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Top 10 Spotify Alternatives You Can Try (2019)

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  1. Map shows when two people play same song at same time
    Both in terms of personalized music listening experience and versatility, iHeartRadio can make a match with Spotify. Just like Spotify, it’s also a great platform for music, radio, and podcasts. Thanks largely to thousands of live radio stations and plenty of customization on offer, iHeartRadio has a clear edge over Spotify in terms of radio listening.

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  2. Apple Music app combines your personal iTunes library with Apple's music subscription service. Music you have purchased from the iTunes store, or synced over from other sources, is available in the "Library" tab. Read more about Apple Music.
    One of the notable features of Apple Music is exclusive album launches and 24×7 Beats1 radio station, curated playlists, and more. It is lush with features, including Apple Watch and Siri integration but the social experience is now being phased out and there’s the lack of a free tier– which is a major plus for Spotify. You can pick between the free tier, a monthly subscription, with the cheaper student and family plans.

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  3. NOTE: Google Play Music has been discontinued.
    Free radio for everything you do. Store 50,000 tracks from your personal collection. Subscribe for on-demand access to 40 million songs and offline listening.
    Google Play Music is also a solid option for streaming music, especially because it comes pre-loaded on Android phones and you don’t really need to look elsewhere. It gives users access to more than 35 million tracks, lets you upload 50,000 songs from your personal collection, and discover podcasts as well. The artist recommendation, along with great genre playlists and affordable family plans make the streaming service quite appealing.

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  4. As a Prime member, you can stream over 2 million songs ad-free, listen on any Echo device, and take your music anywhere with offline listening.
    From selling music digitally to music streaming, Amazon has also dipped its toes in this fledgling segment. Amazon Music lets you listen to a massive catalog of songs via your Prime subscription but Amazon Music Unlimited opens up the entire library of more than 60 million songs to you. It presents you with an ad-free experience, unlimited skips, the ability to download tracks, and control playback with Alexa.

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  5. Pandora Radio is a free (ad-supported) internet radio founded in 2000.
    • Open Source
    The free plan limits your song-skipping ability and includes some ads between songs and on the playback screen – which I found to be really annoying. The monthly subscription, with no ads, higher quality audio, unlimited skips, and replays, is available using Pandora Plus subscription for just $3.99/ month (with a 30-day free trial).

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  6. 6
    Deezer is a music streaming app created in France. It is available in 180 counties and gets 16 million users a month. 6 million of the users have paid subscriptions. Read more about Deezer.
    The free version of Deezer is feature-rich but laden with ads. So, if you are ready to shell out some money, $5.99 – $9.99/ month, then Deezer will enable the Hi-Fi streaming option, with 16-bit FLAC quality for you and there is nothing better. It will also elevate the experience by removing ads, enabling offline support, shuffling, and skips.

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  7. Enjoy music & follow favourite artists
    Soundcloud is constantly adding new features to make discovery easier. The Upload is a feature that was added just recently and it surfaces the latest music uploaded by indie artists in a playlist – curated just for you. Apart from the huge collection, SoundCloud is known to pack all common features like playlists, a stream of artists you follow, and the ability to skip tracks. There’s a social element to SoundCloud as well and I love it.

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  8. 8
    Tidal is a streaming music service supported by some of the most influential artists working in the industry.
    If you are a true audiophile, who has no problem paying a little extra for improved quality, and have decent Internet connectivity, then you’ll fall in love with Tidal. There’s a 30-day free trial, post which the service costs $9.99/month for the standard quality and $25.99/month for high-fidelity music. Overall, Tidal Music can easily stake the claim of being among the top Spotify alternatives.

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  9. NOTE: JioSaavn has been discontinued.
    India's favourite online music service.
    While Gaana once claimed itself to be the number one music streaming service in India, there’s a new victor in town and it’s all thanks to Reliance Jio. Saavn and Jio Music have recently been merged to create the biggest streaming service in India called JioSaavn.

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  10. 10
    Gaana is the one-stop solution for all your asian music with free, unlimited access
    I don’t listen to regional content, nor do the latest Bollywood songs interest me, so picking the western artists I listen to curated the whole service accordingly. Gaana is free but an affordable Plus subscription gets you high-fidelity playback, offline mode, and the ability to sync your songs.

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  11. 11
    Wynk Music: Songs Radio and MP3 is the one-stop music streaming app from the latest to the greatest songs that you love.
    While the free tier of Wynk Music is great and gives you access to most of the features, you’ll no longer see ads and get offline download functionality with a paid subscription. Airtel users have the Pro features available to them at a measly Rs. 49 per month fee, which is an added bonus.

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  12. Hungama Music – Songs, Radio and Videos are one of the most popular music application enable you to listen or download songs wherever you are and whenever you wish.
    Hungama Music is a well-known name in the music streaming industry in India, but with the introduction of Saavn and Gaana, paired with their growing popularity over the years, Hungama Music has lost its touch.

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