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The Developer Advocate ToolKit: Software Tools You Need To Move Fast

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  1. Infinitely flexible. Incredibly easy to use. Great mobile apps. It's free. Trello keeps track of everything, from the big picture to the minute details.

    freemium $12.5 / Monthly (Per user - Business Class)

    Trello: Developer Advocacy involves a lot of context switching. Trello helps me keep track of what I do in each context (videos, articles, writing sample code, etc.).
  2. An open source Firebase alternative

    Supabase: Offers me a backend as a service plug-and-play platform. Auth, DB, and storage are all in the same place. As a frontend developer, I plug easily into Supabase.
  3. Speaker Deck is the best way to share presentations online.

    SpeakerDeck: I like SpeakerDeck to share slides because it has a lightweight interface and provides nice embeds to use on your website.
  4. Slides is a place for creating, presenting and sharing presentations. The Slides editor is available right in your browser. Unlike traditional presentation software, like PowerPoint, there's no need to download anything. / Google Slides: These two are great for making and presenting slides. I use them interchangeably.
  5. Continuous deployment cloud hosting It's great for deploying and hosting all of my talks and tutorial app demos. Everything is in one place.
  6. Deploy blazing fast static sites and serverless functions.

    Cloudflare Pages: Great for shipping & hosting fast, secure JAMstack sites. Super awesome for frontend developers.
  7. Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming for Mac, Windows and Linux.

    OBS Studio: For talks and live streaming, I use OBS Studio, which gives me the flexibility and advanced features for screen recording.
  8. A second brain, for you, forever. Obsidian is a powerful knowledge base that works on top of a local folder of plain text Markdown files.

    Obsidian: It's great for writing. It's very distraction-free. I just write, no fancy buttons to grab my attention. I have ADHD, so obsidian does it for me!
  9. All-in-one workspace. One tool for your whole team. Write, plan, and get organized.

    Notion: I organize most of my thought processes here. Think of Notion as a think pad. I get to keep and track my priority list. Video courses, articles, conference talks, demos. Etc.
  10. Build, deploy and host your static site or app with a drag and drop interface and automatic delpoys from GitHub or Bitbucket

    Netlify: It's great for deploying and hosting SPAs, PWAs, serverless functions and JAMstack sites. All my demos and apps are deployed on Netlify.
  11. Originally founded as a project to simplify sharing code, GitHub has grown into an application used by over a million people to store over two million code repositories, making GitHub the largest code host in the world.

    GitHub: Version control and code host for my demos. It's also great because of the automation benefits I get with the straightforward Netlify deployment.
  12. Team-based interface design, Figma lets you collaborate on designs in real time.

    Figma: As a developer advocate, I use this for prototypes and slides. I know designers use this a lot, but I use this a lot for slides and demos at conferences. Each artboard is a slide. Once you enter the "present mode", you are good to go!
  13. Capture your Mac’s screen like a PRO ⚡️

    Cleanshot: Screenshot with wings. Great for screenshots and recording screens.
  14. Create and share beautiful images of your source code. Create and share beautiful images of code snippets.
  15. Buffer makes it super easy to share any page you're reading. Keep your Buffer topped up and we automagically share them for you through the day.

    Buffer: Great for scheduling content to post on different social media platforms.
  16. Storage, Analytics, Push Notif. & SMS Delivery SDKs

    AWS Amplify: Provides auth tools, great for creating and deploying serverless functions. With AWS Amplify, you can deploy static web apps faster as well. Great support for frontend frameworks and mobile.