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Top 10 Best Selenium Alternatives You Should Try

  1. Selenium automates browsers. That's it! What you do with that power is entirely up to you. Primarily, it is for automating web applications for testing purposes, but is certainly not limited to just that.
    Selenium is a convenient and portable software testing tool specifically used for testing web applications. It acts as an API (Application Program Interface) for browser automation. Selenium is the widely used free and open-source tool used for automation testing of web applications through various browsers and platforms.

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  2. Built on the top of Selenium and Appium, Katalon Studio is a free and powerful automated testing tool for web testing, mobile testing, and API testing.
    Quick Set-up: Katalon Studio provides a friendly UI that enables quick and easy test environment set-up. Testers can easily leverage Katalon Studio’s pre-built templates and test scripts.

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  3. State-of-the-art cloud-based platform for end-to-end test automation.
    Subject7 is an automation platform providing end-to-end test automation capabilities through a series of commands. These commands are available via an easy-to-use web interface. Mimicking user actions, each command hides the complexities of industry-standard packages such as Selenium, Appium, SikuliX, JMeter, ZAP, and others.

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  4. QA Wolf gets web apps to 80% automated end-to-end test coverage in weeks, not years. With unlimited, parallel runs and our Zero Flake Guarantee.
    This tool is a new name in the world of automated testing and has been making a big splash since its public launch in January of 2021. With over 2,700 GitHub stars at the time of this writing, QA Wolf is a hidden gem worth talking about and it’s open-source!

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  5. 10x faster UI testing without a line of code.
    Screenster is an ultimate visual regression testing tool for websites and web applications. It provides a cloud-based platform to perform UI (User Interface) automation testing. Screenster promises 10 times more productivity than other Selenium alternatives.

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  6. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, TestCraft creates codeless, agile, Selenium-based automated tests and runs them simultaneously on different browsers.
    TestCraft is a cloud-based continuous test automation solution for testing and monitoring the web application functionality. TestCraft is used to get all the advantages of Selenium without any coding (Whenever a test scenario is created the code gets automatically generated).

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  7. Intelligent Test Automation
    Endtest is a solid and powerful UI testing platform that provides a varied range of operating systems, platforms, devices and browsers. Automation testing of web applications is done through Endtest without any coding.

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  8. Browsersync makes your tweaking and testing faster by synchronising file changes and interactions...
    Browsersync has many remarkable features like install and run anywhere, File sync, synchronized navigation, sync customization and compatible with build tools.

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  9. Protractor is an end-to-end test framework for AngularJS applications.
    With the ‘Automatic Waiting’ feature of Protractor, the test automatically executes the next step without waiting for the webpage and test to sync.

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  10. NOTE: CasperJS has been discontinued.
    CasperJS is a browser navigation scripting & testing utility written in Javascript for PhantomJS or SlimerJS.
    Installation of CasperJS is straightforward and simple. CasperJS is also used to write server-side JavaScripts.

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  11. Easily create automated browser tests for your websites and web apps. Ensure everything works and looks the way it should. No coding required. 14 day free trial!
    • Paid
    • Free Trial
    • $99.0 / Monthly (10,000 test runs per month; 5 member seats)
    The new feature of Ghost Inspector is that the users can export their tests to other tools and can also import them back into Ghost Inspector.

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  12. Slow, difficult and unreliable testing for anything that runs in a browser. Install Cypress in seconds and take the pain out of front-end testing.

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  13. PhantomJS is a headless browser that works hand in hand with Selenium to help developers more efficiently test their sites and apps.
    PhantomJS is an open-source, scriptable headless browser intended for automating webpage collaboration. It is also a powerful testing tool that supports various web standards and makes it appropriate for automation and integration with CI tools.

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  14. Robot Framework is a generic test automation framework for acceptance testing and acceptance...
    Robot Framework is an open-source test automation framework used for acceptance test-driven development (ATDD) and acceptance testing. Robot Framework is standard and uses a keyword-driven testing approach and behavior-driven.

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  15. 15
    Sahi is an automation tool to test web applications.
    Sahi is an open-source automation testing tool for testing web applications. It supports JavaScript and Java. Sahi Pro is particularly matched for cross-browser testing of multifaceted web applications with dynamic content and AJAX. Using Sahi Pro, the users can combine multiple scripts into a single suite file & execute them in parallel.

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  16. 16
    TestNG is a testing framework.
    Important and influential features of TestNG over Selenium are flexible test configuration, powerful execution model, annotations, supports data-driven testing, multi-threading, etc. TestNG means Test Next Generation.

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  17. 17
    Watir stands for Web Application Testing In Ruby. It facilitates the writing of automated tests by mimicking the behavior of a user interacting with a website. CommunityWatir stands for Web Application Testing In Ruby.
    Watir drives a wide range of browsers like Safari, IE, Firefox, Chrome etc in the same way as people do. It has a full-featured modern scripting language with which writing and maintaining test scripts have become easy.

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  18. TestComplete Desktop, Web, and Mobile helps you create repeatable and accurate automated tests across multiple devices, platforms, and environments easily and quickly.
    TestComplete is an influential and tough automated tool for testing mobile, desktop and web applications. It can be integrated with open source tools like Selenium, Jenkins etc. TestComplete supports few name mapping functions and GUI features that are not available with Selenium.

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  19. TestingWhiz is a codeless test automation tool for software, mobile and web.
    TestingWhiz is a codeless Automation tool used for mobile, web, software, Databases, Cloud, API and Web Services testing. Automated test cases are created using data-driven, keyword-driven and object-based architecture.

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  20. Tricentis Tosca is an effective end-to-end testing suite for enterprises, providing functional software testing tools.
    Tricentis Tosca is a user-friendly tool where the users can just scan the module to generate the code or scripts automatically. This tool supports all types of enterprise applications. Its advanced features and new methodologies increase productivity and reduce the project cost to the company.

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  21. Build and debug modern web and cloud applications, by Microsoft

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    HPE Unified Functional Testing provides industry-standard, test automation solution for web, mobile, API and packaged applications.
    HP UFT (Unified Functional Testing) which is now maintained by Micro Focus is called UFT One. It is a commercial and automation testing tool used to test web-based and desktop applications including client-server applications.

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  23. IBM Rational Functional Tester provides automated testing capabilities for functional, regression, GUI and data-driven testing.
    IBM RFT (Rational Functional Tester) is an automated testing tool used for regression and functional testing, data-driven testing, and GUI. It develops scripts using Java and .Net which require programming experience. Powerful features of RFT are Storyboard Testing, data-driven testing, dynamic scripting, etc.

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