What's the alternative?


Disqus is a global comment system that improves discussion on websites and connects conversations across the web.

Top 12 DISQUS Alternatives

Latest update:
  1. JustComments

    JustComments offers a comment system for websites and web apps.

  2. Isso

    Isso – Ich schrei sonst – is a lightweight commenting server written in Python and JavaScript.

  3. Commento

    A fast, bloat-free comments system to foster discussion on your website

  4. HashOver

    HashOver is a PHP comment system intended as a replacement for services like Disqus.

  5. talkatv

    talkatv is an open source comment service much like ...

  6. Commentar

    Commentar is a self hosted open source commenting system which can easily be integrated into any...

  7. IntenseDebate

    IntenseDebate's comment system enhances and encourages conversation on your blog or website.

  8. Juvia

    A commenting server similar to Disqus and IntenseDebate

  9. komentify

    Enrich your website with comments in less than 30 seconds

  10. LiveFyre

    livefyre-subscriptions - A isomorphic JavaScript library for managing Subscriptions in Livefyre's Personalized News Stream service.

  11. Facebook Comments Box

    Comments Box is a social plugin that enables user commenting on your site.

  12. Discourse

    Discourse is an open source discussion platform built for the next decade of the Internet.