1. AppDirect is a cloud service marketplace and management platform.

  2. Exapik is a data-driven mobile app monetization platform​.

  3. Orbitera optimizes the sales of software and services on cloud platforms.

  4. Tappx is an open app developers community for monetization and cross-promotion.

  5. PingStart is a monetization platform built for publishers.

  6. Tapdaq provides a platform for developers to grow, retain and monetize their audience.

  7. Seventynine is an ad integration and monetization platform.

  8. AppTap is committed to helping app developers and publishers grow and monetize their audience with native app advertising platform.

  9. Start Magazine offers content monetization tool for app developers.

  10. Adscend creates rewards-based ad solutions for apps and websites. 

  11. Facebook Audience Network is designed to help monetize your apps and websites with ads from global Facebook advertisers.

  12. WhiteMobi provide a content monetization tools for publishers, content owners and app developers that helps publishers to monetize mobile traffic.