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Asana project management is an effort to re-imagine how we work together, through modern productivity software. Fast and versatile, Asana helps individuals and groups get more done.

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  1. Yeo Sueiro Lee avatar
    Coordinate and manage in teams the tasks and the circulation of work of a plan.

    Asana is a very representative app for the work environment I'm a part of with team members and users it's stellar for: • To manage it on the web and portable devices • With option and manageability on the web • To set up projects and invite team members. • The projects have a roadmap to know the displacement of each activity. • Tasks can contain subtasks to keep track of work • Allows granting tasks, define expiration periods. • Effective and useful for adding files, making comments, and tags.

    🏁 Competitors: Trello, Wrike
    👍 Pros:    Asana proceeds effectively by promoting and supporting the work plan process for each project in terms of: • to arrange and establish the work to be executed for a given project. • to distribute and share among the members the tasks of a project. • flexible to locate and work those minimum activities of a task. • to fix and assign who will be in charge of the tasks. • it is consistent to fix the structured tasks and visualize the phases and their movements. • to set dates for a project from start to finish. • with the option to handle related tasks that in one way or another are dependent on each other.
    👎 Cons:    Asana, is substantial to give continuity to the acquired commitments, it gathers everything necessary for the satisfactory completion of the work plans, being so it is a fantastic application as long as i have no adverse consequences while i am using it.
  2. User avatar
    Absolutely the best when it comes to project management and collaboration

    Absolutely the best when it comes to project management and collaboration. We use Asana regularly and couldn't imagine working without it.

    🏁 Competitors:, Smartsheet, ClickUp
    👍 Pros:    Easy user interface|User-friendly|Workflow|Rules|Goals|Project management|Fast|Great customer support|All in one project management tool
    👎 Cons:    No desktop app

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  • How to Add Asana Tasks to Google Calendar
    The Asana app is a powerful project management tool used by over 1.5 million users across busy teams worldwide to track milestones, stay on top of projects, create product roadmaps, and assign task work. Popular for its intuitive design and massive scope across marketing, product, and sales operations, Asana offers a one-stop destination for almost everything your team needs to manage their work and hit your... - Source: / about 19 hours ago
  • Ask HN: Follow.up SaaS. Is there such a thing? There should be
    We used with a custom script to create timely reminds. - Source: Hacker News / 6 days ago
  • 11 Best Productivity Apps for Managers
    Asana is a comprehensive project management platform that aims to help teams 'work on big ideas, without the busywork'. Especially helpful for managers, Asana keeps track of and efficiently organizes what's most important to you and your team -- with an overview of objectives, project plans, deadlines, delegated task work, and more, all in one centralized hub. - Source: / 6 days ago
  • What are the everyday tools that you use in operating your small business?
    Asana is a project management tool that allows you to create lists and assign tasks--both for yourself and others. I use Asana for calendar planning, brainstorming sessions, prioritization of projects and more. The best thing about this tool is that it syncs with other apps so you can easily see your upcoming deadlines from another source. You can also invite others to collaborate on projects with you, which makes... - Source: Reddit / 20 days ago
  • Tips for Managing a Distributed Team
    Objectives and key results (OKR) can be used as a goal-tracking system. You should have tools and a dashboard to track your daily, weekly, and monthly progress toward your goal. Tools like ClickUp and Jira are excellent for monitoring software development, while Trello and Asana are great for marketing projects. You shouldn’t focus on the number of hours they spent on the project or how available they were; focus... - Source: / 29 days ago
  • How Do You Manage Your Progress Over Project(s)?
    Asana. I create tasks and subtasks and check them off as I go. You can duplicate tasks (and all of the subtasks within it) for future use. The free version works just fine, I've been using it for a few years Https:// - Source: Reddit / about 1 month ago
  • Looking for a productivity system that will work for me
    I've used Microsoft Todo, Google Tasks, Trello and am just moving away from Todoist towards towards Asana. The main reason for this is because Asana is better at creating repeated project templates (i.e. Where steps are the same each time), and has the concept of task dependencies so I can filter what I see to only the "next" things, rather than a big overwhelming list of all the things. Asana is very much... - Source: Reddit / about 1 month ago
  • Okta for Kubernetes – A Step-by-Step Guide
    Single Sign-On (SSO) has become a prominent part of enterprise strategy to bolster the security posture of user identification across different applications. SSO is an authentication system for users that enables them to use a single set of credentials when accessing a number of autonomous software systems. With this security model, companies can create federated identities for users across their different... - Source: / about 2 months ago
  • Task Management Trends Report: Managers vs. Individual Contributors Statistics
    This Task Management Trends Report surveyed over 2,000 professionals to analyze how managers and team members are prioritizing and defending their time for focused work across their increasingly busy workweeks, using project management platforms Jira, Asana, Todoist, Trello and ClickUp. We found that only 12.4% of individual contributors are able to dedicate more than 6 hours a day to their actual task work, and... - Source: / about 2 months ago
  • There are many PM tools for corporates. What Project Management tool are you using in your small business?
    We have been using for several years (and me specifically for the last 5 months or so)... It is quite similar to Asana or Trello, but Freelo was cheaper and has some features that we needed... Still doesn't have Gantt diagram tho... - Source: Reddit / 2 months ago

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Asana is an ideal project management software for small teams. It is available in three different versions Free, Premium & Enterprise.
14 Best Wrike Alternatives For Project Management In 2022
Asana and Wrike are similar in their “freemium” payment model, but differ in some other basic capacities. Wrike has more of a set structure for project management, whereas Asana has greater flexibility, similar to Hive. Project views in Asana include list, boards, timeline and portfolios, whereas Wrike has a Gantt view, timelog view, table view, analytics view, file view, and board view. Timelog is one of the...
18 Valuable Wrike Alternatives To Crush Project Management In 2022
It depends on your needs and your team. Asana comes equipped with features that cater to scrum and agile project management methodologies while Wrike might appeal to teams and other groups who have no project management training.
Trello vs Asana vs Toggl Plan: What’s the Best Project Management Tool (2020)
For instance, Kanban boards, which are the core of Trello, are just one of the features in Asana. Asana comes with various ways to look at projects — from simple lists, to complex calendar views, and timelines. It also comes with features for workload management and enterprise-level security.
The 8 Best Basecamp Alternatives for Your Projects
Unline Basecamp, Asana democratizes the project management process and gives power to the team as well as the manager. Rather than the top-down approach in Basecamp, which gives project managers tons of power over a project with very little left to empower the average team member, Asana encourages participation and transparency while executing teamwork projects.
Trello vs Asana: Managing Tasks and Projects in 2020
If you are finding it difficult to choose between Asana and Trello, the former’s Zapier integration lets you work with both of them and get the best of both worlds. If you are setting Asana up for the first time, read our Asana beginner’s guide for tips on how to get started.
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Asana is a popular project management solution that has a lot of name recognition behind it. Check out this post that covers a complete list of Asana alternatives.
Best Project Management Software, Tools and Practices
Asana is one of the most popular project management choices out there. It is a cloud solution that offers functionalities focused mostly on tracking and planning projects and focuses less on productivity tracking. If you are looking for a simple and user-friendly project management software you can't go wrong with Asana. Asana is in its core a to-do list with additional features focused on project management and...
Trello vs Asana — Where to Manage Your Projects in 2020
As a result, ten years after Moskovitz and Rosenstein left Facebook to start Asana, the company reached a $1.5 billion valuation, and today it has over 60,000 paying customers. Also, the founders of the company are so confident in their product that they recently announced that all 500 Asana employees are ditching internal email.
The 6 Best Basecamp Alternatives
Asana was founded over a decade ago in 2008 and has since grown to become one of the most popular projects management suites. Its prestigious rise to fame is no doubt a direct result of the countless features and clean design that Asana boasts.
The 10 Best Free Wrike Alternatives To Use in 2020 (Free & Trial)
#6 in our compilation of free Wrike alternatives is Asana. One of the first choices for project management, Asana is a fairly simple to use tool, in comparison to Wrike. Coming with a diverse toolset, Asana lets the users manage tasks through lists.
50 Best Project Management Tools for 2019
Asana is a cloud-based project management software that helps teams to map out every single detail of projects within an organization. Asana enables you to plan your work in a way that’s best for you. It is flexible enough to adapt to you.

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