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Want to Invest in Web-to-Print? Prepare your team first before investment

Web to print software is revolutionizing the Print Industry as it helps in creating a strong virtual presence and it also helps in streamlining the design process and provide design self-service capabilities. Whether you have an online printing business or you have a multi-vendor print platform or you wish to render your Web to print solution as a service, each type of business can increase its sales and deliver personalized and customized products to its customers with the help of web to print software.

But, each printing business or web to print storefront has different target audiences and business goals when it comes to the online print solutions. So, online print businesses not only have to make an informed decision regarding their choice of Web to Print Software, but they also have to change their organizational culture and prepare their personnel for this major update!

If you too are looking to employ a web to print solutions for your business, to ensure that you have a seamless onboarding on the Web to print storefront, you have to make some changes in the hierarchy in your organization and educate and train your staff about the Web-to-print solution for optimum return on your investment. While each organization has a different set of hierarchies defined and a unique organizational culture, there are certain checkpoints that each online print business can cover and we have elaborated them below:

4 Steps to prepare your staff for the Web to Print Solution:

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1. Identifying Team Roles:

When you employ a web to print solution, it completely changes the design and ordering process of the organization. While the design and ordering process is automated, the design self-service and ready-to-print output file capabilities eliminate the human element from the process completely! So, on one end where resources will have ample time to redirect their attention towards productive tasks, certain roles will need fulfillment when you employ a web to print software.

For instance, you would need a marketing staff to promote your products and web to print solution to your new potential audience! Also, there would be a requirement of creating design templates that would help customers in placing quick orders and would also help the organization in grabbing the opportunities of getting new orders by covering the market trends. Apart from that, there would also arise requirements for analysts and technical assistance to ensure that the decision-makers can get relevant information and using that they can make informed decisions with the dynamic reports that you get from the online print solutions.

2. Explain how W2P solution will make their work easier and faster:

Hiring technology can bring panic and resistance in the staff as they would feel that the solution will replace them as there would be no need for them in the organization. This happens when the resources do not have a complete understanding of the solution and as a result of that, they resist the change. Especially if you are transitioning from traditional business methods to online print business, your resources need to have a complete understanding of the web to print solution and how it would not replace them but facilitate them in doing their jobs better.

Also, since your staffs handle the customer on the ground and they are the ones who communicate with your customers, they can help the decision-makers in selecting an ideal web2print solution for the organization. So, create a center of excellence inside your organization and make your personnel a part of the decision-making process. This will not only help them in understanding the web to print solution better, but it would also help you in making the right choice for your organization and ensure optimum return on investment.

3. Prepare your supply chain for print on demand business model:

Print on demand is one of the biggest benefits of employing the web-to-print software solutions. While web-to-print tools can provide you the design automation that is required for a print-on-demand business model, you also have to make sure that you have the respective execution print technologies and supply chain in place to adopt the business model.

Since an ideal print shop software provides both vendor management systems along with ready-to-print output files, you can either partner with local vendors across different geographical areas to ensure that you have extended reach for the print-on-demand business model. Also, you have to create and streamline the shipping methods to ensure that the deliveries are made on time.

4. Align your resources with your business goals before integrating a web to print solution:

An online print designer solution is a major change in any organization irrespective of whether they have a digital presence or not. It not only helps in transitioning from brick and mortar business model to brick and click business model, it completely changes the order turnaround time, design and execution process and the overall business lifecycle.

This change in process and pace can create confusion in the organization and if your personnel is not aligned with your vision, it can also create chaos in the organization. Thus, before you gear up for this big change, create an elaborate plan of how things will happen once the solution is integrated and ensure that every person in your organization is aware of the overall vision and their roles in the same.

Well begun is half done:

This quote defines it all! When you have a plan of action defined, you can easily put things in motion and ensure that the transition that your business is making is seamless and hassle-free. If you are currently looking for a dynamic web-to-print solution to deploy for enhancing your printing business, drop an inquiry here at Design'N'Buy along with your exact requirements. A member of our staff will get back to you asap.

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