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ClickUp's #1 rated productivity software is making more productive projects with a beautifully designed and intuitive platform.

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ClickUp 2.0: Features, Pricing & More (2019)

A Clickup Tour, Pros and Cons, & How to Set It Up (Full ClickUp Review and Tutorial)

ClickUp 1.0 Review: Features, Pricing & Opinions


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    Great product

    All-in-one tool. We use it for docs, project management, tasks, wiki and so on. Awesome product!

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    Awesome, complete and exciting platform !

    Been using Clickup for 8 months now and can't imagine life/work without it ... Very complete and in constant improvement thanks to a great team.

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  • Starting a Side Hustle/Side Project in 2024.
    We are using Click Up for Project Management, Hostinger to host the site currently, ProfitBooks for the bookkeeping/accounting, Office suite for Word, Excel. - Source: / 19 days ago
  • A list of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS offerings that have free tiers of interest to devops and infradev — Project management. Free, premium version with cloud storage. Mobile applications and Git integrations are available. - Source: / 4 months ago
  • Creating Issues in GitHub
    For most teams who don't have the option to subscribe to popular Project Management apps like JIRA, Asana, ClickUp, or Monday, you can make use of GitHub's issue management system to track the bugs in your application. - Source: / 8 months ago
  • Need your feedback on choosing LLM App for a demo
    Create a unified live to-do list from different task builders. We can unify tasks from google doc assignments and clickup tasks. Source: 9 months ago
  • The 8 best CRMs for small business in 2023
    ClickUp is an all-in-one productivity platform. It’s designed for planning projects, managing tasks, and communicating with team members. Source: 9 months ago
  • Top 5 Project Management Tools Platforms Solutions
    Clickup is perfect for huge teams. Tools for communication, scheduling, and planning are included in the software. It is also visually appealing, allowing you to make graphs, calendars, lists, and charts. ClickUp features fundamental reporting. - Source: / 9 months ago
  • Best Planner Apps: Top 11 Daily Planning Tools in 2023
    ClickUp is a versatile and comprehensive daily planner app with many features to help you stay organized and increase productivity. Whether you're an individual user or part of a team, ClickUp has something to offer everyone. With its user-friendly interface and powerful functionality, ClickUp is a top contender in the best daily planner apps ever. - Source: / 10 months ago
  • Sibling said my system, which relieves my ADHD/poor working memory, seems very stressful to them...
    It indeed has an iOS interface! I use it across my iPad, Android phone and Windows laptop. It's called ClickUp. I compared it to Sunsama (too expensive) and also tried Ellie Planner (not enough cross-platform support for my needs). I don't need automated/AI time blocking at all, so the app is really a detailed "parking lot" for tasks for me. I have it on every single screen (even on my 10-page Android phone home... Source: 11 months ago
  • Solo project management app?
    Slightly more complicated than Todoist or TickTick, but much more powerful is GoodDay. Which is a kind of simplified ClickUp. Not well known, but quite OK. Source: 12 months ago
  • What's the best productivity and habit building app out there?
    If you're cool with using separate apps and want more fancy features there are a ton... ClickUp is the best freemium to do list / task manager I'm aware of (esp for work) but there are so many. Strides is a nice habit tracker for iOS (requires paid subscription for more than three habits though). Source: 12 months ago
  • If you could pick only ONE productivity app to use for the rest of your life, what would it be?
    Easier would’ve been so here you go. Source: about 1 year ago
  • People who use Notion to plan their whole lives
    I use ClickUp[1] in similar ways. I have three spaces: family, personal development, professional development. All of the side projects I have are under personal development, various work commitments (including e.g. Rental house management) under professional, and family goes all the way from "scoop the litter box" all the way to 10 year goals. I have not (and may not) reach steady-state on the way it's organized,... - Source: Hacker News / about 1 year ago
  • Which productivity apps do you use?
    Sunsama - My clients use Monday, ClickUp, and Asana. Sunsama lets me pull in tasks from all these apps, my email, calendar, and more to plan out my weekly objectives and daily tasks. Source: about 1 year ago
  • From a PM standpoint, will ClickUp be able to compete in every feature category they operate in?
    For those not familiar with ClickUp, they are a project management tool, competing against companies like Asana,, etc but they go further and are looking to be the "One app to replace them all" (which is their tagline). Source: about 1 year ago
  • Best Project Management tool for extremely small team swimming in work
    I would have a look at, as it is very versatile and has a good UI. The same is (almost) true for ClickUp. The coming v.3 version will have an improved UI. Source: about 1 year ago
  • Trial Run
    Something like ClickUp, or, if you're on a Mac, NotePlan, could do something you would like to have. But you would need to change your perspective :). Source: about 1 year ago
  • Kanban Mode
    Check out TickTick if you want a nice todo-app. Or ClickUp if you want more bells & whistles and want to do project management as well. If you prefer a multitool-app, you could have a look at Notion. Source: over 1 year ago
  • The Brief Data Entry Outsourcing Guide
    You must choose one of the numerous project management tools available, such as Jira, Trello, ClickUp, and others. Source: over 1 year ago
  • Whats your favourite app that can work as a calendar and also effectively time-block out tasks?
    By mid-2021 I moved away from Asana to ClickUp for my business tasks and projects. (I actually saw an ad on a billboard driving to work and thought I would give it a try. LOL! A billboard!) I liked ClickUp for work so much that I tried it for personal tasks. The sync to Google is amazing and reliable. It has all the features I want and even more. But it’s a little clunky. The first version of the iOS app was not... Source: over 1 year ago
  • How ChatGPT and SEO can help each other? Case: ChatGPT, Pexels, SE Ranking, (+ClickUP and HotJar). Topic: cars. Time range: Dec 2022 - Jan 2023... (Part 2. First traffic)
    Add clickup If there is a content plan, then there is a notification system and performers. Everything must be done in sequence. Source: over 1 year ago
  • Constantly struggling to find the right planning system... recommendations are appreciated!
    I've been using Clickup ( for a couple of years. I was exactly the same. Planners (paper and digital) and couldn't keep up. But ClickUP really changed this. It can do everything you described. You can use it for free, or you can use it on a subscription basis (very reasonably priced!) to get more file space. Source: over 1 year ago

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10 SurveyMonkey Alternatives and Competitors in 2024
You can effortlessly transform these forms into tasks and assign them to your team, ensuring a seamless transition from data collection to action. ClickUp’s Form view supports custom fields and offers a public sharing link for easy distribution. The forms also retain your branding, giving a professional and consistent look.
20 Obsidian Alternatives: Top Note-Taking Tools to Consider
ClickUp is an all-in-one productivity platform where teams come together to plan, organize, and collaborate on work using tasks, Docs, Chat, Goals, Whiteboards, and more. Easily customized with just a few clicks, ClickUp lets teams of all types and sizes deliver work more effectively, boosting productivity to new heights!
Top 10 Figma Alternatives for Your Design Needs | ClickUp
Need a gorgeous design but don’t want to start from scratch? ClickUp Templates get you to your goals faster with premade (but customizable) sections. We recommend using Whiteboard templates for maximum creative freedom, but you can dig into ClickUp’s template library with 1,000+ other options.
One App to Rule Them All vs All Workflows All the Time
The project management paradigm in ClickUp is little different from that found in systems like Trello: it’s all about tasks, and their statuses. The default task management mode is manual, however, ClickAp does offer ‘workflow automations’, which allow you to set up When-Then rules to trigger specific events (like task status changes or task assignments) when other events occur. In theory, users can build fairly...
11 Ayanza Alternatives
ClickUp is a software application that can be demos on-demand, live webinars, mentorship accessed, and anyone can participate in a public chat room. You can connect more effectively with individuals or groups, add notes to action items, and link activities to get more done together. Each job has hundreds of customizable options, and new ones are added every week. The Hierarchy feature is a unique feature that...
10 Best AI Tools for Customer Service to Elevate Your Support
Instead of organizing your customer service processes from scratch, use one of ClickUp’s 1,000+ templates. We recommend the ClickUp Customer Support Work Breakdown Structure Template—it helps you organize and assign tickets, set deadlines, analyze KPIs, and monitor performance. ClickUp also has templates containing AI prompts and those focusing on sales enablement, CRM, client success, customer journey, and more.
10 Best Procurement Management Software Tools in 2023
ClickUp is a robust platform that combines procurement, Docs, tasks, Whiteboards, analytics, Goals, chats, and more. If you’re sick of flipping through countless platforms to complete one measly task, ClickUp is the answer.
The Ultimate List of 20 Best AI Work Management Tools
ClickUp AI: ClickUp integrates AI to assist users with content creation, providing suggestions, improving grammar and clarity, and enhancing overall writing quality within the platform.
12 Best ClickUp Alternatives for Innovative Management in 2023
Benefits of Asana compared to ClickUp: Asana has a simpler layout, which most users love compared to ClickUp. ClickUp lacks visibility of team workload, while Asana has a dedicated feature that gives valuable insights into how projects develop. Asana also lets managers track goals and monitor team performance which is essential for reporting.
How Breeze compares to ClickUp for project management
Compare Beeze and ClickUp features ClickUp is loaded with features, plugins, and extensions that nobody uses. ClickUp lacks focus and tries to do everything for everybody. Breeze lets you focus on your work and has the features you need to get work done.
11 Top Confluence Alternatives & Competitors For Team Collaboration
If you’re on Google Docs and want to embed a YouTube video into your doc, you’re out of luck. With ClickUp, you can easily embed videos from sites like YouTube into your Doc to make it as comprehensive as possible.
18 Best Idea Management Software to Facilitate Innovation 2023
ClickUp is an all-in-one productivity platform designed for teams across industries to manage and gather ideas, monitor project updates, and work together—all on one screen. Whether you meet in the office or online, ClickUp’s powerful brainstorming and ideation features can stretch the size of any team and encourage every member to take a walk on the creative side of things.
12 BEST Wrike Alternatives for Project Management in 2022
Clickup is the most versatile tool on the market with a free forever plan. It has an excellent user interface with a powerful core in which you can easily integrate other tools. For instance, integrating Spreadsheet, Email, Events, Chat, and more, all in one app!
14 Best Wrike Alternatives For Project Management In 2022
ClickUp is a great addition to our list of best Wrike alternatives, as it’s a true all-in-one tool and operates on a freemium model — you can use the tool for free. ClickUp claims that you can save one day a week using their tool, which has a few different primary functionalities, including to-do lists, docs, wikis, goal tracking, and resource management.
18 Valuable Wrike Alternatives To Crush Project Management In 2022
It depends on your needs and your team. ClickUp offers a few features—including automations and agile templates—better suited for teams who already have a handle on project management and want to take the next step toward optimization.

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