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  1. LaunchDarkly is a powerful development tool which allows software developers to roll out updates and new features.

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    Hence, here if we need to rollback / switch off a feature, its very simple. We just need to set this flag as false and re-deploy or use a cloud third party like LaunchDarkly and change the value to false.
  2. ConfigCat is a developer-centric feature flag service with unlimited team size, awesome support, and a reasonable price tag.


    How Feature Flags Can Help You Ship Faster and Smarter? about 2 days ago

    ConfigCat is a feature flag management service and LaunchDarkly alternative. It allows software engineers/developers to remotely control the behavior of their applications without needing to redeploy the code. This means that new features can be tested and rolled out to production gradually, and bugs can be fixed without having to take the entire application offline. With ConfigCat, developers can use feature...
  3. CR

    Cloudbees Rollout

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  4. The Ruby on Rails SaaS-in-a-Box.

  5. Manages your SaaS features from inception to production