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Best Selenium Alternatives (Free and Paid) in 2021

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  1. Selenium automates browsers. That's it! What you do with that power is entirely up to you. Primarily, it is for automating web applications for testing purposes, but is certainly not limited to just that.

    A Look at End-to-end Testing in Nightwatch v2.0 about 4 months ago

    The task of interacting with browser internals was already handled by the Selenium project and working with the Selenium server via an HTTP based api was a straightforward task. And so Nightwatch was born by bringing together various existing tools and techniques into one easy-to-use integrated solution.
  2. Protractor is an end-to-end test framework for AngularJS applications.

  3. TestProject is the world’s first free cloud-based, community-powered test automation platform!

    E2E Testing with React, Jest, and the TestProject JavaScript... about 4 months ago:

    Recently a newcomer has joined the pack: TestProject, a free, open-source test automation platform for e2e testing that helps simplify web, mobile, and API testing. The TestProject SDK has language support for Java, C#, Python, and, most recently, JavaScript.
  4. State-of-the-art cloud-based platform for end-to-end test automation.

  5. Built on the top of Selenium and Appium, Katalon Studio is a free and powerful automated testing tool for web testing, mobile testing, and API testing.

  6. Easily create automated browser tests for your websites and web apps. Ensure everything works and looks the way it should. No coding required. 14 day free trial!

    paid Free Trial $99.0 / Monthly (10,000 test runs per month; 5 member seats)

    Testing strategy / plan about 18 days ago

    In order to expedite things even more, if you are working on a web application, use a cloud selenium solution (we are using This will allow you to start automating from the very first day, instead of wasting time on your own infrastructure.
  7. Tricentis Tosca is an effective end-to-end testing suite for enterprises, providing functional software testing tools.

  8. Watir stands for Web Application Testing In Ruby. It facilitates the writing of automated tests by mimicking the behavior of a user interacting with a website. CommunityWatir stands for Web Application Testing In Ruby.

  9. Sahi Pro is a Test Automation tool that helps businesses increase the productivity of their QA teams.

  10. Accelerate testing with Ranorex Studio, the all-in-one tool for test automation. For desktop, web, or mobile app testing, with easy codeless automation tools, a full IDE, robust object recognition, flexible reporting and built-in Selenium WebDriver.

    paid Free Trial $3590.0 / One-off (Node-locked, single user)

  11. Squish is a commercial cross-platform GUI and regression testing tool that can test applications based on a variety of GUI technologies.

  12. Automated Acceptance Testing with Style

  13. United Federation of Teachers: A Union of Professionals

  14. Intelligent Test Automation for Agile Teams

    paid Free Trial

  15. Robot Framework is a generic test automation framework for acceptance testing and acceptance...

    Possibility to do OSS and get paid about about 1 month ago

    Hi, Robot Framework Foundation ( and is sponsoring new development for Robot Framework community projects. So if you would like to work on OSS project and get paid, check out Robot Framework and apply at "Requested budget *.
  16. Automated testing of look and feel for your responsive app

  17. Fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser. Install Cypress in seconds and take the pain out of front-end testing.

    Ask HN: Who is hiring? (October 2021) about 14 days ago:

    Cypress | Full-time | Remote in North America | Cypress provides developers and QA engineers with a better, faster, more reliable way to test anything that runs in a browser. Cypress makes writing, running and debugging tests easy for hundreds of thousands of developers worldwide, including engineering and QA teams from Disney, Slack, GoFundMe, Shopify, PayPal, Betterment, GitHub, NBA, Wayfair,...
  18. 10x faster UI testing without a line of code.

  19. Functionize combines natural language processing, deep-learning ML models and other AI-based technologies to empower your team to build tests faster that don’t break and run at scale in the cloud.

  20. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, TestCraft creates codeless, agile, Selenium-based automated tests and runs them simultaneously on different browsers.

  21. An end-to-end web testing visual editor 🛠️

  22. PhantomJS is a headless browser that works hand in hand with Selenium to help developers more efficiently test their sites and apps.

    Migrating Selenium system tests to Cuprite about 11 days ago:

    In our project, we’ve been running system tests (then called rather "Feature tests") since around 2016. System tests use a real browser in the background and test all layers of a Rails application at once: from the database all the way up to the nuances of JavaScript loaded together with the web pages. Back then, we wrote our system tests using Capybara with Poltergeist, a driver that ran a headless Phantom JS...
  23. Stable, self-healing, end-to-end test automation via machine learning. Testim helps accelerate the delivery of high-quality software. Speed up test-authoring and improve the stability of automated, end-to-end tests.


    Looking for some advise/direction on a new testing framework about 5 months ago

    I'm seeing the comments and a lot of great suggestions. Curious if anyone has had any experience using, and how that compares to the most popular one in this thread test cafe.
  24. Ranorex is a GUI test automation framework for testing of desktop, web-based and mobile applications.

  25. CasperJS is a browser navigation scripting & testing utility written in Javascript for PhantomJS or SlimerJS.

  26. Intelligent Test Automation

    paid Free Trial $138.0 / Monthly

  27. Browsersync makes your tweaking and testing faster by synchronising file changes and interactions...

    web browser cache is leaving old design? about about 2 months ago

    Https:// This will refresh your site when you change and save any file in the site folder. It is npm-based, I love it!