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Electron Alternatives﹣5 Best JavaScript Frameworks for Desktop Apps

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  1. Build cross platform desktop apps with web technologies

    SvelteKit + Electron: Create your desktop web app about about 1 month ago

    I make a new Adapter for SvelteKit apps that prerenders your entire site as a collection of static files for use with Electron.
  2. nwjs

    Running Node Apps on BrightSign Devices about 6 days ago

    BrightSign has pretty good docs that explain this. There are a ton of similarities to running NW.js, so it might make sense to check that out as well ( DM me if you have more questions. My team and I have built a few Node applications for BrightSign players.
  3. Build Desktop Applications for Linux, Windows and Mac using HTML, CSS and Javascript

  4. Meteor is a set of new technologies for building top-quality web apps in a fraction of the time.

    If You Were Building Today, Which Tech Stack Would... about 3 months ago

    You could build the whole thing with and React.
  5. A React environment for cross platform native desktop app