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12 Best Free File Comparison Tools for Windows 10

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  1. AptDiff is a visual text / binary files comparison and merging utility for Windows.

  2. DiffMerge is a graphical file comparison program for Windows, Mac OS X and Unix, published by...

    IT Pro Tuesday #219 - File Merging, Windows Troubleshooting,... about 2 months ago:

    DiffMerge is a multi-platform tool for visually comparing and merging files. Its graphical merge screenshot highlights the differences between files, and allows automatic merging and full edit control over the resulting file. The folder comparison shows which files are missing in one of the folders as well as which files among matched pairs is different. Kindly suggested by whyiseverynameinuse.
  3. Diffuse is a small and simple text merge tool written in Python.

  4. It is a simple yet powerful tool that is being used by the professional programmer and developers for the purpose of visual comparison.

  5. KDiff3 is a file and directory diff and merge tool which compares and merges two or three text...

  6. Workshare Compare is the leading platform for comparing two documents for differences across all document types.

  7. WinMerge is an open source differencing and merging tool for Windows.

    Eden reforged resource requirements about 10 days ago

    What you want is to compare the Vanilla templates.ecf file against the templates.ecf file of RE using a program like Winmerge. That'll give you an idea of what is different and you can alter it to your tastes for a local game or on your own server. (Copy the scenario to your 'scenarios' folder, don't alter files in the subscribed folder, they'll just get overwritten.).
  8. What is Meld? Meld is a visual diff and merge tool targeted at developers.

    Only fetch some commits from upstream, instead of all about 2 months ago

    Cherry-picking is used grab an arbitrary commit from some branch and append it to the tip of your current working branch. If your fork diverges too much from the upstream repo, you're likely to run into "merge" conflicts (e.g. When the upstream branch and your branch make different changes to the same block of code, which side should Git keep?). A merge tool like meld can be useful in those situations.
  9. tkdiff is a graphical diff viewer based on the Tk framework.

  10. Compare files with 'Diff Doc' by Softinterface. Compare DOC DOCX PDF TXT RTF HTM XLS PPT. Command line capable for automating comparison of files.

  11. Automatically compare PDFs and Word documents to verify text and spelling with GlobalVision Text Inspection.

  12. Beyond Compare allows you to compare files and folders.

    Best tools to show the difference in files between two cloned... about 1 day ago

    I can highly recommend BeyondCompare from