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  1. Site24x7 offers both free & paid website monitoring services. Monitor websites remotely and receive instant email/sms alerts if your website becomes unavailable. View uptime & performance graphs of your website monitors.
    Site24x7 is a cloud and on-premises data monitoring software which gives information regarding the functioning of web applications and internet services for a set benchmark. Cloud data monitoring is an integral step for analyzing various attributes such as platform productivity and efficiency which help to display how well the web page is working, are the customers satisfied with the layout and functioning of the web page, and various other attributes. Site24x7 provides a huge amount of functional units to specific attributes such as server monitoring, Real User Monitoring (RUM), network monitoring, and application performance monitoring.

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  2. Free Website Uptime Monitoring
    Uptime Robot offers website monitoring service and its main monitoring location is in Dallas-USA.

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  3. With website monitoring from Pingdom you will be the first to know when your website is down. No installation required. 30-day free trial.

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  4. Siteuptime provides website monitoring services. Receive instant email and SMS alerts when your website becomes unavailable. View detailed uptime statistics and performance reports for your website monitors.
    Site Uptime notifies you about the downtime of your website by using phone, SMS, or email alerts.

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  5. Website Uptime Monitoring & Alerts – Free Unlimited Downtime Monitoring
    Status Cake is a website monitor that includes SSL certificate monitoring, domain monitoring, malware and virus scanning, public reporting, full feature API, Multiple User Accounts, Maintenance Windows, Live Updating Dashboard, Performance data, etc.

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  6. Free website monitoring service checks your site from worldwide locations and alerts you instantly via email or SMS when it becomes unavailable. Detailed uptime statistics and performance reports available.

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  7. Monitis specializes in IT monitoring, covering server, website, app monitoring and more within an all-in-one monitoring platform.
    Monitis is an application monitoring program that monitors your servers, websites, applications, etc.

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  9. Be notified via email, SMS, Skype, Hangout when your website is down. Monitor http availability, ping, port access, trace route, domain black list, db query results and snmp agent from many world regions.
    Host Tracker informs you when your website is down by sending different instant down alerts such as SMS, Gtalk, Email, Skype and Voice Call.

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    Internet Seer

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  11. Receive instant alert notification when your website goes down. Easy to use user interface.

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  12. 12
    Wormly is a website uptime monitoring solution.

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  13. 13
    Website monitoring service with phone call, SMS, XMPP and e-mail alerts. We check websites, servers and routers 24/7, from all around the world. Free trial.

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