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The 5 Best File Syncing Apps

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  1. Online Sync and File Sharing

    3.3 economy about 9 months ago

    Huh. This may take a more in depth look to solve, guess and check is likely to miss a lot. If you upload your save file to a file hosting site like and post the link, I'll take a look and see what advice I can come up with.
  2. GoodSync provides highly reliable file backup and synchronization for both individuals and businesses.

    Looking for way to auto sync local files with certain conditions about 12 months ago:

    Or check out I think the free version might work as well.
  3. Backup software for the PC: powerful, easy to use solution for backing up and synchronising files on a local/network drive, the cloud, FTP server and more.

  4. Resilient, fast and scalable file synchronization for enterprises and individuals

  5. FreeFileSync is a free open source data backup software that helps you synchronize files and folders on Windows, Linux and macOS.

    Easiest way to backup data? about 5 days ago

    No cash and robocopy makes you sad? is another decent option.