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4 Must-Have Open Source Solutions for Object Storage

LakeFS JuiceFS Seaweed FS Minio
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    lakeFS is an open-source tool that transforms your object storage to Git-like repositories. Start managing data the way you manage your code.
    LakeFS allows you to create a development environment where you can perform experiments and document them in a reproducible manner. Like Git, you can create commits and branches, making it possible for you to move along the timeline of your application development and try out new features in isolation. Amazingly, lakeFS performs all this without duplicating any data — everything is done using special metadata management.

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  2. The Shared POSIX File System for the Cloud
    JuiceFS solves this by providing a fully POSIX-compatible tool that allows you to work seamlessly with other applications without any business intrusions. Moreover, it can be built on top of almost any cloud storage provider to store data as objects. It also offers better management by saving metadata in familiar database engines, such as Redis, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc.

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  3. SeaweedFS is a simple and highly scalable distributed file system to store and serve billions of files fast! SeaweedFS object store has O(1) disk seek and SeaweedFS Filer supports cross-cluster replication, POSIX, S3 API, ,…

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    Minio is an open-source minimal cloud storage server.
    Another more powerful alternative to JuiceFS and SeaweedFS is MinIO. Even though it is fairly young, MinIO has become a leader in the hybrid cloud sphere. It runs seamlessly in private and public clouds, providing the broadest range of use cases — AI/ML, analytics, backup/restore, and mobile and web applications.

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