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Automate text extraction from emails by using our powerful yet easy-to-use email parser.

Parseur is a powerful yet easy-to-use mail parser solution in the cloud that automates your data entry workflow and turns each email into data.

Just point and click the text you want to extract in one of your emails. Parseur will do the heavy lifting for you and extract text of any similar email you send afterwards.

Parseur is highly reliable and scalable. It can receive and parse thousands of emails per minute and send data to any app or webhook in just a few seconds after reception.

Top 4 Parseur.com Alternatives

Latest update:

  1. Mailparser

    Extract data from e-mails. Automate your business.

  2. Email Parser

    Email Parser bridges the gap between the emails you receive and Excel files, Google Sheets and databases. It can capture text from incoming invoices, orders, receipts within the email or the attachments

  3. DocParser

    Extract data from PDF files & automate your workflow with our reliable document parsing software. Convert PDF files to Excel, JSON or update apps with webhooks.

  4. Octoparse

    Octoparse automatically extract any web data with high productivity. It all starts with a stunning web scraping tool. It’s easy and free.