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Apple Remote Desktop

Apple Remote Desktop is the best way to manage the Mac computers on your network.

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  • Thinking about switching teams from a Surface Book 2 (13.5"/i7/8/256) to an Air M1
    Nope. You can configure it with 16GB and up to 2TB SSD on Source: about 3 years ago
  • Passing parameters as query string in URL using Alamofire 5?
    Swift AF.request(" { response in // Do something with data. }. Source: about 3 years ago
  • Am I the only one who immediately thought about a mixed reality headset seeing this image?
    The WWDC image on the homepage shows a few random Memoji people..keep refreshing the page to see them. All of them are wearing glasses and one of them has a hearing aid that can be seen since he has short hair. I think this points to an accessibility update. Source: about 3 years ago
  • Stuck at Activation Lock, unable to figure out Apple ID?
    The error you are seeing in the image above is because as you said, she does not have an rather she has a account that she set her Apple ID up on. That shouldn't matter, when I got my 5s years ago, I did the same thing, then later switched my Apple ID to account though that account is linked to my account still. Source: about 3 years ago
  • Use connector to keep using webhost mail service, possible?
    You can specify as many servers as you want with the same MX priority. For example, just take a peek at the MX records of,, or And then, each of the FQDN's specified by MX could resolve to multiple A records / IP Addresses as well.... Ie Source: about 3 years ago
  • After 14.4.2 update, iPhone 12 Pro can't load apps and won't turn off or restart
    • I tried to go to for support, but I can't get as far as a support chat or even ask a question in the support community because it won't let me sign in without sending a verification code to my iPhone (my only Apple device) and the verification code won't display when I receive it—all that pops up are two buttons saying "Allow/Don't Allow" and tapping them makes them go away but otherwise has no effect... Source: about 3 years ago
  • "cannot write scoreboard file record" / "cannot open file perm" … what do??
    I would strongly advise against running 3.6.0 at this stage. 3.6.1, 3.6.2, and 3.6.3 each fixed lots of bugs and 3.6.2 incorporated the curses interface. If your machine has the "Xcode command line tools" installed (available for download from if you don't already have that package), you can build 3.6.6 (or even to-be-3.7, work in progress available at from sources. It... Source: about 3 years ago
  • airpods jk jk jk look at places like, Facebook Marketplace and try to see if you know someone re-selling. Source: about 3 years ago
  • Anyone have recent experience with MacBook Pro delivery times to France?
    Hey hi. I too have recently ordered a m1 air. And its good to know that in NL its faster. Also as I am in south east asia it does show waiting time from 1 to 2 weeks. The thing you mentioned about delivering from all over the world. When asked from the local apple store, they mentioned that most of the macs if ordered from directly ships from a common selling country like in my case its Singapore. In a... Source: about 3 years ago
  • Safari Not Loading Pages
    Every now and then, Safari refuses to load a page. It says that "Safari Can't Open the Page". But, refreshing the page many times (around 20-30) makes the page load. I am on an M1 Mac and this is an annoying issue. Also, sometimes it says the site is not secure, even for or Does anyone know a solution... Like to I have to reset something? Thanks. Source: about 3 years ago
  • Should I upgrade my 2019 MBP to M1?
    Finally, unsure how to choose between MacBook or Mac Mini. Pricewise, the mini seems to be a no-brainer (you can get a refurb on for $589). I use my laptop mostly at my desk connected to a monitor. But I'd like the option to go places with it too. But is that portability worth $3-400? I suppose I could use my iPad for portability. not sure. Source: about 3 years ago
  • Is this considered good battery history?
    I bought my MacBook Pro 13-inch (2020) at on July, 2020. It is custom model with 16 GB of RAM. I had installed CoconutBattery just after I purchased the laptop and I've noticed that battery design capacity drastically reduced (minus ~20%) for over than half of the year. Should I be worried about battery health? Source: about 3 years ago
  • Do I need to get Applecare+ right away for my Mac or can I wait?
    I got this from the website (search AppleCare). You can check the location/national rules on your localised link. Source: about 3 years ago
  • 2012 iMac 21.5 inch boot issues
    I've also posted this on the support boards, but figured crossposting here wouldn't hurt. Source: about 3 years ago
  • Where do I get itunes 9?
    I've tried dl itunes 9 on and a few other websites and all of them seem to be dead links. Anyone know where I can get this version as I need it to sync with MusicBee. Source: about 3 years ago
  • Im thinking buying a imac got some questions
    You can try to recover your Apple ID password and thru apples support site, typically where you log in you click the link that says. Source: about 3 years ago
  • Revelations from the recent Imperfect Plan article - The Phone Logs
    I have an iPhone 4 with the same IOS that Kris had. It has a built in compass and flashlight app. From the discussion forum "Your GPS knows where it is, it simply has no map on which to plot that location without the internet _when using the Maps app." I can answer iPhone 4 questions for you. Source: about 3 years ago
  • Apple Support Broke My iPad
    Have you tried support on the website? I've inquired about an old ipad within the last year; tried forums, went to further help and eventually got a call back. They were amazing for me. Try it. And good luck, I can't see this being the way it all ends for you and your iPad; no way this is acceptable to Apple. Source: about 3 years ago
  • Phone not compatible or no coverage- Don’t worry!
    iPhone SE is technically compatible, but does not support bands 66 or 71, so it will not get the best coverage in rural areas or while in high interference buildings/urban areas, and you will eventually need a new phone for any provider - you just got lucky "for now". I recommend to buy an older phone and sell yours, or else buy a new one directly from and trade in your iPhone SE. Source: about 3 years ago
  • Did Apple sell me a used computer? Why can't I create an Apple ID?
    Directly from, and it was customized with large amount of ram and 1 tb and took longer than normal to build. Source: about 3 years ago
  • How to buy a new phone if you're already a Mint user?
    I think you could buy the phone without the plan, plug your current SIM into your new phone once it arrives, and get service. Mint's phones are locked for 12 months on service and people have complained of poor quality/return problems so if you want to buy a phone go directly to the manufacturer (,, etc). Source: about 3 years ago

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