1. 1Password can create strong, unique passwords for you, remember them, and restore them, all directly in your web browser.

  2. Deadlines, meet your match.

  3. Now available in the IFTTT app

  4. Turn your phone into a ruler with the power of AR

  5. Bring your life's work together in one digital workspace. Evernote is the place to collect inspirational ideas, write meaningful words, and move your important projects forward.

  6. Todoist is a to-do list that helps you get organized, at work and in life.

  7. Full-featured clipboard manager for Mac and iOS

  8. Powerful automation made simple.

  9. An eerily accurate weather app with hilarious forecasts

  10. Planny is your new friend helping you to be more productive

  11. Paper by FiftyThree transforms your iPhone or iPad into a versatile drawing and writing pad that transforms to match your needs.

  12. Make a beat in seconds