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10 Termux Alternatives

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  1. Terminal emulator and Linux environment for Android

    ⟳ 0 apps added, 32 updated at about 28 days ago:

    Termux:Styling (version 0.30): Customize your Termux terminal.
  2. The Linux shell on iOS.

    iMessage and OpenGraph for Fun and Profit about 2 days ago

    I wonder if it works the same if httpd runs in iSH and is reachable as
  3. ConnectBot is a Secure Shell client for the Android platform.

    Connectbot scripting about 9 months ago

    I'd like to customize the connectbot application so I can transmit and receive ssh commands to my raspberry pi, by pushing a button. I am imagining it like scripting the application and putting the scripts at buttons, and display the response that the raspberry sent back.
  4. Cygwin is a set of tools that provide Linux and POSIX functionality to Windows.

    What exactly IS gitbash? about 3 months ago

    It's launching MSYS2, which is in turn based on cygwin, which is a collection of common Linux utilities built for windows and an incomplete POSIX abstraction layer.
  5. manual page for MATE Terminal Emulator

  6. Harness the native Linux command-line potential of Android with this Terminal.

  7. Super-fast and highly configurable, professional-grade terminal for iOS.

    Next Year's OLED iPad Pro Models Could Have These... about 17 days ago

    Not really a terminal that has access to the system itself, but for remote stuff this work great:
  8. Android-Terminal-Emulator - A VT-100 terminal emulator for the Android OS

  9. MinGW ("Minimalistic GNU for Windows") is a port of the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) and...

    Is Mingw dead? about about 2 years ago:

    Is osdn's mingw it a new project ? It's surprising how it provides gcc 4.8.2 and gcc 9.2.0. I guess the 4.8.2 is the last one provided by, and 9.2.0 is the first of osdn's project? Is it maintained by the same developers?
  10. A Cygwin-derived software distro for Windows using Arch Linux's Pacman

    Getting “QT with MinGW support”? about 6 months ago

    Apart from what other people already said, is another easy-to-setup option.
  11. GNOME Terminal is a terminal emulator for GNOME desktop.

    Are terminals written in the ncurses library? about 7 months ago

    So far I have only seen information that ncurses is a package you would use to write applications for various terminals; what about the terminals themselves? Not only terminal emulators but the actual terminal of something like Ubuntu Server, which I believe to be gnome-terminal.