1. Oscar is an open-source ecommerce framework for Django.

  2. Open Source PWA for any eCommerce

  3. Sublight is a website that allows you to download subtitles in several languages for movies and television.

  4. OpenSubtitles.org was developed for easy downloading and uploading subtitles for movies.

  5. Keep your back-end, revolutionize your front-end. Use React with Magento2 and build the new generation of PWA eCommerce front-end. Smart integration, fast loadings, unique UX, good practices, we provide all you have been waiting for !

  6. Enhance the power of drag-and-drop on your Mac

  7. A drag and drop library for developers

  8. QR codes that make shopping on mobile a breeze

  9. Feature your Shopify products to BuzzFeed's 200M readers

  10. Fastest shopping mobile app

  11. The best elements of Ebates & Pinterest combined

  12. From creating Shopify store to listing & selling on marketplaces, the Marketplace Integration apps help sellers upload products in bulk, auto-sync inventory & orders.