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ownCloud is an open source project enabling businesses to host their own cloud storage while maintaining regulatory and compliance needs.

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Create Your Own Hosted Cloud Storage Server in Minutes - OwnCloud

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  • Roundcube Open-Source Webmail Software Merges with Nextcloud
    You might want to check out ownCloud[0] if you're purely interested in file sharing. Its all open source and you can run your own server. I can't attest to how well it runs currently, as I haven't used it for a few years, but I used it a couple years ago and it was pretty solid [0]: - Source: Hacker News / 8 months ago
  • What's your web browser based access to file system?
    I am not interested in complex cloud hosting systems like,, I run some cloud software (forgot the name) in the past and it was very inefficient at synchronizing, Seafile was great with synchronization, but recovery was painful. Source: about 1 year ago
  • All Ford EV will have access to Tesla Supercharger network
    Also just because something is "free" doesn't mean it is cheaper. I can run a free Owncloud but it might be cheaper to pay someone else to run my server while I focus on my solution. USB-A could be patent free and USB-C may have a small royalty but the UX and cost of manufacture may make USB-C still cheaper. I would be curious what the end agreement money exchange between Ford and Tesla was but I don't think we... Source: about 1 year ago
  • Transitioning Away from Google Services
    I've been hooked on some Google services since 2010 when I got a Nexus One phone. I liked the calendar and contacts because they were accessible from my other devices. I ported a few of my phone numbers to Google Voice shortly afterward and I liked being able to access voicemail and SMS from my other devices. Sometime last year I noticed that Google Calendar was acting up with Thunderbird so I decided to migrate... - Source: Hacker News / over 1 year ago
  • Ask HN: Is there any good Dropbox-like client for your own FTP server out there?
    Something like that - Source: Hacker News / over 1 year ago
  • Problem about sharing a huge amount of files
    I would think that something like OwnCloud could achieve this. This would allow you to self-host the files on your computer(s) and share them with others. I don't have any experience with OwnCloud or any alternatives yet, but based on what I've read on it, this could potentially solve the issue of sharing your self-hosted files. So maybe explore that as an option, and that might solve not only how to self-host... Source: over 1 year ago
  • Ask HN: Photo cloud service to use in 2023
    Https:// this in the past covered some part of requirements. - Source: Hacker News / over 1 year ago
  • Network Fileshare options
    I like Seafile for home cloud drive and File Browser for remotely browsing the hard drive. Seafile stores data in its own storage. OwnCloud can mount directly from the file system if you need that. They both have phone apps too. Seafile has a remote drive mount tool and sync tool for desktops. All three run in Docker well. Homepage is a great way to tie it all together. Source: over 1 year ago
  • Build Your Own Cloud Storage
    Nextcloud is similar to ownCloud, but with a few differences. Nextcloud is an upgraded version of ownCloud, created by duplicating (forking) it and developing the new version separately. It offers some great collaboration tools, allowing you to use one of their DIY cloud storage systems. They also have apps for smartphones on both Android and iOS -- which is perfect if you want to access your data wherever you... - Source: / over 1 year ago
  • An Organization building a Decentralized Internet
    Indviduals: can deploy any workload they need on any node on the grid, if it can run on linux it can run on the grid, this type of use is supported by the Threefold Playground, a decentralized deployment solution that provides industry standard linux vps deployments as multiple use case specific deployment solutions for Kubernetes, Caprover, Peertube, Funkwhale, Mattermost, Discourse, Taiga, Owncloud, Presearch,... Source: over 1 year ago
  • The Ethics of AI Art
    Maybe the solution Grey is looking for with obsidian a self hosted cloud that allows collaboration. Like NextCloud or OwnCloud. IDK how reliant he is on Obsidians plugins and specific UI. But these allow realtime collaboration on markdown. You just need an always on machine and a decent connection. Source: almost 2 years ago
  • I'm a very basic user. What am I missing?
    I'd also recommend taking a look at NextCloud (or alternatively ownCloud) if you'd like to host your own sort of cloud solution. You can also use it to plug into stuff like Google Drive and encrypt the contents as well. Source: about 2 years ago
  • This is bad for more reasons than the media has been highlighting
    Also recommend; Https:// Source: about 2 years ago
  • Self-hosted open-source alternative to Google Forms with the ability to upload files in the form
    I'm not sure about either of them but you should look into CryptPad and OwnCloud. Source: about 2 years ago
  • Dropbox deletes Rick and Morty creators account for secret TOS violation
    Can I take a moment to recommend 'OwnCloud'? ( ) I may be out of the loop, but my experience with it has been great. It's a (mostly?) open-source, self-hosted DropBox(ish) clone - with a great UI, web browser support as well as native MacOS, Windows, Android and iOS apps. (I figure there's probably some sort of Linux client as well? I'd have no idea.) I'm shocked that Adult Swim isn't... - Source: Hacker News / about 2 years ago
  • I needed to share some photos with family...
    OwnCloud community edition with gallery plugin not good? Source: about 2 years ago
  • What’s your favorite note taking app, foss or selfhosted?
    QOwnNotes with ownCloud. It works with Nextcloud, too, if you prefer. Source: about 2 years ago
  • Why do centrally planned economies tend to fail historically? (Prone to inefficiency, surplus and shortages, lower quality goods, etc)?
    As far as control, I think that might radically change also. I think within a decade that personal AI assistants will be common, and individual data will be held on personal servers that have to be explicitly granted access to retrieve data. So not Siri or Alexa, but Mycroft hosted using owncloud On one of these (they double as a space heater too!) with a backup in salt mine somewhere. Source: over 2 years ago
  • what is your storage setup?
    If you're looking to have the same files available across multiple systems you use, cloud storage might be a solution. Whether it be hosted by someone else like Dropbox or Google Drive, or run your own with NextCloud or OwnCloud. Source: over 2 years ago
  • File storage service for confidential files?
    I guess you could host your own? Source: over 2 years ago
  • Any thoughts about 4privacy?
    Nonetheless, the features look basically the same compared to ownCloud so 4privacy does seem like a duplicate project. Not sure what their business model will be (I don't think they know either yet) but owncloud is free for personal use on a self-hosted server. Owncloud also supports linux, 4privacy says linux support is "on the roadmap" which generally translates to "we'll do it if we get bored but probably wont". Source: over 2 years ago

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Best Top 12 MEGA Alternatives in 2024
ownCloud is an open-source file sync and share software for everyone from individuals operating the free ownCloud server, to large enterprises and service providers operating under the ownCloud Enterprise Subscription. ownCloud provides a safe, secure and compliant file sync and share solution – on servers you control.
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ownCloud is a file sharing solution for teams looking to manage data outside of something like Google Drive. The personal cloud storage solution has dozens of stable plugins that further consolidate data for remote-based organizations:
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Owncloud is not as such a cloud service, but a software to create our own. Owncloud allows us to take advantage of an old equipment or a service that we have to use it as if it were Dropbox.
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Like Dropbox, this service will allow you to manage all elements from a browser tab. From it, you can manage them, divide them into folders, and even download them online. ownCloud is a synchronization tool and ‘backup’ file, which is especially useful for small and medium enterprises. Moreover, it is not only versatile and practical but also extremely safe.

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