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15 Best Procreate Alternatives For Android 2023

Procreate SketchBook Huion Sketch Artrage Concepts artflow ibis Paint X MediBang Paint PaperColor Tayasui Sketches
  1. Procreate is the most powerful and intuitive digital illustration App available for iPad®.
    The Android app is ideal for designers hoping to create complex artwork. Concepts has complex tools that allow vector manipulation. On the contrary, Procreate is raster based, so you have to use it with other apps like Illustrator, so that images don’t lose quality when scaled larger.

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  2. SketchBook is a professional drawing or painting application that allows designers, architects, and concept artist to sketch their ideas and create adorable illustrations in no time.
    In addition to having tools that give you precision and stylistic freedom, Sketchbook comes with different modes and flexibility and allows you to explore different colors and drawings.

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  3. Huion Sketch is an animation and drawing application that comes with all the tools and features, providing you ease when making a painting.
    Huion Sketch is a free app, while Procreate is not, so if you are a beginner looking for a free app to practice your art skills, then Huion Sketch is perfect.

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  4. A simple but lovely natural media painting and sketching program.
    ArtRage is an app that gives you the tools you need to create realistic drawings and paintings on your Android device. On this app, you will work as you would on canvas; you can sketch with pencils, smear and blend thick oils, and create gradients when smudging strokes.

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  5. Concepts is a digital design sketchbook for iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro and windows 10 devices.
    You can sketch for free Concepts, and the free version lets you access tools like five layers, COPIC colors, JPG exports, and infinite canvas. But to access more features, Concepts lets you make in-app purchases on your Android device at $1.99 – $29.99 per item.

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  6. Create an avatar from a description
    ArtFlow is an Android app that lets you convert your device into a digital sketchbook. On this app, you will access more than 80 paint brushes, smudge, erasers, and fill tools. The app also supports Samsung’s S-pen, giving you the real-life taste of drawing and painting on canvas.

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  7. Drawn with + ibisPaint
    The brushes on ibis Paint X give you a smooth drawing of up to 60 fps. You also get different brush parameters with the app, which vary in starting/ending opacity and thickness and variation in initial/final brush angle.

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  8. The official site for MediBang Paint, the free digital painting and manga creation software. You can download the latest version of MediBang Paint here, and get news and tutorials.
    MediBang Paint stands out from Procreate because you can use it across many devices, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Because it uses cloud saving, you can easily continue working on your art between platforms.

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  9. PaperColor is a stunning application that comes with the most simplified way to design things in a desired manner.
    PaperColor is a free app you can use for painting. The app imitates the paintbrush, which you can use for graffiti, doodling, and drawing.

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  10. Sketches is a perfect mix of beauty, simplicity and power, a truly unique combination you won't...
    Tayasui Sketches is an Android app that can make beautiful drawings and sketches. The app is minimalistic and has an intuitive interface and a myriad of advanced functions that make it easy for you to create an amazing art piece easily.

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  11. Drawing Desk Draw Paint Color, Doodle and Sketch Pad created and published 4Axis Technologies for Android and iOS devices.
    Drawing Desk is a free app that offers drawing games for adults and children. With this app, you can draw, doodle, sketch, and color on your Android device.

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  12. 12

    Pocket Paint

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    Pocket Paint is an Android app that lets you edit images, photos, and graphics. You can also make parts transparent and zoom in to a pixel level higher with the app. You will store the images created using Pocket Paint directly under photos in your device’s gallery.

  13. NOTE: Infinite Painter has been discontinued.
    Sketch tool for Android devices.
    Infinite Painter is an app that you can use on your Android phones, tablets, and Chromebooks. Some features that stand out in the app include a minimal and intuitive interface, pencils, and powerful toolsets.

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  14. The artist's software for drawing and painting.
    Clip Studio Paint gives Android users one hour free daily. To keep drawing beyond the one-hour daily limit, you must purchase the paid plan at $6 per month and enjoy the first three months free. The annual plan lets you save up to 34%.

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  15. 15
    PENUP is a creative SNS based on Pen generated images. Share your imagination with global creative minds.
    PENUP lets you easily and comfortably draw using your Android device. You can color using the append draw photos on the app.

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  16. 16
    Krita is a professional FREE and open source painting program. It is made by artists that want to seaffordable art tools for everyone. Concept art. texture and matte painters, illustrations and comics.
    Krita is a fun app with many innovative and common features, including brush engines for painting and sketching, stabilizers for freehand inking, a distraction-free canvas, and assistants for creating complex scenes.

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