1. PictureBeaver is a WSH script for batch optimization PNG/JPEG/GIF images using...

  2. Try image Optimizer. Compress and optimize image,PDF,MP3 by w2e image compressor. Resize image, compress image by lossy/lossless image optimization.

  3. Advanced image optimization tool

  4. Convert and Rename images in batch mode Support JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF and JPEG2000

  5. Utilities for archiving photos for saving to long term storage or serving over the web.

  6. Crunch is an OS X tool for PNG image file optimization.

  7. Optimize and resize images online and through your CMS.

  8. The most advanced dual pane file manager and file transfer client for macOS.

  9. GraphicsMagick is the swiss army knife of image processing.

  10. Compress and compare images with different codecs, right in your browser

  11. WinLep is a software that compresses JPG images to LEP saving 22%.

  12. PNGOUTWin - batch mode png optimizer for Windows. See how optimized image compression can reduce bandwidth costs, improve website download times.