1. Advanced image optimization tool

  2. Compressor adds power and flexibility to Final Cut Pro X export.

  3. Command-line PNG optimizer.

  4. Phatch = Photo & Batch!

  5. ReSRC.it offers responsive image service that delivers brilliantly optimized, pixel perfect images to any device.

  6. Resize, optimize or convert your images in a few seconds.

  7. TuSDK offers SDK's for face recognition and image processing.

  8. Pixolution is an AI powered visual search engine, with custom training for specific image collections.

  9. No-code-required image resizing

  10. Browser extension which saves data by compressing images

  11. WinLep is a software that compresses JPG images to LEP saving 22%.

  12. From developers to developers: a cross-platform tool for losslessly image compression.