Top 12 Home Alternatives

Latest update:
  1. "empowering the smart home" - vendor and technology agnostic open source home automation

  2. Set up, manage, and control your Chromecast, Chromecast Audio and Google Home devices.

  3. Jeedom is a complete home-automation software.

  4. Yeti Smart Home connects your favourite smart home devices, regardless of their brand and...

  5. General purpose tool to manage, program and automate machines, services and apps.

  6. SmartThings makes it easy to turn your home into a smart home.

  7. FHEM (TM) is a GPL'd perl server for house automation.

  8. HomeGenie, Home Automaton Server in the Internet Of Things era

  9. Alexa provides analytical insights to benchmark, compare and optimize businesses on the web.