚀Jun 2011 - ⚰Apr 2019

    Lifespan: almost 8 years

    Categories: Social Networks, Social Network, Social Media Apps

    Google Plus Alternatives

    1. Facebook - Connect with friends, family and other people you know. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates.
    2. Twitter - Connect with your friends and other fascinating people. Get in-the-moment updates on the things that interest you. And watch events unfold, in real time, from every angle.
    3. Tumblr - A feature rich and free blog hosting platform offering professional and fully customizable templates, bookmarklets, photos, mobile apps, and social network integration.
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  2. Google URL Shortener

    Google URL Shortener at is used by Google products to create short URLs that can be easily shared, tweeted, or emailed to friends.

    🚀Dec 2009 - ⚰Mar 2019

    Lifespan: over 9 years

    Reason: Replaced by Firebase Dynamic Links

    Categories: URL Shortener, Link Management, Marketing Platform

    News References

    1. 📰 Google is encouraging developers to switch over to Firebase Dynamic Links that have the advantage of automatically detecting a user's platform and send the user to either the web or your app. "URL Shortener has been a great tool that we're proud to have built. As we look towards the future, we're excited about the possibilities of Firebase Dynamic Links, particularly when it comes to dynamic platform detection and links that survive the app installation process," the company said. ~

    Google URL Shortener Alternatives

  3. Aria Insights

    Aria Insights fuses information across a team of intelligent aerial robots to transform data into actionable insights. We enter logistically difficult and potentially dangerous settings to bring data to the decision makers.

    🚀Mar 2014 - ⚰Mar 2019

    Lifespan: about 5 years

    Categories: Drones, Drone Analytics

    News References

    1. 📰 Earlier this year, Helen Greiner-founded drone startup CyPhy Works announced a major change. The company was rebooting and renaming itself Aria Insights, a move that arrived with a newfound AI/data-driven focus. Now, just over two months later, the company is no more. ~
  4. Google Spotlight Stories

    360° spherical video stories

    🚀Oct 2013 - ⚰Mar 2019

    Lifespan: over 5 years

    Categories: Android, iPhone, Video Streaming, Productivity, Web App

    Google Spotlight Stories Alternatives

    1. Boom for iOS - A music player for your iPhone with magical 3D sound
    2. » All Google Spotlight Stories alternatives
  5. Google Allo

    Google Allo is a smart messaging app that helps you say more and do more.

    🚀Sep 2016 - ⚰Mar 2019

    Lifespan: over 2 years

    Reason: Google

    Categories: Group Chat & Notifications, Messaging, Instant Messaging

    News References

    1. 📰 Google had big plans for its AI-powered Allo back when it was announced in 2016. Two years down the line, Google has probably realised that no one wants a chatbot anywhere near their personal conversations. ~

    Google Allo Alternatives

  6. Moments by Facebook

    A private way to share photos with friends

    🚀Jun 2015 - ⚰Feb 2019

    Lifespan: over 3 years

    Categories: Facebook, Photography, Photos

    News References

    1. 📰 “We’re ending support for the Moments app, which we originally launched as a place for people to save their photos. We know the photos people share are important to them so we will continue offering ways to save memories within the Facebook app,” Rushabh Doshi, director of product management said in a statement. ~

    Moments by Facebook Alternatives

  7. Stride

    Stride is the complete team communication solution with group messaging, video meetings, and built-in collaboration tools. Try free today!

    🚀Sep 2017 - ⚰Feb 2019

    Lifespan: over 1 year

    Reason: Acquired by Slack

    Categories: Communication, Messaging, Video Meetings, Collaboration

    News References

    1. 📰 In exchange, Atlassian gets a small stake in the startup, while Slack pays an undisclosed amount over the next three years to fully acquire the HipChat and Stride user bases. The partnership comes at a pivotal time for corporate chat software, with Microsoft ramping up competition with a rival product called Teams that’s immediately available for 135 million Office cloud subscribers. ~

    Stride Alternatives

  8. HipChat

    HipChat is hosted group chat and video chat built for teams. Supercharge real-time collaboration with persistent chat rooms, file sharing, and screen sharing.

    🚀Jan 2009 - ⚰Feb 2019

    Lifespan: about 10 years

    Categories: Work Collaboration, Group Chat & Notifications, Messaging

    News References

    1. 📰 Hipchat was launched in beta form back in 2009, long before Slack’s debut in 2013. It mostly ruled its space in the time in between, leading Atlassian to acquire it in March of 2012. Slack quickly outgrew it in popularity though, for myriad reasons — be it a bigger suite of third-party integrations, a better reputation for uptime, or… well, better marketing. By September of 2017, Atlassian overhauled its chat platform and rebranded it as as “Stride” ~

    HipChat Alternatives

  9. newCo

    Learn to build an internet business, without code.

    ⚰ Shut down in Jan 2019

    Categories: Online Courses, Learning Platform, Online Learning Platform, Toolbox

    News References

    1. 📰 At the end of last year I decided to shut down my old company, newCo. It had been running for about 7 months and at the peak, it was bringing in ~$6k monthly recurring revenue. This is a little post to explain what happened. ~

    newCo Alternatives

  10. Google Search Appliance

    Google Search Appliance combines the search expertise of Google with features that meet today’s business requirements.

    🚀Jan 2002 - ⚰Dec 2018

    Lifespan: almost 17 years

    Categories: Enterprise Search, Custom Search Engine, Custom Search

    Google Search Appliance Alternatives

    1. Apache Solr - Solr is an open source enterprise search server based on Lucene search library, with XML/HTTP and...
    2. Websolr - Exterprise-grade search powered by open-source Apache Solr.
    3. SearchBlox - SearchBlox is an out-of-the-box Enterprise Search Solution built on top of Apache Lucene/Solr.
    4. » All Google Search Appliance alternatives
  11. Path

    Path is a personal social network designed to help you be closer with family and friends.

    🚀Nov 2010 - ⚰Oct 2018

    Lifespan: almost 8 years

    Categories: Social Networks, Social Media Apps, Social Network

    News References

    1. 📰 But today, now that Facebook has become the least personal way on Earth to communicate, where semi-automated actions such as Happy Birthday wishes get corralled onto our Timelines en masse, the idea behind Path sounds charming and quaint and good. It would have been nice if Path had actually accomplished its mission, instead of persisting until now in obscurity. ~
    2. 📰 Path’s road took a turn for the worse and the much-hyped startup lost staff, users and momentum (and user data). The company tried to launch a separate app to connected businesses and users — Path Talk — but that didn’t work and ultimately it was sold to Korea’s Kakao — a messaging and internet giant — in an undisclosed deal in 2015. Kakao bought the app because it was popular in Indonesia, the world’s fourth-largest population where Path had four million users. ~

    Path Alternatives

  12. Google Reply

    Fullscreen messaging for iOS and Android

    🚀Feb 2018 - ⚰Oct 2018

    Lifespan: 8 months

    Categories: Android, iPhone, Messaging, CRM, Sales

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